North Korea vs United States of America

if war north korea vs United States of America who will win?

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1.United States of America weapons

Location of United States of America

Nuclear program start date 21 october 1939 First nuclear weapon test 16 July 1945 First fusion weapon test1 November 1952 Last nuclear test 23 September 1992 Largest yield test

  •  15 63 PJ (1 March 1954)Total tests 1,054 detonations Peak stockpile 31,255 warheads (1967) Current stockpile
  • 4,480 –2017 excludes retired and awaiting dismantlement
  • 2,800– (2017, retired)
  • Current strategic arsenal1,411 deployed strategic nuclear warheads Maximum missile range– 15,000 km (9,321 mi) (land)
    12,000 km (7,456 mi)  party —Yes (1968, one of five recognized powers)
Delivery Vehicles Warheads
Minuteman III W78/Mk12A ; W87/Mk21 431 481
ICBM (total) 431 481
UGM-133A Trident II D-5 W76-0/Mk4      230 N/A
UGM-133A Trident II D-5 W76-1/Mk4A N/A
UGM-133A Trident II D-5 W88/Mk5 N/A
SLBM (total) 230 920
B-2 12 N/A
B-52H 68 N/A
B61-7 N/A N/A
B61-11 N/A N/A
B83 N/A N/A
AGM-86 ALCM W80-1 N/A N/A
Bomber force (total) 80 *
Strategic forces (total) 741 1481+

2.North korean weapons

North Korea
Military Power
Conscription 17 years of age
Available for
military service
6,515,279 males, age 15-29 (2010),
6,418,693 females, age 15-29 (2010)
Fit for
military service
4,836,567 males, age 15-29 (2010),
5,230,137 females, age 15-29 (2010)
Reaching military
age annually
207,737 males (2010),
204,553 females (2010)
Active personnel 950,0001,190,000 (2012) 
Reserve personnel 600,000 reserves (2012)
5,889,000 paramilitary (2012) 
Military guns


 Korean People’s Army
Equipment 5,500 tanks
2,200 infantry fighting vehicles
8,600 artillery pieces
4,800 multiple rocket launcher systems
 hydrogen bomb test

1950s —–Nuclear programme begins

1969—–Reports of nuclear weapons development

1974——Joins Atomic Energy Agency

1985—-Signs up to NPT

1986—-Yongbyon reactor in operation

1993—-Leaves NPT

February 2005—-Declares nuclear weapons

October 2006—First nuclear test

October 2006—-Second nuclear test

February 2013—Third nuclear test

December 2015——Kim Jong-un makes “H-bomb” claims

January 2016—–“Successful” hydrogen bomb test

July 2017——Two-stage “ICBM”

Aug 2017—Missiles “armed and ready”

Air Force
Attack Su-7, Q-5, Su-25, Yak-18
Bomber Il-28
Fighter F-7B, F-5, F-6, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29
Helicopter MD Helicopters MD 500, Mil Mi-2, Mil Mi-8 Mil Mi-14, Mil Mi-24
Trainer L-39, Shenyang FT-2
Transport IL-76, An-24, An-2

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