where was the money 95?

Sacred tax in the Assembly told a story about his speech –

“One father gave his three sons 100 rupees to buy something that would fill the house.”

The first boy bought 100 bucks of straw but could not fill the room completely.

The second boy bought 100 rupees of cotton, but the house was not fully filled.

The third boy bought a candle with 5 dollars and kept it in the middle of the house. The whole room was filled with light.

The holy tax continued to say, “Our Honorable Chief Minister is like a third son. From the day he took charge, this state is full of light.”

The sound came from behind, “It’s okay, but where did the remaining 95 go?”


All lies

Jush  traffic police raids on the speed of driving speed.

Police, “What’s the matter, why are you driving so loud?”

Jush, “What do I do? I do not have a license!”

The police, “the cat broke out without the license!”

Jush, “Hey, I suddenly killed my wife, and now the body must be forgotten.”

The police went full and said, “Where’s the body?”

Jush, “is on the bonnet”

Immediately, the traffic police told the news all over the place. In his mind, the hope of promoting success of catching a dangerous criminal. All the big stars of the police arrived. And the media with them. All around the crowd

The big master asked Jush, “You killed me?”

Jush heard shouting, “The police are liars, they are not trying to bribe me without bribe, I did not do anything murder.”

The big master did not listen to the person’s ear and took the car from the car, but there was nothing. Totally empty In the eyes of the eyes, he looked at the traffic police.

The police said, “The man is driving without license!”

Jush immediately shouted, “What is it?” The boy took out the license from the pocket and said, “When the police was going to say more about the license, then Jush again shouted,” Say, make more! Now, of course, I would say that I was driving more speed.


Jun I come in sir?

New courses have been started in children’s school.

The bolt stood in the door of the class and said, “Jun I come in sir?”

Sir took a little vow and said, “Where did this new English import?”

Boltu said, “Why sir, you said to say it!”

Sir, “I? I told you to come in May.”

Boltu, “Sir, you said last month: May is the end of the month.

Sir ignorant!

Queen Elizabeth and Subramaniam Husband

It is heard that last night Maharani Elizabeth called our husband Subramaniam Swami. Listen to what happened to the conversation!

Husband, “hello, who’s saying?”

Queen Elisabeth, “Mr Husband, what have you started? Do not let a little peace at this old age?”

Husband, “Madam, I just could not understand …”

Queen Elisabeth, “Aa, ma’na, do not understand now! I’m returning everything that is Kohinoor-Tohinur, I’ll send it back tomorrow and tomorrow, but boy, it will stop you.”

Husband, “Which?”

Queen Elisabeth, “Jesus, as swear by your God, swear by your son, son of Allah, stop telling you that Rahul Gandhi is a British citizen!”


The pride of Ravana

Ram and Ravana are fighting very serious. Suddenly, Ravana noticed who stood behind Ram.

Seeing the man, Ravana said to Ram, “Come on bye!” Rama was surprised and asked, “Why, what happened?” Ravana said, “Nothing, which takes Sita … bye.” Rum asked again again, “Do not stand, what has happened, do you?” Ravana said, “Nahi yar .. ok .. I’m sorry … ok?”

Rama’s cry asked, “Hey do not tell me brother, what happened?” Ravana’s arrogant voice, “No brother is anything, no more then … no tension … Bye!” Ram’s emotional voice, “No, it is not done, what has happened before, what is the force?”

Havan said that the water was down in the eyes of Raban. Kandokondo said to Rama in the voice, “Do not leave brother, is it a little matter that you call Rajinikanth and Eli?”


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