Taken from world famous poetry Rabindra Rachanabali

A play was composed by the lyrics of the playwright in Malmiki, where the songs were played in the game of Maya. There was a time when the dramatic peculiarity of my play was in the gap between the lyrics. I crossed the door of the house and just walked in the middle; It became a matter of great finesse, especially for the people of the people. His heartwarming compassion was overwhelmed by the brutality of the bandit in Balmiki Pratibhita. This was his normal humanity which was covered in the strictness of habit. One day the conflict happened, the people inside were suddenly out and came out. This conflict is also in revenge of nature. In the monks, the man who was inclined to be forever was torn apart. Poetry was playing in the heart of the people. The little dance drama that appears in the music of the Mayan game is that Pramada did not know your nature in pride, finally the pain of burning from inside, breaking the arrogant arrogance, the true woman appeared. The scandal came from the Mayakumari:

They love happiness, love does not match-
Just happiness goes away,
This is the fad of Maya.
First scene
With no help or weeping.
Savannah is the crematorium.
Dassudal came to peace with the destruction,
All the tremors are trembling.
Acul kanan, crying, crying,
The fierce serpent, the bird does not sing or the song.
Shyamal Plate, Vatsil,
Tears of weeping and crying.
Goddess in the castle, Chaho, Trahi in the forest,
Keep it under control, make peace.


The first pistol entry
Now live
Sharma is no more
How did you flee to the spots in the goalm
Ladakhali katakati, toothpakati to think,
(So) keeping the quality of the life, I did not have to sit
Come on, before they come, take the dunoodi part,
I will look at me in Santimani who will be like.
Just hit the throat of the mouth, looted wealth, looted
Just play a punching bowl and make a tug sarajaram.
With the robbery, the robbers enter the loot
First bandit
Today I will only share the loot,
How to bring all this is the sacrifice of yagna-jag.
Second bandit
At the time of his work,
Before coming to share (hey grandfather).
First bandit
What a laughing-stock with you, this is what laughs about Moray
I will now dhad khabar khadar raha khadar.
Second bandit
Yes, yes, what is the matter of Vaa Khapa!
Aiji understanding that the world will fade, the form of amni
Third bandit
He is a warrior, behind his stains,
Rust in the sword, anger in the mouth.
First bandit
And whoever is in this life,
Is not the soul of your soul?
The organs are shivering with great anger.
Where the ray rod shield the rails?

Yes, yes, what is the matter with Vaya Khapa?
Aiji understanding that the world will fade, the form of amni
Valmiki’s entry
All of us have been tied in one dome.
No money laundering, no money governance, no money laundering.
Who or the King, whose state, Mora know what?
Raja Mora, the capital of the monkey!
King praja, high humble, nothing is done!
In the midst of the triangulation, we all do not fear,
Kali is on top of the head, the victory is on the verge!
First bandit
(Let’s talk about what I will do now).
What do I say now?
First bandit
Ho King, the team has appeared here.
Tell the king, what will I say, now what I say.
First bandit
Pele’s face
Dust is the abyss!
Dust is the abyss!
Ho King, the team has appeared,
Tell the king, what will I say, now what I say.
[Valmiki’s exit
In the midst of the triangulation, we all do not fear,
Kali is on top of the head, the victory is on the verge!
But income is the only income, but income is the only income,
But the slope of the slope, the slope of the shaft, the slope of the shield!
What kind of compassion, what the hell!
Who or who weep, ha ha ha!
However, on Talwar, on the Talwar,
But Ann Borsa, Ana and I saw the shield!
First bandit
Some slopes in the stomach before, after the nib shad
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha, hah!

(Arise) Kali kali kali kali say ray today
Say ho, ho ho, say ho, ho ho, say ho!
Soothing work by the name,
Say yes, yes, say yes, say ho!
Due to that dancing dance,
The millions of tigers are kept in the grave,
Those lotta patta hair, loud loud smile;
Hey Ball Ray Shyama Meyer Joy, Joy Joy,
Joy Joy, Joy Joy, Joy Joy, Joy Joy,
Hey Ball Ray Shyama Meyer Joy, Joy Joy,
Hey Ray Ray Shama Mom’s victory!
Enter a girl
The girl.
Understand that the clouds are in the gagan
Dark color, night sky,
How to return home!
Feeling shocked, tired, tired
All Day Forest Tour
How to return home to barley!
The girl.What is the forest of this! – Where is Enu!
Do not know the way, do not show it in Moray.
What to do in the dark night.
What will be the key?
The dark cloud covers the sky,
Dazzling whispered,
Single girl
The quiver is trembling.
First bandit
(Per girl)
Do you forget the way? You want to see the road on the right?
I will send it in such a place, I will be happy twelve months.
Yes, yes, yes, yes
Second bandit
(To the first) How are you brother?
How is he staying?
First bandit
Not bad at all,
One day or a day everyone will be together.
Ha ha ha!
Third bandit
I earn income, I show you the way, but,
And then do not forget about the road.

Ha ha ha!
[Exit all
The entrance of the Banu Dynasty
The dead and the child’s son, where did they take him?
Oh, that’s a sad eye and someone wants to drink.
Tied to the tough side, body trembling,
Eyes flutter in the water, what a condition it is.
Who is there in this forest, to whom,
Who saves you
Second scene
Kalipratima in the forest
In the wall of the wall,
Rangapadamadam go to bowl bow!
They are here to celebrate Pujaib.
Suranar Tharhar – Revolution of the universe,
Manga, Mother Go, Stand Fool –
Turn around and turn around – Aussie,
Vacation is heard, floats too big catch
Uro Kali Kapali, Mahakalasimantini,
Lipo Apocalypse Mahadevi Parathpara ..
The girl’s entry into the robbers
The robbers
Look, O Thakur, I have brought Mora.
Big Sours got Bali Souras-
Do not fall into the trap, the king
Why is it late, please throw away ..
Earning money with. There is thirsty shama maa,
Suffering Piao – which hurriedly
Loll tongue lips, power play with eyes,
Due to the horizontal side of the horizon, there is a big tooth.
The girl.
What’s wrong with me, Where are you?
The pathless one is helpless in the forest-
Keep it, keep me alive.
Please, I’m in the orphanage –
The pain that karatranu muri bondage.
Please, please do not do it in the orphanage.
Stress is very painful.
This is my heart!
I can not understand what that feeling is about.
The heart of the heart is ray!
Why the eyes of the eyes of the eyes!
What the Maya knows about it,
The Tilil,
All went out, they were all gone,
The desert drowns in the flood of mercy.
First bandit
Hey, I do not understand anything so much.
Second bandit
That time goes on.
Third bandit
Mora has brought it, yet it is not yet.
The fourth bandit.
How are you doing this

No, it will not be called-
The other is the ray which is the ray.
First bandit
Where else can be found in the night!
Second bandit
What’s the matter, wow ..
Listen, you hear the order,
Poorly sharpen you.
Get rid of it now.
Best done
Third scene
In the forest, in desperate forest
The lady is alone in the emptiness.
Who has died in the past,
Adding to Sudhadirisan

The robbers brought the girl back to life
Do not leave such a victim.
Amni El, Amnie to the hand!
Who will go unnoticed
Raja is angry, his words are not human.
It will be very heavy in the night,
Reasons for Bari,
The torches will burn,
Dancing in the dancing-ratty ray,
His words are not human.
First bandit
Who knows the King Maharaja, I am the King of the King.
You’re Wazir, Kotwal,
These throws are barkhandas.
As far as the slugs are all around the place
The intellect goes to work.
With the washing of feet, income fluctuates,
Do all that’s your job.
Second bandit
There is your knowledge-powerful know-how.
What a trick you got in the kingdom.
First bandit
I do not know who I am
Second bandit
I know that –
First bandit
I do not smile,
All that is in your work,
Which is your job
Second bandit
Your very talk!
I see the fact that you have done the correct!
Third bandit
What is the noise,
Neither the kings are seductive.
It will die, if it dies, it will be empty.
First bandit
Rama Ram Hari Hari, I have died in that!
If you see that, the father is not there.
Come on, but soon,
Anonymous Puja
In the words, the night is pohal, so do the job shirt.


The girl.
What is the condition of me!
Where are the mothers compassionate, they die in the forest!
Mom, come on me, meet me,
Goodbye like a man!
The entry of the robbers by taking puja
And kali-idol surrounded dancing
Where the mundalini learned so much rage!
Your dancing looks tremendous.
Keep silent, mother, calm mother, child’s request
Nayan grocer, and mother Tarininei see the bright eyes.

Valmiki’s entry
Oh ohpadha at this is your wretched!
Neither do you want any more, nor do the ray-
Far far away, take me to the cross.
This is not the work, no sin, no sin,
No more, no, no more!
First bandit
I do not know anything about Deen hin
They are as rotten as they are,
It does not understand the burden so much.
What do you do judge
Second bandit
Baah- It’s great fun too!
As the queen is at the start, she does not say that.
First bandit
Far away, shameless and shy.
Move away from all that is different. The sin is no more
No more, no, no, no, no more.
[Exit of the robbers
I do not have any fear with my mother.
How sad that my mother is in the forest!
Bari, we can help with mother.
The soft tears are shivering repeatedly.
Fourth view
The entrance of the Banu Dynasty
Rim is often used to rattle.
Gongan in Gagan, Shirer Rulariata,
The peacock hairdressers were thrilled.
Diishi Dishi, the Damini shines,
Hurini trash is rising!
Valmiki’s entry
Where to join,
Why do you cry?
Let’s see, hunting, Rahib,
Blame all the irritation, forest in the forest-
Why do you cry?
You want to forget, forget about how
You will suffer pain.
Matib to take the team.
Why do you cry?
The roosters call the robbers
The entry of the bandits
Why did the king call, I just came.
Understand that Shyama’s mother worship will be again.
Will go hunting, with income ray.
First bandit
Ore, what the king is saying
Let’s go hunting but then.
All the parties in the house
[Valmiki’s exit
Come on, I’ll just walk around this time
Rushing income, earning income,
That night, that night!
With the help of archery, income generation income.
Baja horn frequently, the sound of shaking forest,
The sky will burst, the animal bird is barely,
Can run in Kananan, surrounding the four sides
Going back, yes ho ho ho!
Valmiki’s entry
The garnet which is in the garb, it rises, the rain is flooded.
I do not want to find forest,
This is the ray.
Nocturnal animals, now it will be out,
Come on, let’s hurry. Come on, hurry.

First bandit
Come on, brother, let’s go before Mora.
Second bandit
The forest is the forest,
Let’s go to the front.
First bandit
No brother, no work
There is nothing, nothing is there,
If you get something in that bush.
Second bandit
Boho Hawa-
First bandit
Hey, stand on the back, if you are so busy,
Silently earning money, quietly earning money,
Now be all right,
Careful shaft, careful left arrow,
It’s gone, run away, run away, let’s go.
Let’s go back to the small ray.
The entrance of the Banu Dynasty

K.L. Azi at noon,
Do not waste your time in peace.
In the Padmaon group, who has drunk
Bimal Sarovar Mandya,
Why do you kill the sleeping
Happiness in the heart
The deer-deer cheered on the trousers
Shedding down the slopes.
On the banks of the sloping river,
Asking for mercy
Poshy weeping in the forest
Around the corner of the horizon
Dangerous shadow shadow-
Tara’s life quaked
The first pistol entry
First bandit
What is the secret of living life?
What are you doing now?
Dad, I hid in this cave quietly.
The dead body of this dead, but do not be rude,
Bahaba shabash tore, shabash ray saw your trust.
Another thrust enters to excavate
Another bandit.

What do I say and say – it’s okay.
What has happened to me,
An old goat was beaten and killed.
First bandit
Then there was that heavy duty,
Why are you doing now?
Where did the father, the little blown.
The entry of the bandits
The robbers
Sardar sir is not late,
Everyone is sitting in your hopes.
To go to the hunt,
Bend tight waist.
The forests are all crumbling,
We’re going to die,
You’re just looted
Stomach stomach thrust.
First bandit
Tafa’s work is to eat,
I do not live without anyone,
To kill who goes hunting,
Will hoist hare Mose
Tummy is not filled with stomach-
The stomach can be frozen.
Laughing out of laugh and hunting
Revert to the back
Flame speed
Keep hold of bow and arrow arrow arrow
Two deer-deer holidays,
I do not want to return back.
Sukumar Kleabar did not make any mistake,
How to soften the soft body.
Stay there, keep this great game,
Bizarzinu is a barking bow shaft from today.

The entry of the bandits
The robbers
No more, no more here,
Let’s go and walk all the way.
The king has bowed the bow,
Here, brother here!
Let’s go now.
Valmiki’s entry
The robbers
Your state, the king, is not good,
Fear of bloodshed pass rays,
Die dead.
The bird is killed by Kareli,
I do not know who tone,
Hey, I do not see.
[Exit of the robbers
Nothing of life is alright
I do not go, I do not wanna die.
How many bridesmaids are in the house, in the darkness of despair
Nothing can be done out of the heart,
I can not go and I can not.
What is the key to life now, day and night goes on-
Day and night goes on-
How much will I desire to sacrifice,
Do not know what to do
Those who had companions, went to Tezia; Dhanuraban Teyzee,
No more work-
What to do, I say,
Do not know what to do!
Disorders of the Dangers

Thump hunter
Look, two birds sit on the tree.
Second huntsman
Seeing the earnings are quietly earning.
The first huntsman
Shut down on this bar, let’s blow it up.
Second huntsman
Ross Ross before I find the ray
The pillar pillar
Both of them are happily singing songs, singing in joy.
The first huntsman
Keep it, all the words,
Near Modi’s Nako Hetha,
Do not want to say all the punishments, time goes on.
Listen, do not cry, do not cry.
Stop, Thakur, this short arrow.
Kill a crowch
Mom Nidhad establishment: Shamshatim:
As per Crunchmithunadekambhdi: Kammohitam
What I am! What a nice word!
I do not know anything about how I am publishing Devvasha,
Shikinu Ray!
Pulal is full of heart, honey is heard,
What is it! Look at what is in the heart!
In the dark darkness, what light is this,
Awakening! – Who is in mercy!
Saraswati’s appearance
What’s in it, what’s in it, steady!
Kiranake all the direction of the sun!
In the idol of idols,


Who has been wearing,
A Murari Kamal-Putla!
[Departure of departure
The entrance of the Banu Dynasty
Nami Nami Bharati, Kamal walk
Glory is the forest, blessed is life.
Full desire, goddess Kamalaasana,
Blessed are Dashupati, Molylled Stones.
At the tough terrain,
Do not forget to donate your heart.
Keep your humor filled with honey,
I will be able to do the rest day and get drunk.
[Disappearance of goddesses
Valmiki to the idol of Kali
Shyam, I have left the mother
The girl of the stairs, not the mother said the mother said.
So long ago what you did, you stoned,
(Today), after seeing his mother, mother in the water and the water
Do not forget to see the black and forget the light, mind,
I was the one you were, (now) I’m your mother.
My mother has spent my mother’s lap in her mother’s lap.
Where are you hidden?
All hope, Tenth, darkness,
I have just gone by my decision,
Are you also in teyagile
Laksmi Appearance
Why do you think that the forest is in the forest, and the two eyes are in the eyes
What’s wrong
I’m going to give orange, Ratan Star Star, but the smile smiles
Dirty face
Whoever wants orange, tell him what he does not get
He is happy.
In Tijija Kamalasan, I came back to the forest, thanking me
In the eyes of heroes

Where he is a thunderous idol
You are not Goddess, Kamalasa,
Do not fool me.
What is the value of money, it does not want life or life?
Do not go to goddess, do not want to demand, do not demand dirt dust,
Whatever happens to those who are happy, either,
I, goddess, she does not want happiness.
To Lakshmi Alakya, to Lakshmi Amara,
Do not come in the forest,
Do not come in this hospice-hut.
The sound of the harp that I heard, my heart is dawn,
I do not want to ask anything.
[Lakshmi disappearance, the departure of Valmiki
The entrance of the Banu Dynasty
Bani saparani, merciful!
Blind in the dark with eyesight,
Where is Goddess Oye hidden with darsh
If you go to Swapan, then why do you have consciousness,
Only the peerless pain of seeing in the chakra,
You’ve got to ask, the hero is in Cannon.
[Exit of monks
Valmiki’s entry
Saraswati’s appearance
This is my goddess goddess!
All the poem world-wide,
All the Ornamental Neighbors
Chandra, the rhythm has been raised in the rhythm of Konk-Robi,
In the rhythm the world is moving,
The burning poem star is barely;
In the middle of this poem you are the Goddess,
Light shines in light.
What are the songs in the woods in the woods,
The story of the life of flowers,
Nave Rag-Ragini waits,
Today’s song of joy is all the heart’s heart.
Are you the goddess Bharati, the blind man in the dark,
Ushha on the darkness of life,
Ragini teach of nature!
You are blessed
You keep your feet forever.

Poor baby dresses
Around the corner of the forest
Your mind is strained.
Why baby, listen, it sounds
I am a winner, I have come to teach you songs,
Thousands of people will melt in your song.
The rugby that heard your hardened mind
She ragini with your voice ray resonance.
Siddhant krupi karne karatee karateale,
Around the direction of the bride, the bride and groom are in the eyeball.
Thousands of tears on your head,
The torrent will be gone and the torrent will be gone.
The ruthless ray and heart of the cruel rays
Hundreds of thousands of you are in the world.
Wherever there is Hidari, your name is Robi,
Where the hell is the poetry of your poetry.
He is a jahnabi out of ten thousand hearts
Cleanse the cremation, Desert Urology
More in the Padma Samatale Rahi Seaten Your
Due to the new nave gabhi early morning!
Sit in your footsteps as poets and boys
Listen to the voice of your voice
This is my harp, day gift,
The song that sings, it sounds like its

righter by robindro nath dhakur

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