All Group Books Name

Science books 1.Physics 2.Chemistry 3.Ecology 4.Oceanography 5.Geology 6.Meteorology 7.Space Science or Astronomy 8.Biology 9.Zoology 10.Human biology 11.Botany 12.Social sciences 13.Formal sciences Commerce Books Accounting  Finance Financial Markets Principles And Practices Of Banking Accounting Theory Book Industrial Relation Industrial Relations Industrial Relations Advertising Bachelor of Commerce Business Capitalism Commercial law Distribution (business) Wholesale Retailing Cargo Eco… Read More »

Jokes of the Day, Very Funny.

1.Let’s do the second Wife: With me 10 Year time What did you spend? Husband: Hey she is 1 second I think. In the twinkling of an eye Cut off Wife: (to be happy) me For euro 10,000 What for you Husband: Hey money 1 euro Like it No matter Wife: (More than happy) it… Read More »

Jokes Of The Day

where was the money 95? Sacred tax in the Assembly told a story about his speech – “One father gave his three sons 100 rupees to buy something that would fill the house.” The first boy bought 100 bucks of straw but could not fill the room completely. The second boy bought 100 rupees of… Read More »

Geographical identity of Arabia and Arab nations.

Geographical identity of Arabia and location of different nationalities. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is indeed the real image of the last Prophet. The Prophet (peace be upon him) presented the salvation of world humanity in front of the nation. Through this, Allah made the people come out of darkness into the light and… Read More »

History of Elephant and Funny Elephants Name.

All of Elephant Name Europeans first came in contact with live elephants in 327 BC, when Alexander the Great descended into India from the Hindu Kush, but Alexander was quick to adopt them. Four elephants guarded his tent, and shortly after his death his associate Ptolemy issued coins showing Alexander in the elephant headdress that… Read More »

Cricket Rules VS Football Rules .

Cricket Rules VS Football Rules this basic rules for cricket and football. everyone can see rules of both ……………………………………… Cricket Rules Football Rules Players = 11 for play  Players = 11 for Play Game Structure 1.Test 2.ODI 3.T20 Game Structure Time = 90 Min Extra Time.   score runs 1.No ball 2.Wide ball 3.Bye 4.Leg… Read More »