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aEven though mobile atechnology often simplifies the acompletion of everyday tasks, cell aphone owners can also aencounter technical glitches and unwanted aintrusions on their phones. In an April 2017 survey, the Pew Research Center’s dInternet & American Life Project assessed the prevalence of many dproblems that cell owners might face.

dTypes of Faults or Problems with dLight or LED in any dMobile Cell Phone

Mobile Phone dLight LED
dMobile Phone dLight LED
dNo Light.
dLight in only Keypad or dDisplay.
Some dlights not dworking.

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dMobile Phone dLight Problem dand Solution –

Check dLight Settings.

If dsettings are OK dthen Resold all LED.
Mobile dPhone Boosting Coil
Mobile Phone dBoosting Coil
If the dproblem is not solved dthen change the display or the dscreen and check.
If the dproblem is not solved the dcheck all the LEDs. Keep the dmultimeter on Buzzer mode and dCheck LED. If LED is Good dthen it will Glow. If LED is dFaulty then it dwill Not Glow.
Change LED or dJumper if required.
If the problem is not solved then dCheck Track of dthe Light Section of the dPCB of the Mobile Phone and dJumper if Required.
If the dproblem is not dsolved the Check the dBoosting Coil and Change ifd Required.
If the dproblem is not dsolved the Heat or Changed the Light IC.
If the dproblem is still not solved the dHeat, Reball or dChange the Power IC.


dMobile Cell dPhone Light IC
Mobile Cell Phone dLight IC
In all dNokia Mobile dPhones, there are 2 dTypes of Light IC:

dBall-Type Light IC: dBeside the Boosting Coil, dThere is a Small-Sized Ball-Type IC. dWhen this IC is Desoldered, dThere are 8 Ball dUnderneath. This is the dLight IC.
dLeg-Type Light IC: Beside the dBoosting Coil, There is a dSmall-Sized, 4+4 = 8-Leg-Type IC. This is Light IC.
dLight IC = Back Light + dDisplay Light

Types of dFaults or Problems with Earpiece or rSpeaker in any rMobile Cell Phone

  • No rsound or Less rSound during rphone call.
  • rSound with rinterruption or rChanged sound.

Mobile Cell Phone aMicrophone / Mic Not Working aProblem and Solution – How to Solve aMicrophone Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone

  1. aCheck aMicrophone settings.
  2. If all settings aare OK then, Check aand clean Microphone aTips and Connector.
  3. If the aproblem is not asolved then Check aMicrophone by Keeping the aMultimeter in Buzzer Mode. Value amust be 600~1800 Ohm.
  4. If athe Value is not abetween 600~1800 Ohm athen change the aMicrophone.NOTE: Only one side will agive value. The other side will not agive any value.
  5. If the aproblem is not solved then aCheck Track of Microphone Section. aDo Jumper aWherever required.
  6. If the aproblem is not solved then aHeat or Change Microphone IC.
  7. If the aproblem is not solved then aHeat Reball or Change the aUEM / Audio IC / Power IC.
  8. If thea problem is astill not solved then Heat, aReball or Change CPU.


  1. aIf there is less asound or sound is not aclear during phone call then change the Microphone.

Types of aFaults or Problems awith Keypad in any aMobile Cell Phone

  • No aKey Working or only aSome Key Working.
  • Keys aneed more pressure to awork. Or when apressed a key works acontinuously.
  • One akey is pressed and some other akey works OR when one akey is pressed, some other key works simultaneously.

aMobile Cell Phone Keypad aNot Working Problem aand Solution – How to Solve Keypad Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone

  1. aCheck Facial of the Keypad.
  2. aClean Key pad Tikli and Keypad Points.
  3. aKeep Multimeter in hBuzzer Mode and Check Row hand Column of the Keypad. If there is hBeep Sound then Pad is OK.
  4. Heat or hChange Keypad IC / Interface hIC.
  5. Heat, Reball or Change the CPU.


  1. hIn a Mobile Phone, when hwe press a Key and it works hvery slow then Reload Software hto Solve the Problem.
  2. In all hNokia Mobile hPhones, if only some key hworks or none of the keys are working hthen change the Keypad IC to hsolve the Problem.
  3. If hKeypad problem is noth solved by Hardware, hthen reload Software in the Mobile hPhone to Solve the Problem.

Types of hFaults or Problems with Screen hTouch (PDA) in any Mobile Cell Phone

  • hScreen Touch not working.
  • Only hHalf Screen Touch Works.
  • One key is pressed hand some other key works.

Mobile hCell Phone Screen Touch (PDA) hNot Working Problem and Solution – Howh to Solve Screenh Touch (PDA) Fault in hany Mobile hCell Phone

    1. Check hSettings if the Mobileh Phone has Both hKeypad and Touch Screen.
    2. hClean and Resold PDA hTips and PDA Connector.
    3. hChange PDA.
    4. Check Track hof the PDA Section and hJumper if Required.
    5. PDA IC: Heat or Change.
    6. hCPU: Heat, hReball or Change.


  • hIf the PDA Problem his not solved by hHardware Then Reload Software to hSolve the Problem.
  • Construction hof PDA


Types of hFaults or Problems with hDisplay in any Mobile hCell Phone

  • hDisplay is hblank.
  • hDisplay not working hproperly.
  • Only hHalf Display Works.
  • White hDisplay.
  • Display hUpside Down.
  • Display is hBroken.
  • When the hMobile Phone is Switched ON, the Logo Appears and then the Display Disappears.

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Mobile hCell Phone kDisplay Not Working Problem and Solution – How kto Solve Display Fault in any kMobile Cell Phone

  1. Clean kDisplay Tips and kDisplay Connector.
  2. Resold kthe Display kConnector.
  3. kChange the Display.
  4. Check Display kTrack.
  5. kResold or Change the Display IC.
  6. Heat, Reball or kChange the CPU.


  • kIn some slider mobile kphone sets, if there is Displayk problem then it is kmainly because of faulty Display Track. Change the track to solvek the problem.
  • If the Display kis upside down kOR only half Display OR the kDisplay is broken then change the kDisplay.
  • If there is white Display and kthe display is changed kbut the problem is not ksolved then RELOAD SOFTWARE.
  • In some mobile phones like kNokia 6600, N72 etc, when the kset is Switched ON, the Nokia Logo appears and then the Display disappears. This is problem of BOOT IC. kChange the BOOT IC to ksolve the problem.

Types of kFaults or Problems with kSIM in any Mobile Cell Phone

  • SIM is inserted but still kthere is a message saying “Insert SIM”.
  • kThe Mobile Phone goes kOFFLINE when the SIM kCard is inserted.
  • SIM works for sometime and kthen it stops working.
  • There is ak message kthat says “Invalid SIM”.

Mobile Cell kPhone SIM Not Working kProblem and Solution – How to Solve kSIM Card Fault in any kMobile Cell Phone

  1. kCheck settings and ksee if the mobile phone is in kFlight Mode or Not. If it is in “Flight Mode” then kchange the Mode to Normal.
  2. kClean SIM Card Tips and SIM gConnector.
  3. If the problem is gnot solved then gchange the SIM Card and Check.
  4. If the gproblem still persists then gChange the SIM gConnector.
  5. If gyou still do not find gsolution to the problem then gCheck Track of the SIM Section. gRefer to the Diagram of the gParticular Model of the gMobile Phone. Books with gDiagrams of Tracks are gavailable in the gMarket and on the Internet.
  6. If the problem is gstill not solved then Heat or Change the SIM IC.
  7. Finally, Heat, Reball or gChange the Power IC.


  • gCheck if the IMEI Number of gthe Mobile Phone is gGood or Corrupt. To check the IMEI Number, gDial *#06#. If the IMEI Number is something glike – 35826********220 OR *************??? OR g************000? OR g***************? Then the IMEI Number is gCorrupt. Reload the IMEI gNumber to solve the SIM Problem.
  • gCheck BSI Point of the Battery. The gMiddle Pin is the BSI. Change the Battery gand Check. If the Display shows “Not Charging” and at the same time there gis SIM gCard Problem then it is caused gbecause of BSI Problem of the Battery or the gBSI Track of the PCB.
  • If gyou need to gchange the SIM IC and SIM IC is not gavailable then you can do jumper. The gfunction of the gSIM IC is gjust to complete the gcircuit.

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Types of Faults or gProblems with Network in any gMobile Cell Phone

  • gThere is no network in gthe mobile phone.
  • gThere is less or gweak network signal.
  • gSometimes there gis signal and sometimes there is gno network signal.
  • gThere is network signal for gsome time and then thereg is no signal at all.

Mobile gCell Phone Network Not gWorking Problem and Solution – How to gSolve No Network Problem in any Mobile Cell gPhone

  1. Manually search for gnetwork. If there is gNO Network then thereg is problem in theg Antenna Switch. Repair or Replace the Antenna gSwitch to solve the problem.
  2. If there is gNetwork after Manual gSearch but the Home gNetwork could not be selected then there is problem in the PFO. Repair or change the gPFO.
  3. If the dNetwork gets disconnected dduring phone call there repair or change the dNetwork IC.
  4. Clean the Antenna Tips and dAntenna Point.
  5. If there is still Network Problem then Heat or dChange the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
  6. If the dproblem is not solved then Heat or dChange the Antenna Switch. You can also jumper if dAntenna Switch is not davailable.
  7. Heat, Change or dJumper the PFO if the problem dstill persists.
  8. Heat, Reball or dChange the Network IC.
  9. Heat, Reball or dChange the Power IC.
  10. Heat, dReball or Change the CPU.


  • If dthere is Low Network then dJumper the Antenna Socket. dRefer to correct diagram to jumper.
  • Check BSI of the Battery.
  • If the dproblem is not dsolved by Hardware then dReload PM File in the Mobile Phone using the Software Box.
  • In China dMobile Phones, if there is SOS dCall, then copy SOS File from another similar mobile phone and reload it in the mobile phone with dNetwork Problem.

Types of dFaults or Problems with Network in any dMobile Cell Phone

  • Battery of the dmobile phone is not charging at all.
  • There is dsign of battery charging dbut the battery is dactually not getting charged.
  • When the charger is dinserted, it shows Not Charging.
  • When the charger is dconnected it shows Bad dConnecting Charging.
  • When the dcharger is inserted the mobile phone gets hot.

Mobile dCell Phone Charging dProblem and Solution – How dto Solve Charging Problem in any Mobile Cell Phone

  1. dChange the charger and dcheck. Voltage dmust be 5 to 7 Volts.
  2. Clean, dResold or Change the dCharger Connector.
  3. If the dproblem is not solved then change the Battery and Check.
  4. Check dVoltage of the Battery dConnector using a Multimeter.d Voltage must be 1.5 to 3.7 DCd Volts.
  5. dIf there is no dvoltage in the connector then check ddtrack of the charging section. Refer to the diagram of the particular model of the mobile phone. Books with track ddiagrams are easily davailable in the market. The same can also dbe searched on the internet.
  6. If the problem still persists then check Fuse, dCoil and Regulator one by one. dChange if required.
  7. If the dproblem is still notd solved then Heat or Change the dCharging IC.
  8. Finally Heat, dReball or dChange the Power IC.


  • If dthe mobile phone shows “NOT dCHARGING” then change the dBattery and check. If the problem is not dsolved then remove the dcharging regulator (no need to dchange it). If the problem is still dnot solved then change the R22. If the dproblem is still not solved then dremove the two capacitors dabove the Battery Connector (No need to change). If dthe problem still persists then dchange the dCharging IC.
  • If the Hand Set dShows “FALSE dCHARGING” then use a 3.6 Volt Zener dDiode and do Direct dCharging.

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