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01. Background of sex life
History of Marriage in India (1960)
01. Background of Sex Life In the world of animals, humans are the only creatures whose sexual appetite is not limited. For most animals, there is a special season for sexual intercourse. In just that particular period, the desire for sexual intercourse among them arises and the male and female mergers together in the production of the child. There is no such season for human beings alone. [...]
0. Marriage in ancient India

History of Marriage in India (1960)
0. Even though Hindu Hindus demand marriage in ancient India, it is not correct to say that the customs of the traditional marriage ceremony have passed from the Vedic era. The mention of the boycott rule, on which the existing Hindu system of marriage was established, is not mentioned in the Vedic period's oldest book, Rigveda. It seems that marriage was established in the era of Rigveda, on the basis of village-based extramarital affairs. Because, [...]
03. Smriti Shastra Effect on Junkery
History of Marriage in India (1960)
03. The impact of Smriti Shastra on sexual behavior is given in the preceding chapter of the Mahabharata period, the picture of the restless sex life of the era of the memory and mythology was governed by various rules and regulations. According to memory, the provisions of the Hindus refer to scriptures. Their name was Dharmashastra. These are the sources of traditional religion. Puranas are a collection of ancient traditions. Those who received the title of the religious scholars [...]
04. Kinship and marriage of relatives

History of Marriage in India (1960)
04. Kinship and Relationships Marriage We have seen in the previous chapter that in ancient India, there are many different types of marriage ceremonies, but in the end only one wedding was adopted as a dedicated marriage dedicated to Hinduism. This marriage would have been used to pronounce mantra, homodial yajna, and seven-fold. In the north, this marriage was considered as the only legal marriage in Hinduism. We also saw that [...]
05. Marriage in Hinduism
History of Marriage in India (1960)
05. In Hinduism, the marriage between a particular junior, married to Hindu, becomes fixed, with the birth of her. Because in Hinduism, every Hindu has to marry in its own nation. In a word, in Hinduism, the nation is the group of inequality. However, no man in his own nation can marry a woman freely. Nations [...]
06. Adivasi social organization and marriage
History of Marriage in India (1960)
06. Adivasis Samaj Sangh and Marriage Indigenous People are organized on the basis of tribal or tribce. Every tribute has its own language and culture. Often the Tribs are divided into many branches. Tribaws and its branches are usually group of insolvenians. If someone marries outside the Tribal or his branch, he is expelled from the tribunal. Tribe or its branches [...]
07. Wedding rituals

History of Marriage in India (1960)
07. Marriage rituals In Hindu eyes, marriage must be done in religious ceremonies. There are ten types of reforms that Hindus have for the sake of purification, marriage is the last resort in it. According to the prohibition of religious conduct, Hindus have to adhere to various rituals related to marriage. These rituals can be divided into two categories - the rituals performed by wife-servants and priests. The wives of the women and women of the house, who have their [...]
08. Pre-sexual intercourse
History of Marriage in India (1960)
08. Sex before sex is not tolerated in the Hindu community before sexual intercourse. If such incidents happen in earlier days, then the parents should not be married and they never get married. This was the custom of Hinduism. In this day of corruption, fathers and mothers do not have to be punished and the girl does not have to be single. Indeed, the indigenous people are different. [...]
09. Unusual sexual intercourse

History of Marriage in India (1960)
In most societies of unmarried sexual intercourse, husbands get the right to have sexual intercourse with their wives. But there are many societies where social rights are surrendered to each other. The reason behind submitting one's wife to another for sexual intercourse is that because her husband is the sole owner of her husband, she has the power [...]
10. Public places in Hinduism
History of Marriage in India (1960)
10. The place of prostitution in Hinduism is that prostitution occupies a special place in the exclusion of sex outside sex. We know the woman as a prostitute, that the woman, in exchange for money, is involved in sexual intercourse or submits her own body. The practice of prostitution in India has been practiced since ancient times. In both the epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, there is a mention of Ganesha. In fact, in the life of ancient India [...]
11. Marriage in Muslim society

History of Marriage in India (1960)
11. In Muslim society, marriage restrictions on Muslim society are much less than Hinduism. However, the first marriage is to be with a dumb girl in her community. There is no restriction on the next marriage. There is no tribe division in the Muslim community like Hindus. That is why there is no rule of external marriage. Any man from his community can marry a woman. Among the close relatives [...]
12. Democratic impact on marriage
History of Marriage in India (1960)
12. Democratic Impact on Marriage Recently, there has been a revolutionary change in Hindu sex life. It is because of the influence of western countries that it has happened. The change was initiated by Raja Rammohun Roy against the movement against Sattidah. After the husband's death, living wife (in most cases forcefully) was burnt in the flames of her husband. How many unfortunate women in this country have lost their lives in this way [...]

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