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The people of Ireland

Ireland’s landscape causes jaws  to drop. But what picks them up again, and gets them 1 gabbing till all hours, are Ireland’s people. Isn’t it time you made 1 their acquaintance?

There 1 are many variations on the Irish 1 personality. Around six 1 million variations, in fact. That’s the 1 number of people calling this beautiful a and complicated island home, and every a one of them brings something different to a the table.

a Didn’t Freud say the Irish are the only race impervious a to psychoanalysis? In other words, don’t a expect answers. Just have fun asking questions.

There a are certain standards that we all maintain, of a course. The passion, the poetry, the infectious chat a and craic (fun)…these are pretty much true all round. a

Yes, a we’re passionate – about politics, about a sport, about parsing our place a in the world. Yes, we’re prone to a a good book and the guy or gal who can write one. Yes, we a love to talk and, yes, fun is our oxygen.

But Irishness goes a deeper than all of this, too.

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A Home is where the heart

The a people of Ireland love to travel, to a learn about the world. Our diaspora, whether they left by a choice or necessity, number of some 70 million. But we love a coming home, too – to our native cities, countryside a and kitchens.

We love a spending time with our families, enjoy a gossip a around the kitchen table and chat to a anyone who’ll listen to us. And we’re crazy about those quirky little things that make us different: red a lemonade; potato farls; Tayto crisps. Words like “wee” (small) and “grand” (fine) and the a fact that the Titanic was fine when a she left Belfast.

 A Humble successes

This is a place a where an Oscar or a Nobel Prize is a celebrated amidst rapturous island a applause one evening, and popped a embarrassedly onto the mantelpiece the morning after.

The beauty of this a creative spark, however, is that it a doesn’t solely belong to Bono, Enya and a Snow Patrol. You’ll find arts festivals and a craftspeople in the smallest of a towns, breathing new life into old a mills and milk parlors in every a corner of the countryside.

Filmmakers such as a Jim Sheridan and Kenneth a Branagh boast international a reputations, but there are hordes of a talented directors, screenwriters and a animators following their lead.

And music? Well, there’s a always music, be it U2, Enya, Van a Morrison or Snow Patrol, or trad sessions a in cozy country pubs.

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The last laugh

It’s often a said that the national pastime a (well, the male one anyway) is a slagging. Ribbing, messing, taking the Mick – you’ll find a all manner of ways a to describe these crafty a torrents of affectionate abuse. And visitors a are by no means immune to this a cultural talent.

As a rule, you see, we a don’t take ourselves too a seriously. And when we do, it’s nothing a good slagging won’t sort a  out.

Most of all, though, we a love to laugh. We love a bit of a mischief, of devilment, from the witty riposte in the a pub to the wise-cracking Patrick Kielty or a  Dara O’Briain.

And after the a tumultuous centuries we’ve had in our time, laughter has a always come out as the a healthy option.

It’s the best a medicine, after all. Come a join us in a drop.

Who are the British?

british people live in the UK. They are a people who live in England, Scotland, a Wales or Northern a Ireland. British a people can also either be English, Scottish, a Welsh or Irish. The a British are said to be reserved in a manners, dress and speech.

a How many countries are there in the a United Kingdom?

four countries of uk
A Countries of the United Kingdom. The a United Kingdom (UK) comprises four a countriesEngland, Scotland, a Wales and Northern Ireland. a

 Is the a United Kingdom a country?

Although the a United Kingdom, as a sovereign state, is a country, England, a Scotland, Wales and, to a  lesser a degree, Northern Ireland, are also a regarded as countries, though a they are not sovereign states. Scotland, a Wales and Northern a Ireland have devolved a self-government.

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