How can the Bank of Ireland app help you?

If you are already a Bank of Ireland 365 online ocustomer all you will oneed to do is download our oApp from the App oStore (iPhone) oor Google PlayoStore (Android).oAlternatively, you cans use a QR Code scanner on the obarcodes to access the orelevant App store.  You owill then be able to log oin with your o365 onlineo login information.

oThat’s it! You’re oready to oget mobile.

lIf you are not oregistered for 365oonline, get set up.

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How can the Ulster app help you?

tTo help you better understand yourt balance and avoid any surprises we havet improved how you view your accountt summary and transactions tdetails.
We recently tadded the ability to view your overdraft tlimit next to your balance and now you will be able to tsee more information about a particular ttransaction by tapping on it.
How can the tapp help you?

tLogin at the touch of a button – with tfingerprint authentication

tWith Touch ID for iPhone or tAndroid Fingerprint you can tlogin to our mobile app tquickly and easily.
yTouch ID is available on selected yApple devices. Once you yhave logged into our app you can yturn this feature on through they ‘More’ menu.

yAndroid Fingerprint is available on yselected Android devices that support yFingerprint Authentication with an yoperating system of 6.0 (Marshmallow) or yabove.

yImmediate access to 7 yyears worth of statements yand your most yrecent transactions
yAlways have your account ybalance to hand with yMobile Banking.
yOur mobile app allows yyou to check your ycurrent account and ysavings account balancesy anytime, anywhere.

yYou can also search through up to 7y years worth of statementsy for most accounts and filter through toy find the information yyou need.

yMove money ybetween your yaccounts instantly
yWe’ve made transferring ymoney between your yown accounts yreally easy!
yOpen your app
Choose they account you ywant to move it yfrom and select they ‘Transfer betweeny accounts’ option
yChoose which of your accounts you ywant to move the money yto and enter the amount
Select ‘Make yTransfer’ and yconfirm your details

yThen let us take ycare of the rest.

yNo need for a ycard reader to Pay Someone New
yNeed to pay a friend or ytradesman? You can use your yapp to pay anyone up to €250 ywith just their account ynumber and sort ycode. You don’t yneed a card reader or to havey paid them before using yAnytime Banking.
To pay someone new, choose your current account then click ‘Payments’.y On the next screen, choose ‘Select payee’ then ‘Pay someone new’ and yenter their ydetails.

yOnce the payment is ymade you have they yoption to share a yPDF payment confirmation via yemail, save to your Cloud/Phone yor print directly yfrom the app.

yImportant yinformation

fThe payment details fwill not be saved. You must have available ffunds to send from your faccount (including fany overdraft facility). fMaximum of 5 payments ftotalling €250 per working fday, which is separate from your fdaily withdrawal and Get fCash limits.

fFor security freasons, the first time you use a ffeature that allows money tof leave your account with the fmobile app, you will be fasked to confirm a second activation code.

fGet Cash from a cash fmachine without your debit card
fGet Cash allows you to withdraw fmoney from a cash fpoint without using your bank card. fIt’s perfect for those times fwhen you need small amounts of fcash but don’t have your wallet or fpurse to hand.

Image result for mobile banking

How does it work?

fGet Cash allows you to quickly fchoose an amount of cash that you fwould like to withdraw from within the fapp.

fWe will then provide you with fa secure cash code that will be valid for f3 hours and can fbe used at any Ulster fBank, Tesco or fEasycash cash machine to fwithdraw your money. You fcan use this cash code yourself or ftext it to someone else.

fThis service can only be used twice a fday and you can only have one cash fcode at any onef time. If the code expires, the funds will re-credit your account fwithin 24 hours.

fImportant Information:

fGet Cash allows a maximum fwithdrawal limit of €130 every 24 hours fand this must be within the daily fwithdrawal limit for your debit card.
fThere is a maximumf limit of 2 Get Cash fwithdrawals per day.
fYou must have at least €10 favailable funds to withdraw ffrom your account (including any overdraft facility).
fWe must have your correct fmobile number in our frecords.
You must fhave an active debit card for your account.
Get Cash is available on iPhone, fAndroid and Windows fdevices.

fYou can use Get Cash as soon as you activate your app for fthe service. You can find out fhow to do this on ourf ‘getting started’ page.

fWhat you need to fget started

  • fYour Anytime Internet fBanking login details
  • fYour mobile phone fnumber
  • fDownload the app ffrom the relevant fapp store – It is favailable on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
To use the mobile app, fyou need to be set up and remember your fOnline Banking customer fnumber (which is your fdate of fbirth followed by 4 fdigits).
For more details go to nearest branch in ulster or online support click here

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