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Miley Cyrus first sported the shorter hair

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  • Miley’s fans infernal the 2017 haircut on her split with Liam, expression it marked the start of the tip for the couple as she shed her nice-girl image.
  • The couple are currently back along and – surprise and surprise – her long hair is back once more.
    Meanwhile, Katy – real name is Katheryn Hudson – says her New Look could be a very little bid to attach together with her real self to beat mental issues following her split from metropolis. She said: “I therefore terribly badly wish to be Katheryn Hudson that I don’t even wish to seem like Katy Perry generally.”
  • Katy and Miley have even shown their commonness by carrying matching outfits on and off stage. each have adopted the elegant look – creating feathers and fur a part of their look.
  • Celebrity scientist Honey Lancaster-James said: “It’s common for friends to start to seem like each other as they’re influenced by other’s vogue and mannerisms.”

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