Non-ware party earning income in Ayre
Kale-Bosehee storm storm
Bring you your face.
Where the spear is in the bow
Shake the ground chest
Blue-sky, by staggering
Looking at the mood of the crowd.
The forest of this amazon. Here we have to stay for a while. The high-head made me walk – he must remove the devil from this world. He got a drought in this forest, I got the news – I have to find him – I’ll search this forest with hunt – where will he hide? Tent here in here – I’m coming.
Well the chef ! What a beautiful forest! How long i know What is the sweet wind of the forest – the sweet song of birds here. Who’s going to sing to sing this way –
‘Income Badna income earning income from low forest.
Titanic Wave in Sindh
Kampayya Medini.
Second part
Hold the veil of the sky
Take hold of Koka’s moon in his arms
jemes, Bijli-Sapini opened the zodiac of the clouds.
deep-night grab the yoke from the necklace
The thirsty low-lying mountains bring fountains
name of faer unleash the sea
Income from the forest, after vortex dance
Birds looted by the eye of the eye
Mithin! Looked at a guy hiding us and let’s go.
Junk bird jumps into laughter.
Bombed by the arrow with the arrow in the car.
My game of helpless
Hurt in the daytime
Cry late at night
As the beautiful-forest tiger rises
Look at the forests of forest and deer.
Third chunk

Voodoo Dulal! Why do you catch birds?
Vedas girl! Why do you snake snake?
Check snake? The eyes are like snakes – to bathe him – listen –
Your ankhi, like a curved knife, bent.
Vedas Dulal with me to play snake?
I know your pair-broom bow
I’m not the bird I’m that sapi
Do not fear laughing
Do you have your bamboo
If you open your jamming, then you go there.
Listen to me Well, Vedas-Dulal you can make flowers – how many flowers have seen in front of the tree – will you give me?
The price of flowers is dibi?
Price? Which!
Well, I did not pay the price – I would give that flower – so did you bind me with a bindi thread?
The bar! Then it was worth the price. If you get the price then you will be able to return to the hopes of getting the price.
If you get back, then you are asking for money – will you come back tomorrow again?
I do not know!
(The sound of the flute and the flowers were filled with flowers) I did this necklace with flowers – where did you get your wrists?
Fourth volume
Shut up behind the bushes, there is a mithun twist –
You keep quiet for me.
Bhomra is wet with nim-flower mu
You groove the lace of anecdote
Kavu Kya Kaya kabu babla twilight
The butterfly fan once again gathered
Seeing the flowers of the country’s bura fell laugh
Jah! Mithin has seen all – what shame – I escaped –
Then let me go – yes good thing – the girl in the house, your name?
My name is Mouri – son of Veda, your name?
My name is Jhumro –
Again, Assisi.
Fifth volume
Mithin! He is playing a flute sitting in the mountains – you call him – today I did not see him twice. I can sit down and listen to my head and tell him to come once –
At noon in the morning, the mountain-flute of which was shattered.
The sound of his bamboo tune was like a stomach bark.
I’m a wild bird of the forest
We are surrounded by the daughter of Gaya
Why did the Nupur blow and wither through the kusum drifting
She is in the indecisive forest.
Come on every morning in my palanquin bay
What do you look for?
Seeing the crown of the crown, he stood still
Understanding the golden anchor!
Tricute mountain peaks far away
The moon on the shoulders with me in the morning
Nishith sleepy – Unmana all day.
Sixth volume
Do you weep alone? What happened to you?
What happened to you? Why did you come in front of me – why laughs – why are you …
Re! So, the force – it’s late to come – listen to what our sardar has to hide. – Well, today I tell Sardar that he will leave his team and bind you with you – you and Kidishany – I will not leave you – I will not go …
Ha ha ha ha will not leave you – you will bind me with the house – Jhumro you know that the bedroom does not bind the house – the house is bound to bind them – the whole world is their home … .. and with whom your daughter-in-law is with my daughter Raghu Sardar’s daughter. – The fire that he lit on my chest – left the fire to his daughter’s chest – let’s leave this forest now.
Who is the culprit? – Do not take him – I will not live without him …
Ha ha ha ha revenge – vengeance vendetta – wake up dera –
A. … Mother –
Wake up and go now.
If you are intensive then stopping the mind
To get deep pain.
Where is the zero desert
Call me
If the lion is in the zoo
The toothbrush must be eaten
Tears of Vedas, flowers of forest, flowers flower
The girl on the saddle cry.

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