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there are top ten youtuber and blogger.

  1.  phil mac

phil mac is a irish blogger. and he is also journalist.
here is phil mac audio voice

you can visit phil mac youtube channel
click here

here is phil mac blog link click here

2. arseblogs

arseblogs is a great blogger . they have live blog and youtube channel you can visit this link to watch live blog

click here

here is arseblogs video

3. sosueme

sosueme is great beauty blog and youtuber .

Award winning blogger turned Suzanne Jackson, is the brains behind one of Ireland’s leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs  She is also the founder and CEO of the bestselling beauty brand, and

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The blogging juggernaut that is was created back in 2010, and its rapid success to date has been nothing short of hugely impressive.


The SoSueMe Facebook page alone has over 330,000 followers and a weekly reach of over 1 million. Sue’s Instagram account has over 226,000 followers and has hit over 9 million impressions per week. She is also one of Ireland’s top Snapchatters (sosueme_ie). Sue has worked with a wide variety of global brands, such as, Pretty Little Thing, Universal, Lancome, Primark, Skechers, Lipsy, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Missguided, Juicy Couture, Sure Deodorant, Dovocare, Littlewoods, Crownbrush UK, Juicy Couture, and many more.

youtube link


this is irish news and television blog you can visit.

here is this channel movie

you can visit this link to watch this website click here

5. bia maith

this is a one of great irish blog site . this is food blog .

you can visit this link to watch this web site click here


here is youtube channel

6. rosemery

this is irish advertise website and blog they are havent youtube channel but you can visit google plus click here

7. my little babag

this is one of great blog site here just explain kids channel you can visit this link here

you can also visit youtube


this is candle website . you can visit

you can visit facebook and instagram 

9.natural born feeder

this is food and natural food blog visit to blog click here

go to youtube blog

this is movie blog here just explain about movie .

you can visit this website click here 

here is movie sound could

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