1.Let’s do the second

Wife: With me 10
Year time
What did you spend?
Husband: Hey she is 1 second
I think. In the twinkling of an eye
Cut off
Wife: (to be happy) me
For euro 10,000
What for you
Husband: Hey money 1 euro
Like it No matter
Wife: (More than happy) it is Jan
Me 10,000
Can you pay now?
Husband: (for angry ), stand up one
Let’s do the second.

2.  2022 Exam  style.

Subject: # Girlfriend Second Letter. (Mandatory)
Subject Code: 420
Time to check if the girl gets dressed
Perfect 100
1. Write Words (5)

Beaver, tongue emoticon tongue emoticon
2. Write the note (5)
Chakra Tongue emoticon grin emoticon
3. Answer the questions below
A) Write the difference between Girlfriend and Wife.
B) Flexiload shopkeeper and
C) Hide behind the bushes with hidden images
Discuss the method of killing.
D) Write about the use of lover mother.
Unsure emoticon smile emoticon
4. Write the address
Both women’s mind and Mustafiz’s ball both
It is impossible to understand.
Jasna, the daughter of Vedas, me
Gave the word.
Come on
Gave faky Wink emoticon
5. Write Extension:
The girlfriends of others are also available.
The backbone of the love of the girlfriends. Heart emoticon
6. Write Summary / Summary
Where is Girlfriend?
Where boyfriend,
Who says that far?
Girlfriend-boyfriend, behind the bush,
Surasur in the park. Kiss emoticon
Cut Harry Why Cause
Dating without happiness
Or so much
7. Write a letter / application
Money for feeding girl fronds
Write down a letter.
Do not study as a result of eating chicks in love
To be
Due to
For the annual examination back
Close one
Write the application.
8. Write Essay
Girlfriend’s mother

3.Bird flu

Teacher: “Why did not you come tomorrow school?”
Messi: “Bird flu was done”
Teacher: “Bird Flu is a bird!”
Messi angry to say : “Which day do people think me?
Everyday Rose makes chicken make it down ”

4.husband and wife

When the husband returned home drunk by night, then the wife finally decided to frighten him.
She bought a bull from the shop, the tail of the tail, and after standing behind the tree outside the gate.
As usual, the husband is returning to drunk. The wife falls in front of her with a haute-mouture in front of the devil.
Husband went softly asked, Who are you?
The wife replied in a thick throat: I am the devil.
The husband said so Then come home. I was married to your sister.

5. the breakup

Two days after the breakup, the boy
Suddenly go
Stuck to the girl
Hold on The girl
Surprised and looking back
The boy saw
Hugging him
The girl is astonished
Goes. That boy’s relation
Whilst holding her hand
If you are afraid, then your hands will tremble
Boy him
Touched it tightly
After the breakup The girl
Stare yourself
The eyeballs make hard work
He said.
– What is it?
The boy said plainly
– I love you.
The girl got upset and said in a rage.
– I’m sorry for the news
Do not make niceties in front of you.
The boy is more straightforward
– Love me, make nonsense
Why not go
The girl is angry with one more step
Went and said.
– What is love?
No love after the breakup
Can not have it. Like you
I’m a bad boy
I do not love anything.
No one with you
There is no relationship.
The boy saw the anger of the boy
Minimin fears
– This is what I said
Do not love What is love
So much confidence or breakup
That’s all said
will be.
He heard the son of Manmin
The girl is eye
Say rails.
– What did you say?
– I did not mean to say
You’re doing the breakup
No one in my mind
Not love, just
Have anger But in my very own
A problem
I will not, I think that
Amount is love
That’s with your anger
Nice to look like
You can leave the two Rugged
Love will be
Boy’s stupid fool
She heard the girl
The anger goes down a lot. this
Fool boy
What is behind that anger?
The girl loves the amount,
That’s stupid
Understand the boy
Does not give She is angry with the voice
– The news about my surroundings
Do not knock,
All that was with you
The end Landlord’s
The boy has a long time
Moving behind me
Yesterday was propose too.
Thinking and Weekend
The propaglata swirled
Make sure to expose
The boy heard the girl’s words
Face trouble
An impression emerges. Eyes
Two foil tricks
Get up
Girlfriend in helpless eyes
Looked at.
She understood very well
Could have told her lies
The boy’s scared
Hit him
The girl is very ill,
The cry came
By tears very hard
Towards the boy
Looks at The boy is stupid
Fool with a smile
That’s a lot of time, this is
It is not long
I am with you
You do not have to love
Just love you
Do not interrupt please. You are
The boy’s hand in love
Hold on me
I will be frustrated by coming. More
Sometimes your
I will not come in front.
The girl heard the boy’s words
And by crying tears
Can not keep Flutter
Cry out Hand
To give boyfriend the boy
They say so.
– And if I ever
Give me bad boy
I do not care what i do
Do so
The boy heard the girl’s words
With wet eyes
Looking at the girl
The girl shouted and said.
– Why are you standing? Engage in
Hold on the previous
To hold tight.
Fools listen to the girl
The boy is head humiliated
Standing on the ground floor.
She wipes out the eyes to remove the eyes
– What is the reason, why not?
The boy came and said
– I’m not too shy
Looks like
She tells the eyes and says.
– What then?
– Then you
The fear of hitting is so intense
There was no doubt about the shame
Not working.
The girl’s words were heard by the boy
Eyes again
Get wet Wet eyes
The boy’s collar is about
Hold down and say.
Now if you do not have me
Get caught, forever
I’ll go for a breakup.
The boy shouted
Wake up
– No, I do not like you
The boy is a very strong girl
Engage in
Hold on And the boy is the boy
Hiding face in the chest
Think of it in mind.
– To catch your hug
Even though for everyday
I’ll break down once
Not seen …

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