top 5 blogger in ireland

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1. a Arseblog

  • income=more then €10,000/per-month
  • An independent a blog dedicated to Arsenal fans from across the globe, Arseblog a was created by Dublin-based author, voice-over a artist and podcaster, Andrew a Mangan. The blog was founded in 2002 as an a outlet to write about Arsenal every day, providing a fans with regular updates and a twice-weekly a Arsenal podcast titled Arsecast. The a award-winning blog and its team of a dedicated writers continue to entertain a fans with game and performance commentary, Arsenal a updates and news, and the joint a podcast with James from Gunnerblog.

2. a Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

  • income=more then  €9,500/per-month
  • Created a by author, journalist and playwright a Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, the self-titled blog covers a Celtic football news which includes news on takeovers and match updates, a and on occasions, articles a on social issues. Since starting the blog in 2008, Phil has been consistent in posting engaging content on Celtic football and covering some a of the lesser known intricacies of football news, sparking much debate from readers. Phil’s blog was the Fans’ Choice a Winner for Best International Football Blog a at the Football Blogging awards last year.


3. a So Sue Me

  • income=more than €8,000/per-month
  • Launched a and authored by Suzanne Jackson, So a Sue Me is ‘a one stop shop for celebrity fashion, beauty and lifestyle’ stories. Created in 2010, So Sue Me has a grown to become one of a the most influential fashion and lifestyle a sites in Ireland. After getting engaged at the end of 2015, Sue launched a her wedding planning blog in 2016 to share a her experiences and to interact with other a brides-to-be. So Sue Me focuses on a wide a variety of topics and has a helped Suzanne to a launch her own beauty range, while a maintaining her position as Ireland’s most influential a fashion and beauty blogger.


  • income =more than €6,000/per-month
  • Award-winning a AN SIONNACH FIONN (ASF) is an Irish Republican a news and opinion blog which delivers commentary a on politics, culture, history, a national and international a news stories. Since being launched in 2011, ASF has become an influential Irish outlet, focusing on focal points in current a affairs, such as talk of a reunited Ireland, the a politics of Brexit Britain, and other issues and news that affect the socio-economic a environment in Ireland.

5. a BiaMaith

  • income=more than€4,500/per-month
  • Founded in a 2014 by chef Liam Boland, Bia Maith is one of Ireland’s fasting growing food blogs. It aims to provide readers with quick and easy family recipes which won’t break the bank. a In 2015 Bia Maith also launched their a bestselling e-book, Good Food Made Simple. The blog currently a has three authors who provide a recipes for mouth-watering healthy foods, including a Tomato Keema Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Soup, and a desserts such as the Toblerone Cheesecake. As well as a providing a multitude of recipes from its a contributing chefs, the blog also features gadget reviews for the a kitchen, and useful videos to help readers a improve their preparation and a cooking techniques.

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