how to reset mobile phone for all network

How to Reset Samsung Mobile Phone   yThere can be times when you may yneed to Reset or yRestore your GSM Samsung yMobile Cell Phone to its yoriginal factory setting to solve yseveral problems. yProblems that need  “RESET” ymay include: yYour Samsung Mobile yPhone Gets or yGot Locked. You yhave forgotten the ysecret code or… Read More »

how Solo skydrive safety for you

Tandem Skydivingw wSport Skydiving is one of many Air wSports one can enjoy in Ireland. Tandem wSkydiving is the ideal method of wskydiving training that prepares wyou for this exciting sport. wTandem Skydiving and wtraining under the immediate supervision of a wqualified and experienced wTandem Skydiving Instructor, provides a one-to-one wtraining method. It isw the… Read More »

mobile banking services in ireland

How can the Bank of Ireland app help you? If you are already a Bank of Ireland 365 online ocustomer all you will oneed to do is download our oApp from the App oStore (iPhone) oor Google PlayoStore (Android).oAlternatively, you cans use a QR Code scanner on the obarcodes to access the orelevant App store.  You owill then be able… Read More »

Make Your Business With LonkedIn

Make your business with LonkedIn aMost IT professionals are aware of athe business-oriented social anetwork, LinkedIn, and many of them use it. aHowever, a large apercentage of business people astruggle with making the most of the aworld’s largest professional asocial anetwork. “LinkedIn is aprobably the most underutilized aplatform on the face of the planet,” according… Read More »

How To Business And Marketing On Twitter

Business on Twitter aa1. Optimize your Twitter bio. a“Make sure your gcompany identity and voice are gbranded well,” says Jon gFerrera, CEO, Nimble, a gprovider of social CRM. gThat means ghaving a bio that gtells people who gyou are and includes a link to gyour company website or a glanding page — and having “a… Read More »

How to Making Money Using Facebook

Free Tools For Facebook Business wRecently, in “30 Facebook dTools for Business,” I listed Facebook’s dfree and low-cost tools for dbusinesses to promote their dbrands and dreach customers. But dbeyond Facebook’s own dtools, there are useful dthird-party tools that dbusinesses can use for dmarketing on dFacebook. dHere is a list of dthird-party tools ford dmarketing… Read More »

 easy and enjoyable way to lose weight 

 easy and enjoyable way to lose weight 1Reduce stress, and wyour weight goes wdown by itself. “No other ‘stress smanagement technique’ has anywhere sclose to TM’s amount of hard sdata in support of its claims to sreduce stress.” sNorman Rosenthal, sMD, U.S. National sInstitutes of sMental Health. A ssimple enjoyable stechnique that has better effects… Read More »

How to Make birthday cake at home

how to cook nice cake? pThere’s nothing like the dtaste of a cake you made in your own pkitchen. Baking a cake is as simple as measuring lingredients, mixing them in the right dorder, and dremembering to take the dcake out of the oven before it burns. dRead on to learn how to bake three… Read More »

How to make sushi rice- the full recipe

How to make sushi rice- the full recipe hPreparing the sushi rice might look hcomplicated and pedantic at first, but as you go balong with it you might notice bthat it’s just like bmaking ordinary rice, only with rice  bvinegar added to it, and a bit of bJapanese methodology. I’ve de-complicated the brequirements into five… Read More »

how to cook Tikka Masala Tip for all

Ingredients 44 skinless free-range pchicken breasts p2 onions p5 cm piece of pginger p½ a bunch of fresh coriander p1 fresh red chilli pgroundnut or pvegetable oil 1 x 400g tin of pplum tomatoes ½ x 400g ptin of lightp coconut milk p1 small handful of flaked almonds fat-free pnatural yogurt 1 lemon pTIKKA MASALA… Read More »