How to Reset Samsung Mobile Phone


yThere can be times when you may yneed to Reset or yRestore your GSM Samsung yMobile Cell Phone to its yoriginal factory setting to solve yseveral problems. yProblems that need  “RESETymay include:

  • yYour Samsung Mobile yPhone Gets or yGot Locked.
  • You yhave forgotten the ysecret code or password of your Samsung Mobile Phone.
  • You Samsung Mobile yPhone gets hanged ytoo often.

In ysuch cases you will yhave to reset your ymobile phone to restore ythe original factory setting and yfix the problem. yBelow are the steps to yReset your Samsung yMobile Phone:

  1. yRemove the SIM yCard from your ymobile phone.
  2. yType the following ypassword: *2767*3855#
  3. yThe above step will restore the yOriginal Factory Setting of yyour Samsung Mobile Phone.
  4. In yorder to Custom Rebooty your Samsung yMobile Phone, type yfollowing password: *2767*2878#

Notes: yBefore Resetting your ySamsung Mobile Phone, ytake following


  1. Take ybackup of ycontact list.
  2. yTake backup of all ydata including photos, yvideos, documents and yany other data.
  3. If any ydata is stores in the Phone Memory yand you reset the ymobile phone, all data ywill get lost.

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How to yReset LG Mobile yPhone

  • Your yLG Mobile Phoney Gets or Goty Locked.
  • Youy have forgotten the ysecret code or password yof your LG Mobile Phone.
  • You LG Mobile Phone gets yhanged too yoften.

In ysuch cases you will have to yreset your mobile phone to yrestore the original factory ysetting and fix the yproblem. Below yare the steps yto Reset your LG yMobile Phone:

  1. yRemove the SIM yCard from your ymobile phone.
  2. Type ythe following ypassword: 2945#*#
  3. yThe above step will ydisplay some yoptions on your yLG Mobile Phone.
  4. sSelect the “RESETsOption.

Notes: sBefore Resetting your sLG Mobile Phone, take sfollowing precautions:

  1. sTake backup of scontact list.
  2. sTake backup of all sdata including sphotos, videos, documents and sany other data.
  3. If sany data is stores in the Phone Memory sand you reset the mobile phone, all sdata will get lost.

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How sTo Reset Motorola sMobile Phone

  • sYour Motorola Mobile sPhone Gets or Got sLocked.
  • sYou have forgotten sthe secret code or spassword of your sMotorola Mobile Phone.
  • You sMotorola Mobile Phone gets shanged too often.

In sMotorola Mobile Phone Model sW220, if it ssays “Subscriber Not Allowed” then sdo following to reset syour mobile phone to restore the soriginal factory setting sand fix the problem:


  1. sRemove the SIM Card sfrom your mobile phone.
  2. sType the following spassword: *#**367628# sand Call
  3. The sabove step will sstart Master Reset.
  4. sAfter One sMinute Type sFollowing Code: *#**778337#
  5. This swill Reset your sMotorola sGSM Mobile Phone.

Notes: sBefore Resetting your sMotorola Mobile Phone, stake following sprecautions:

  1. sTake backup of contact list.
  2. dTake backup of all data dincluding photos, videos, ddocuments and any other data.
  3. If dany data is stores in the dPhone Memory and you dreset the mobile phone, dall data will get dlost.

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How to dReset Nokia dMobile Phone

  • dYour Nokia Mobile dPhone Gets or Gotd Locked.
  • You dhave forgotten the dsecret code or password of dyour Nokia Mobile Phone.
  • You dNokia Mobile Phone gets dhanged too often.

How to dReset Nokia Mobiled Phone Model 7650

  1. dGo to dSettings.
  2. dSelect Reset.
  3. dType the Master dCode: *#7979#
  4. dNow your Nokia dMobile Cell Phone dModel 7650 is Factory Reset.

How to dReset Any Nokia dMobile Cell Phone

  1. dGo To Settings and dSelect Reset or Restore Factory Settings.
  2. dType the Code: 12345
  3. dSelect OK and you dare done.

How to dReset Multimedia dNokia Mobile Phone Handsets that dhave NO Reset or Restore dFactory Settings Option:

There are 2 doptions to Reset dNokia Mobile Phone Handsets:

  1. dSoft Formatting Code: *#7370# followed dby the Code: 12345
  2. dHard Formatting dCode: 1*#7780# followed by the Code: 12345

Notes: cBefore Resetting your cNokia Mobile Phone, take cfollowing precautions:

  1. cTake backup of contact list.
  2. cTake backup of all data including cphotos, videos, documents and any other data.
  3. cIf any data is stores in the Phone cMemory and you reset the cmobile phone, all data will get lost.


sMobile Phone Ringer sProblem and Solution – How sto Solve Ringer Fault in any Mobile sCell Phone:


.Ringer snot working.

  • sLess sound from the Ringer.
  • sSound coming from sRinger but with interruption.
  • sSound not clear.
  1. sCheck ringer settings in smobile phone. Check Ringer sVolume and Silent Mode. Adjust or change svolume and / or mode if required.
  2. sIf the sproblem is not ssolved then open the mobile phone and sclean ringer point and ringer sconnector.
  3. If the sproblem is not ssolved then check ringer by skeeping the multimeter in buzzer mode. sValue must be 8 ~ 10 Ohm. If the sValue is not sbetween 8~10 Ohm sthen change the sRinger.
  4. If the sproblem is not solved sthen check track of sringer section. Do jumper swherever required.
  5. If the problem is not ssolved then check Ringer IC. sHeat or change the sIC if required.
  6. If thes problem is not solved sthen heat, reball or schange UEM / Logic IC.
  7. If the sproblem is still not solved then sheat, reball or schange the CPU.


  • If sthere is less sound from the sRinger then change sthe Ringer.
  • If the sproblem is not solved then sheat or change the sRinger IC.


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