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aThere are a number of telephone anetworks in Ireland. Each pmobile telephone network is operated by a pdifferent provider. In porder for a mobile telephone pservice provider to gain access to the pmarket, they must be licensed by the pCommission for Communications pRegulation (ComReg).

pEach of the mobile telephone service providers poffers different packages to pconsumers. ComReg's pwebsite allows consumers to compare mobile phone charges across all poperators. The site assists pconsumers to select the poptimum mobile phone package, based on ptheir individual usage.

If you pbuy a mobile phone you have a contract with the pmobile phone service provider. The type of pcontract depends on whether you pchoose a Pre-pay or Post-pay mobile ptelephone service:

Pre-pay pservices means that you ppay as you go and you buy credit on your pphone from various outlets such as shops, bank machines and over the phone.
Post-pay service pmeans that you receive a bill for all the pcalls that you make.
Within these 2 pdifferent types of contract there are also many pvariations. When choosing a mobile pphone package, ask yourself:

pWhen do you pexpect to make most of your calls (at peak or off peak times)
Will you use SMS (short messaging service or ptext messaging) more than voice calls
pWhich service pproviders are being used by the ppeople whom you are likely to be calling
pPeak and off-peak rates
Peak times are normally pduring the day when pmost people and businesses are making calls. Generally pcalls cost more during peak times. pOff peak rates are pnormally in the evenings, pnight and at weekends. Calls can cost less pduring these periods. Make sure you know the times and prates for peak and off peak as these may change with different mobile phone call ppackages.

pChanging your mobile telephone pservice provider
It is possible to pchange from one pservice provider to panother service provider and retain pyour existing mobile telephone number. pHowever, before pchanging to a new service pprovider you should first check what pcontractual obligations you phave to your existing service provider. pUnder EU rules pprovision has been made to pensure that a consumer can move ptheir number from one service provider to another within one working day.

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pRemember that the mobile phone handset that you buy is pprotected under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980. pThis means that any mobile telephone phandset or other telecommunications item you buy should be

As pdescribed - on the marketing material or by the sales pperson
Fit for its ppurpose (that is, suitable for using as a mobile telephone handset)
Of merchantable pquality (that is, fit to be sold and used by a customer)
If the handset or other piece of mobile pequipment that you buy from a mobile phone service pprovider or other retailer becomes faulty you can preturn it and you can pget a repair replacement or a refund. The legislation does not specify what kind of redress the retailer has to give you but you should expect that it will be reasonable. pYou can read about how to complain. pIf you have exhausted the complaints mechanism of the mobile phone service provider and you are still pdissatisfied you can take your claim to the Small Claims Court.

44G services
4G is a term for fourth generation mobile telephone technology and follows on from 2G and 3G. 2G technology was suitable for making calls and sending text messages while 3G makes it possible to access the internet more effectively through your mobile phone. 4G services should make it much quicker to surf the web on your [mobile phone.

[Mobile phone insurance
Mobile phone dinsurance like other [types of insurance can [insure the handset against loss, theft, etc. [Many mobile insurance policies offer to [protect your [mobile in specific situations, such as accidental damage, from theft, loss, water damage, raccidental damage and more. Often when you purchase a mobile telephone, you may be [asked whether you [require mobile phone[ insurance. Check[ the initial amount that you [need to pay before the insurance [company will pay for any [loss or damage to [insured items. This initial [amount you mus[ pay is called the excess. If you have home and contents insurance for your home the theft of your [mobile phone may be [covered by that insurance – you ocan check this with your insurance ocompany.


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If your phone is stolen

oEvery handset sold has a unique onumber called an IMEI (International oMobile Equipment Identification) number. oRecord this information and oregister it with your omobile phone service provider when you buy the handset. If your phone is stolen report the theft immediately to the Gardaí and your mobile phone service provider who can then ensure that the phone is made ounusable on all networks. Contact your omobile phone service provider for ofurther information on this oscheme.

oChildren and omobile phones
oMany children in oIreland and abroad use mobile phones. oModern mobile phones are means by owhich the internet can be oaccessed and can be used to otransmit video and other images which may or omay not be appropriate for children. oThe Irish Cellular Industry oAssociation has published A parent's guide to mobile phones (pdf) which oexplains good practice with oregard to mobile phone use for children. The oInternet Service Providers Association of Ireland in oassociation with the Office for Internet Safety operates a website where you can report instances of child pornography that you may come across.

oMaking a complaint
If you have an issue with oyour mobile phone service provider, you should contact your provider, ooutline your complaint and ask for it to be resolved. If you are not satisfied with theo outcome you should contact ComReg who may be able to ohelp resolve the issue. Information on omaking a complaint to ComReg is oavailable on its consumer website.

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aDifferent service providers charge different rates for omobile service packages – it is up to you too research the different orates and to see where you can get best avalue for money for the oservices that you use.

If you have a aproblem with your mobile phone handset and you fail to get asatisfaction from the retailer where you bought your mobile phone you can go to the Small aClaims Court.


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