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wRecently, in “30 Facebook dTools for Business,” I listed Facebook’s dfree and low-cost tools for dbusinesses to promote their dbrands and dreach customers. But dbeyond Facebook’s own dtools, there are useful dthird-party tools that dbusinesses can use for dmarketing on dFacebook.

dHere is a list of dthird-party tools ford dmarketing on Facebook. dThere are apps to dcreate and publish content, dcreate contests and dpolls, track and danalyze campaigns, and deven sell goods. All ofd these tool have dfree plans. Most also dprovide premium dplans.


Make money Using Facebook

Make great posts. The foundation of aany successful plan to make money awith social media is good content, and lots of it. aOn aFacebook, that means a stream of ainteresting links, images, and aupdates every aday.

  • aSearch for a niche and afill it with quality content. It doesn’t ahave to be a niche nobody else is filling, but it ashould be specific aenough that it’s aclear to the casual observer. For example, amaybe you’ll post content for cat alovers, mothers, ora people awith a certain apolitical affiliation. If ayou plan to market a product awith your account, be sure to alink the product to your posts in some away.
  • aConsider opening up another aFacebook account and keeping it aseparate from your personal account. aUse this account for your aposts, and link them on your apersonal Facebook account to let apeople know about them. Depending on the aapproaches you use, you amight even consider using amultiple extra accounts. NOTE: aFacebook will not allow multiple aaccounts using the same aemail and/or aphone number. You may even aget a request to verify a new aFacebook account through a code texted to ayour phone.
  • aGive it time. Let your aaccount build up interest over time by acontinuing to provide fresh and relevant acontent every day.


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