Today Satish’s aunt Sukumari and Meshomasaya Shashdar Babu came – Satish’s mother Bidhukukhi busy with his reception. “Come on sister, Bose. Rumeshayer was found in the full! You do not have a sister or a waiter. ”
Rabbit Understand that your sister’s rule is strict. Day and night kept in eye.
Sukumari Therefore, keeping such a gem in the house can not be restless.
Bidhu Mukhi Nakadara words!

Sukumari Satish, shit, what are you wearing this? Do you have such a dhoti later on in the school? Bidhu, that’s what he bought that fracta.
Bidhu Mukhi She and she torn apart.
Sukumari It tears up How long does one cloth wear on a baby girl? So, what does it mean to create a new frock? Everything in your house is unrest.
Bidhu Mukhi I know sister, when she saw civilized clothes on her son, she became a fire. If I had not lived, he would have thought that I would send my son to school and he would send me to school. Nobody has seen such a preference.
Sukumari Not matching Not a single boy – do not even want to cook him a little! I have not seen such a father. Satish, on next Sunday, you are our home, I will bring you a suitcase of Hermes from here. Oh, do not have a hobby of a child.
Satish What can I do in a suit aunt? Vaduri’s son fell in love with me, he invited me to play pingpong in their house – I do not have any velvet clothes going out.
Rabbit It’s good to not be invited to the place, Satish.
Sukumari Well, you do not have to lecture. When he is as old as you,
Rabbit Then there would be another person to give him a lecture, he would not have to wait to hear the advice of the old mesora.
Sukumari Well, if the other person did not get the chance to talk, you would have told me what happened to the mosque.
Rabbit What does he profit by talking? It is good to imagine that situation.
Satish (Looking at the back of the foot), do not have to bring it here, I’m going.

Sukumari Why did Satish get busy, Bidhu
Bidhu Mukhi Whether it is bringing his snack on the dish or not, son, so shame before you.
Sukumari Ah, bechara may be a shame. And Satish, listen; I’ll bring you the ice cream from Pellet’s house in your mesmosh, which you have with him. Hey, go, do not you,
Satish Aunt, what clothes would you wear here?
Bidhu Mukhi Why, you have a lot of pressure.
Satish She is awkward.
Sukumari Anyway, Bidu, your son did not get ancestral choice in the fate, so the protection of it. Actually, remembering Khazmasamah or the traveling group, remembering the patakan. There are no such untouchable clothes.
Rabbit These words-
Sukumari Will you say silently? Why, who will have to fear. Manmath will arrange his favorite son, and we can not even talk!
Rabbit Defeat I do not say to stop talking. But all these discussions in front of Satish
Sukumari Well, well, pretty much. You take her out there.
Satish No aunt, I can not go there after the pressure.
Sukumari This is that Mannababu is coming. Right now, chattering with Satish will make him unsettled. He does not have a lot of peace in the boy, the father of the father. Income Satish, you earn with me – we run away.
Sukumari’s departure Entering the house
Bidhu Satish clock clock made me uncomfortable for several days. Didi gave him a silver watch- I did not want to stay before, but if you heard it again he would be angry.
Bidmukhi ex


Manmath If I say to stay in the first place, I will be angry. The rabbit, that watch will take you.
Rabbit You are okay If you want to go home, then who will be responsible for the accountability?
Manmath No rabbit, no joke, I love it all.
Rabbit Do not love, but you have to endure – it is not only the rules of your singles in the world.
Manmath If I were to talk about myself, I would have been silent. But I can not make the child soil. The boy who gets the keys, who wants to lose his life before the tea, he is the least unfortunate. Nobody can be happy at any time to learn not to curb the desires. Due to deprivation and patience, I want to give it to the boy, I do not want to give clock clocks and watch.
Rabbit He is good, but all the obstacles in the world will not be dust in your will. If everyone had a good sense like you, then there was no talk; When it is not there, it can not be executed on the basis of religious principles, patience. If you try to walk in the opposite direction of the woman’s will, there will be many problems. When the wind is on the back of the ship, it is impossible to move on or off.
Manmath So understand that you go with all the words of the housewife. Fear!
Rabbit I do not have any disagreement like you. Whose house is under twenty-four hours to live in fear of whom I will not fear. What is the benefit of bravery with your wife? It hurts even if you hurt, hurt even if you hurt. In spite of that, accepting the opinion of the Housewife as totally incomprehensible, it is difficult to do good things in the work itself.
Manmath If life was long, then slowly you would have walked in your opinion, a little bit of a long time.
Rabbit That is why brother, he has to be considered. If one reads a stone in front of him who wants to shorten the path without going around it, the delay is in his fortune. But all these things are worthless – you are still every day, but when you are not educated, I do not have any advice from you. You want to keep going that way, that your wife does not have a force-yet she does not see the reason for being suspicious about who she is.
Second Section
Chav abbreviate

d in marriage, written in scripture. But in the couple of it

Third Chapter
Manmath What’s the matter, what did your son do?
Bidhu Do not go awry, nothing terrible, just a little bit of acne. It’s not too expensive – you have a lot to do.
Manmath I have told you repeatedly, you will not be able to practice these fancy things with boys.
Bidhu Well, if you feel comfortable then kerosene and castor oil spill from tomorrow.
Manmath That would be bad money. It is good to practice what is not, but it does not. In my opinion, kerosene, castor oil, gaya head, is unnecessary.
Bidhu In your opinion, I do not know what is necessary, at the outset I have to sit down without feeling.
Manmath If you are excluded, the antitrust will be closed altogether. If you leave the daily habit of abruptly, you will not be tolerated at this age. Anyway, I am telling you that before, you will not give me the money to make the boy or Nabab or sahib-nababi khichuri. Whatever he gets after my death, his hobby will not cost.
Bidhu I know that. If you trust your money, you have to practice the child with Kopni.
Mannath used to be confronted by this disobedience of Vinayak; Said, “I also know it. Your sister-in-law is your hope for you. You are sitting right because she does not have a child, she will be able to write your son all the way in her will. That is why, when you send the boy to the festivities, send a mess of smell and adorn your meso. I can bear the shame of poverty, but I do not tolerate the shamefulness of wealthy relatives. ”
It has been a long time in mind, but it has never been said that it will be tough. Bidu used to think that the husband could not understand his intentions, because of the immense silence about the psychology of the husband of the spouse. But Mannath, who was sitting and sitting on his rice, suddenly got to know about it and became very upset for the widow.
Bidhu said, “If I send my son to aunt, she is not in her house, I am in the house of a man of great value, she did not understand earlier.”
At that time the widow entered, and said, “Blessed be you, my daughter! Today it has become seventeen years, yet you have not fulfilled the word. Do not wail in the night, but in the last days, both of them whisper together. I think so from where you can give me so much honey daydream in front of you. Do not be angry, do not disturb your honeymoon, once for two minutes, I have come to show the pattern of sewing from Mezzoyawi. ”
Fourth Section
Satish Wrestling.

Wrestling. Key parent
Satish Today the mother of the son of a goddess-boy will feed you, do not you go there suddenly, do not burn it.
Wrestling. What do I need to go to Satish?
Satish If you do not go to your clothes, you-
Wrestling. Satish, you have no fear, I’ll be in this room, until your friend’s tea is not eaten, I will not be a bar.
Satish Wrestling, I think I will arrange for tea in your house. The stuff we stuffed at this house – tea is not like a dinner, and a house is not available for just one. In the bedroom of my mother, there is no shame in taking any of the coffins there.
Wrestling. I have stuff here-
Satish They have to be barred today. Especially if you do not hide your paws and barkoshes anywhere.
Wrestling. Why father, why are they so shame in There is no rule in their house.
Satish I do not know, but I did not keep them in the tea house. Nayen bhaduri must be laughing at the sight, go home and tell stories to his sisters.
Wrestling. Listen, listen to the boy. Pots and chaps are always in the house. I did not listen to stories about it.
Satish You have to do another job. Withema – Keep your nand as you can. He will not listen to me, he will fall on his face and appear.
Wrestling. He should be restrained, but when your father was naked,
Satish He had already gone to Masma before, he invited the father back to the meal today, Dad did not know all this.
Wrestling. My father Satish, who is doing my mind, but in my house, those tunics-
Satish He’ll clean it well now.
Fifth episode
Satish Mother, do not do it like that.
Bidhu Why, what has happened
Satish Shirt from the moonlight coat trouser after my bar. On that day Bhaduri Sahib’s house was a party of celebration, except for some babu, after all the dress suits, I went to this cloth there and got very angry. Democracy does not protect the little money that you want to pay for the clothes.
Bidhu It is true that Satish does not leave anything that he does. If you have money, then hear the clothes you like.
Satish A mornings suit and a lounge suit will cost around a hundred bucks. A varning festival dress will not cost less than half a kilo.
Bidhu What is the ball, Satish? This is pushing 300 taka, so much money-
Satish Mother, that’s your fault. One, want to be fond of it is good, and if you want to mix in a good society, then you can not do it. If you have to spend your modesty, then there is no way. Send it to the Sundarbans – no, there will not be a dress quote.
Bidhu Well, I know, but– well, your meso gives you birthday gifts, get a dress from him for now, do not get it. In the words, your aunt has a little glimpse.
Satish He can do it without any effort, but if he finds out that I have clothed him from Masro, then he will not be saved.
Bidhu Well, I can handle that.
Satish’s departureSatish has come home from his childhood, the girl is no longer a stone, surely I would love Satish. Satish’s father does not even think about these things at all, that is to say, the fire goes on, I have to think of the future of my son.
Sixth episode

Tennis-room in the house of Mr. Bhaduri
Nalini What is Satish, where is Palao?
Satish You do not know the tennis party here, I did not come after tennis suits.
Nalini All the cattle are not one color skin, you do not have to name the name because of the origin. Well, I’ll give you the advantage. Mr. Nandi, I have a request for you.
Nandi Ask the order, why not say, no-I am just about you.
Nalini If you do not feel uncomfortable once, you will measure Satish like today – this is not the tennis suit that came later. Accidental accident!
Nandi If you advocate, you can also measure the murder of the murdered house-fire. If you do not have tennis suit then if you have so much grace, then this is my tennis suit donating to Mr. Satish. What is that? Let me tell you what this suit is Satish-Khikuri Sueti – I will come here every Sunday after the Saturn’s khukuri stool. If I see all the sun lamps in heaven, they will not be ashamed of it. If you have objection to donating this garment, please give me the address of your gate. Ms. Vaudeuri’s kindness is more valuable than fashionable clips.
Nalini Listen listen Satish, keep listening. You can learn not only cloths, but also with the words of sweet words, Mr. Nandy. That would not be the ideal. He did not even talk to anyone other than Duke Duchess. Mr. Nandi, who was the Bengali student of your time?
Nandi I did not mix them there with the Bengalis.
Nalini Listen to Satish. How to be careful in order to be civilized. You think you can try. Think about tennis suit as you like it in fine science.
Go elsewhere
Satish (Sleeping) Nellie could not understand until today. Look at me and feel laughing in my mind. I have a problem too, I can not stay here any good at all – I think that my taita has got on top of the collar, in my trouser’s knees, there may be a bump in the cottage. When I was like Nandir, I was very excited,
Nalini (Come again) Satish, yet your mind does not cure. The heart of the tennis court broke out in the heart of your heart. Alas, where the comforters of the heart are in the world – without a tailor’s house
Satish If I had to keep the news of my heart, then I did not say that, Nelly.
Nalini (Applause). The import of sweet words in the instance of Mr. Nandy has started now. If you get admission, you will be very confident. Come, eat a little cake, sweet congratulatory award confectionery
Satish No, do not eat today, my body-
Nalini Satish, listen to me – do not ruin the body of tennis queens, food is absolutely not good. There is no doubt about the best things in the world, but it does not have the advantage of hanging if it does not have a weak body.
Seventh chapter
Rabbit You have begun to use hard on Mannath, Satish; Now it’s been a boy, now it is not good to obey him.
Bidhu Tell me, Ramayasha I could not explain it to anyone.
Manmath Two scandals in a moment. One said merciless, and one said foolish. To whom I am dubbed, I agree to tolerate what he says – Do not talk about what his sister-in-law says, but so does not tolerate his sister-in-law. I hear how hard I use.
Rabbit Poor Satish has a little hobby of clothes, and he started to mix in five places,
Manmath I do not want to wear candy clothes. Finger dress is my two-eyed poison. Do not wear shingles and shingles, never get shy
Rabbit If Mannath and Satish can not fulfill their hobby at this age, then how will the groom be able to sit in the womb, he will have to look bad. And think, what we are learning as civilization from childhood, how to prevent its attack.
Manmath The person who is civilized will provide the cost of civilization at his own expense. The way in which your civilization comes, the money is not coming from that direction, rather it is going from that direction.
Bidhu Ramaymasaya, do not be able to do – if the country’s words can not be stopped.
Rabbit Brother Manmath, I understand all that. But, I can not escape the boys. When Satish is mixing with the ladies, then there is a great difficulty in being absent without proper clothes. I’m at Rennyn’s house for her-
Servant entrance
The servant. These clothes have come from Sahebbari.
Manmath Take the clothes, take it. Now that’s the case.
To widows
Look, if I see Satish wearing this cloth, then he will not stay in his house and send him to Mase, where he will be able to keep his wish.
Quick exit

Rabbit Surprise!
Bidhu (Sarodon) Ramayasha, what do you say, I have no happiness. Nobody used to see his son on his son?
Rabbit My use is not good either. It is believed that there is a goal of eating meat. Listen to my advice, you do not eat the same dalit everyday. No matter how much they say, sometimes spices are not cooked, they do not have food and they do not digest. After some time I see him eat well, after that you will listen and listen. Your sister-in-law understand you better than this.
Rabbit exit Bidukhukhi Kirtan
Widow ja (Entering the house, self-conscious) sometimes tears, laughs – how many shohag he is not right – there are quite a lot.
And mezzou, sitting in the cattle! Let’s call on Thakurpo, let’s turn to Manavhanjan.

Even if Satish is getting married with the girl of Bhaduri-Sahib, but I can be quite relaxed for Satish. Bhaduri-saheb barrister man, earning two and a quarter dollars.