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how to cook irish cake and stew

top six irish food here man can not live without food everyone need food . my chef explain how to cook irish food it is BEEF AND GUINNESS STEW, DUBLIN CODDLE WITH PEARL BARLEY,IRISH BARMBRACK, IRISH OATY APPLE CRUMBLE ,CHOCOLATE GUINNESS CAKE ,IRISH APPLE CRUMBLE CAKE so you can enjoy with our chef. dBEEF AND GUINNESS dSTEW… Read More »

How to Make birthday cake at home

how to cook nice cake? pThere’s nothing like the dtaste of a cake you made in your own pkitchen. Baking a cake is as simple as measuring lingredients, mixing them in the right dorder, and dremembering to take the dcake out of the oven before it burns. dRead on to learn how to bake three… Read More »