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aMost IT professionals are aware of athe business-oriented social anetwork, LinkedIn, and many of them use it. aHowever, a large apercentage of business people astruggle with making the most of the aworld’s largest professional asocial anetwork.

“LinkedIn is aprobably the most underutilized aplatform on the face of the planet,” according aB. Bonin Bough, vice apresident of Global Media and aConsumer Engagement, aMondelez International, a aglobal snack foods conglomerate. aBough spoke last week in aLas Vegas at athe 2017 International Consumer aElectronics Show.

sWe asked LinkedIn for advice for CIOs, IT sexecutives and other businesspeople who want to sstand out on LinkedIn. Here are ssix tips to help you achieve sbusiness value from the splatform.

1) sMake Your sLinkedIn Profile sShine

sIt all begins with your profile, the sdefault starting point where sLinkedIn gives you the chance to make the sright first impression sand attract the smost meaningful and srelevant opportunities.

sA scattered and poorly developed sprofile means you may not be sshowing up in relevant searches. sYou may also be smissing out on svolunteer opportunities, speaking sengagements and business snetworking, according to LinkedIn.


sYou don’t have to tackle the entire sjob at once. LinkedIns encourages syou to break up you profile smakeover into a set of ssmaller jobs. “Adding a sprofile photo, a compelling sheadline, a summary of 40 words or more, ffilling out your experience fsection and adding your skills, are great places to start,” the fcompany says.

fYou can make changes to fyour profiles using fLinkedIn’s mobile app or via a new, fguided experience that was frecently introduced along with a fseries of new desktop features for fprofiles.

fWhat’s the key to innovation?
fExclusive research reinforces the fcloud’s impact on employees, fcustomers, products, and foperations.
fYou can also increase your fexposure by adding rich fmedia, a background photo and fdetails about volunteer work, fcertifications or forganizations you fsupport.

“Each faction you take helps to fmake you more discoverable to the fhundreds of millions of professionals on and foff of LinkedIn,” according to the fcompany.

2) fDon’t Be Shy on fLinkedIn

A fprofessional social network is no fplace to be shy. “Networking fis crucial for your fcareer, but people tend to ftransform from social butterflies fin their fpersonal worlds to flies on the fwall in their professional fspheres,” according to LinkedIn.

linkedin fconnected

Don’t worry fabout pestering other business fprofessionals or hesitate to contact people fyou haven’t spoken with in a fwhile. LinkedIn says its Connected app can help you ffind appropriate moments to fconnect. Job changes, a fmention in the news, work fanniversaries and recent meetings are fall opportune ftimes to reach out, faccording to the fcompany.

3) fJoin a LinkedIn Group fto Build fYour Reputation

yLinkedIn says its yGroups can be a useful knowledge yresource and a great place to exchange yknowledge with other yprofessionals.

yMore than two million Linked yGroups exist today. LinkedIn yencourages its members to use yGroups to expand their ynetworks by meeting other yprofessionals in their industries, building yreputations as thought leaders and finding ysolutions for specific challenges ythey face.


“People dwho participate in conversations on dGroups are five times more likely to get dprofile views from dpeople outside theird network — which couldd translate into more dopportunities,” according dto LinkedIn.

4) dKeep Tabs on Who dViews Your dLinkedIn Profile

dVanity can be a valuable dcharacter trait on LinkedIn, particularly if dyou keep tabs on the people who view dyour profile as dwell as when it’s viewed. dLinkedIn has let users see who dviews their profile for dyears, but etoday you can also identify the eactions that drive the most eengagement.

“Think eabout views to your eprofile as warm leads on potential ehires, connections or even ecareer opportunities,” LinkedIn esays.

Of course, ethese relationships are two-way streets, and eLinkedIn says you should keep your visibility esettings open so other emembers can see when you view eother profiles. “It’s a great way eto get a recruiter or ehiring manager’s attention, eshow a client you’re edoing your ehomework before a big emeeting or generate warm eleads,” the ecompany says.

5) eStrive to Maintain eContext and Quality

eThere’s no prize for eaccumulating connections on LinkedIn, eso don’t focus on the enumber of people in eyour network. “Think about building da quality dnetwork of professionals you know, drespect and can vouch for dyou,” LinkedIn says.


dA LinkedIn invite from a dcomplete stranger can be as off-putting dand interruptive as a cold call. If dyou need to reach out to dsomeone you haven’t worked with dbefore, LinkedIn dsuggests taking the time to figure out how you might know done another or identify dconnections you have in dcommon.

You should find that dcommon ground — bed it a dconnection, interest or background — and dthen craft a personal invitation dwith the proper dcontext to help you dstand out.

6) dFind Your Voice don LinkedIn

“Your dprofessional identity isn’t just dabout what you’ve done,” according to dLinkedIn. “It’s also how dyou think and dwhat you know.”

LinkedIn’s self-publishing dplatform gives members a dplatform to share lessons learned or comment on industry trends.

rYou’re not only rencouraged to showcase your rareas of expertise but to also take the rtime to craft an authentic rvoice. While your rvoice may not rdevelop naturally overnight, it’s rimportant to stay true to who ryou are and how you want to rpresent yourself, according to rLinkedIn.

“Publishing rposts is a great way to rshowcase your professional rknowledge, position yourself as a rthought leader in your rindustry and even highlight some of the rinteresting things your rcompany is doing,” LinkedIn says.

7.Be ractive

LinkedIn’s rnewest feature is the rability to publish posts. Not reveryone has been given this ropportunity yet but it will ber rolled out to reveryone in 2014. As this feature starts to become everr more popular it could really help to rget you noticed as a pro-active rLinkedIn user.

It’s still rimportant to join and be ractive in groups. rNot only will this rlook good for potential employers or rclients searching for ryou but will ractually mean your profile is 5 rtimes more likely to be viewed.

8.The rdevil is in the rdetail

Be sure ryour LinkedIn rprofile is completely rup to date with as much rinformation as possible. For rexample, your profile is 15 times rmore likely to be rviewed by adding the industry you rwork in and 10 times more likely to be viewed if you add your reducation.

rRemember! A summary of 40 rwords or more makes you more likely to turn up in a rfuture employers search!

9.Be rvisual

rMake your profile rstand out by adding rrich media (videos, slides etc). rEven just adding a profile photo could rresult in 14 times rmore profile views than rsomeone rwithout!

10.For rjob rseekers

Lacking in rformal experience? Don’t rdespair! 42% of hiring rmanagers surveyed by LinkedIn rsaid they view volunteer rexperience as requivalent to formal rwork rexperience.

rIt’s important to rshowcase what rskills you have, members rwho add skills get around 13 rtimes more profile views. rDid you know ryou can now reorder your rskills and place rmore important rones at the top?rrr

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