Three Musketeers

Who does not know who you are in Gosainpur? Feluda asks the mystery-romantic novelist Jaitayu alias Lalmohan Ganguly.
We, at the Three Mascatiers, Victoria Memorial, have reached the Ganges on a walk. We are eating the chanachur and the Ganges air in the house with a domed room near the Prince Ghat. The time is five in the afternoon, the thirteenth of October. Feluda questioned Lalmohan Babu by using a big flame in front of us in front of us. The gentleman said, there is. Bookcase Tulsi Babu Tulsi Charan Das Gupta He used to teach numerology and geography in Ethiopia. Raja was staying in Dinajd Street, now he retired and retired, Gosanipur. There are paternal homes there. How many times the gentleman wrote for me. My special fans, you know? He also wrote storytelling, for children The entire two out of Sandesh But why suddenly Goshanipur?

There’s a letter from there. By Jivanlal Mallik. Shyamalal Mallick, Tasan son Jeevan Lal. After opening the third part of the lineage, these Mallikaras were the zamindars of Gosanipur.
Feluda stopped. Because a ship has flung out loud. Today morning the letter of Goshanipur came to know. Although I do not know what was written in it. After reading the letter, Feluda was sitting quietly holding a Charminar and noticed that.
What did you write the gentleman? Lalmohan Babu asked.
He wrote his father or anyone who decided to kill. If I go to the beach, I will feel very grateful and give me the appropriate fees.
Do not let Mashai said Lalmohan Babu. It’s pretty cool; My new book has gone out. There is nothing amidiate on your hand, except that Hilli-Delhi is a lot, what’s wrong for rural water? This time around, there is a great fair in Sagunahati. Let’s get out, sir.
They have problems with their home or stay, so I will arrange for me to arrange at one of the familiar houses in Sherpur, miles away. Bike ride rickshaw I thought it would be beneficial if I could stay in Gosainipur. So I asked about your friend.
My friend will beam graad And if you’re going to hear you do not have the word. He is your great fan.
And who are the fans who know it.
Lalmohnababu asked this thrilling question seriously, to tell Jagdish Bose to listen to him, at one time, would say. There is no such great man in the world; And Gobarababura learned childhood wrestling; More-
And, that’s enough.

When you go to Gosanipur, you have to take a bus to Kataya junction. Seven miles from Kataya; That means half an hour for big force. Shyamalal Tasan gave birth to Feluda by Jivanlal. We are coming, and have said that we have got settled in Gosainipur. Meanwhile, Tulsi Babu Jatayu’s letter only gives the answer. Not only did he want to be happy, wrote Goshanpur Literary Association wants to organize a joint reception to Feluda and Lalmohan Babu. Lalmohanababu was not totally objectionable, but Feluda heard the words and said, “If the crime is stopped in the country, do not get caught by the intelligence pakas.” Can you understand what the condition is? What is my reception in this misterai? And tell me that you keep my identity secret, otherwise it will be twelve o’clock in the investigation.
Lalmohan Babu was forced to obey the order. But he also wrote that he does not have any obstacles to his reception. Thinking about this event, he decided to take a dirty panjabi to work on a blue sip.
Tulsi Babu had said that he will wait for us in Gosainipur village Dokan, in the mouth of Yogesh. From there, his home is a ten-minute walk.
It was astonishing to see a shepherd on the way to Gosanipur by bus from Katwa. Feluda and Lalmohnababu also saw the neck of the palakitake. When I came to the center of the mesai, said Lalmohnababu, Gosaiyapur reached the electricity? I did not think so much like pajagas, so I did not think so.
The conductor of the bus knows the names of Yogesh’s shop, he was told. Goshanipur, Goshanipur, in the right place to lick The bus stopped by saying two screams and stopped us. The gentleman who came forward in front of Lalmohan Babu, he did not have to say that he was once a schoolmaster. The gentle National Geographic Magazine has a bluish-to-man umbrella in hand, wearing a pair of shoes, eye glasses, wearing half-punjabi, and wearing cloth, and the old National Geographic Magazine. To introduce Feluda, the gentleman laughed and said, I would obey your orders-no thought. You are a tourist, have lived in Hollife Canada, have returned home to visit Pargaon. If you have come to investigate, then there may be a scarcity in the search for the search, so it is good to be on the safe side. Everyone knows that the tourists are curious.
Hope you have info book about Canada in your home? Feluda smiled and said.
Do not worry, Tulsi Babu said again. Then he turned to Lalmohanabarabu and said, “Ganguly Bhaya, you have to sweat a little bit, that is, Shukra, our function in a new elementary school, a function array korichi. Suresh Chakladar’s lawyer will be the Vice President. Some dance songs, two recitations, two speeches This is no more! Baldev, son of our postmaster Harihar, has a good picture, he writes a certificate. The language is invisible, oh, my.
Again, more ornaments of ornaments- What do you know about the raw roads? But Tulsi Babu said, after understanding the rest, it would be a lot of exaggeration in all this. And like you have come to the saxasasfulha and spines like this. Last Assaille. Tested Chatujya. – Even in Sikesti Seven.
Feluda said, I saw a shepherd on the way to Asa. The palak is still used?
Just palanquin? Tulsi Babu removed a calf from the rooftop house and said, “Say something you want from a past era. Pike-heroes? Find out. Ecobarader? Find out. Drag-fan? Find out. Lamp-pidim-pillowsja? Find out. –
But here we see the electrification.
In all places, there is no one just to be in the highest place.
Where are you? Lalmohan Babu asked.
Mallik’s house.

We were surprised by three of us, and we looked for the gentleman.
Mallick means Shyamalal Mallik? Feluda asks.
That’s one of the Mallik Gosainipur Here were the zamindars who were the zamindars. In the name of Durval Mallik, a tiger used to drink water in a grove. Shyamalal is his son. After the eviction of the zamindari, he went to Calcutta and made a lot of money by doing plastic business. One day, in the dark, the house switched to the bathroom to switch to the bath, there was an open on the switch board, it got stretched. Aunt Corte Mossai, hand sticking to the hand. The hospital was quite a few days. Came out and brought the business to the son and came to Gosainipur. After that the electric connection was cut. Only he could have been understood, though not. As well as the 20th century has abolished everything. Cigar has been picking up; Fountain does not use the pen; Dothan instead of toothbrush. An English book that sold everything at home, sold its car, and had a palanquin in place. An old broken palanquin was in the house, he had taken care of it, four vahars were restored for him. Biliyeti medicines that drained all the sewage; Now only the grave. The flame returned to the forehead of the magician Kabirze. There is no account of how much more is done. When the time comes, the talk will definitely be; Then you will know
There is no way to talk about Feluda. I came to get his summons from his son.
Yes, that boy. The day has come. But what is the mystery?
Did you hear any news about trying to kill Shyamalal Mallik?
Tulsi Babu is very surprised to hear that. I did not hear anything. If he says to kill, what is the need for a person outside? There’s room.
The one who summoned you, the father did not have to be with him. Here is a quarrel when it comes. I do not blame the lifeblood inevitable. Tell him a bizarre cupcake, that he should be a boy. Come to life lalake They have to stay at home. It is very difficult to keep the head clean in the house.
Tulsi Babur kathabari on the land in one bigha, said about one hundred or so a year. Both father and grandfather used to make maternal grandfather’s house, he made the house of Thakuradai. Tulsibibu’s wife died in Kolkata. A girl is married, her husband is a businessman in iron-ore business in Azimganj. One of the two sons has a sign-painting business in Calcutta, another drug salesman. Here Tulsi babu is the same. -What do you know, does not seem to be in the neighborhood. Here everyone is looking for each other, everybody is seen every day, the gathering is much more.
At four o’clock in the afternoon, Tulsi Babu reached home and washed his face and started preparing tea first. Feluda had a good tea with, because that’s one thing and really frustrating. Inevitably he all played tea, and clung with him-coconut Tulsi Babu’s servant Ganga has collected the machine
Tulsi Babu himself is one of the two houses in one upstairs room, a large house on the roof of the storied house, arranged for us to get three grassroots. Tulsi Babu’s daughter-in-law, her house, came home once in a year.
Feluda said to eat tea, I would have to go home to live without him, but to meet Jibonabu. I have written that I will go to five and fifty.

Tulsi Babu said, it is quite a lot, I reached Devna. Mallikbari five-seven-minute route. But I do not accept Ganguly. Today, some people will come here tomorrow. Want to make a little silent with the literary. Mitti will come back within an hour?
Why do you say that?
At one time, you want to take yourself there. He is an attorney in Goshanipur.
The real name is uncertain. Charge the soul-tactics. So here are some of the names given by the self-respect. I did not! I think there really are people in the house.
It is not asked about what is the spirit of the soul. Because only once again I saw Palakita. We sat down on the outside and were eating tea, the road in front of me, and that road was coming to the palanquin. Now I saw a person sitting there.

The gentleman peeked outside the palanquin door. Humaham was moving to make words like Biharias read in the story, at that time the palanquin stopped with words.
The palanquin went down to the ground, and a year later the gentleman’s gentleman got out of trouble and stood out with a little more trouble. All matters are incompatible, because the gentleman Kalkatia looks, the bush shirt and the terillin pants on the body.
Mr. Mittir? The gentleman approached Feluda and asked him in the face.
Yeah, yes.
My name is Jibalal Mallik.
Got it This is my friend Mr. Ganguly, and this is my cousin Tagesh. Perhaps you have a familiarity with Tulsi Babu.
My name is Jibalal Mallik.
Perhaps you are familiar with Tulsi Babu!
Jibanbabu left the palanquin and said, My five-minute walk walks in my house. One time to come? Have you got tea? There was a little talk.
Lalmohan Babu stayed, I and I went to Mallika Bhabar with Feluda Bhadralo. I got out of the road and got into a bamboo forest and realized that it was shortcut. Jibanbabu said, a call was needed in Kolkata, so to go to the station.
Do not understand the speed without palanquin ?.
Jibanbabu looked at Lalu, and said, you understand Tulsi Babu.
Yes, the result of electric shock
The result was not so awful at the start, there was a rage, only against electrification. Now it is understandable that when we go home we can understand.
Do you come here often?
Once in two months. We have a business, now I have to see it. Let’s talk about that.
If your father is still interested in business?
Not at all. But I do not want it. I’ve been trying hard. So that he came back to normalcy again.
Looking at any hope?
Still not.

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