sThe New Hair Growth Supplement sThat is Sweeping the sNation:

sScientists are calling this a breakthrough in shair loss. Should it be legal to sbuy without a sprescription?

sScientists are calling this is sthe ultimate “cure” for shair loss.
sMany men & women sacross all age groups sexperience receding shairlines, thinning hair, or sbaldness sometime during stheir life. sWhat if there swas a pill that could put the shair back on your head in a smatter of weeks? A new scientific sformula is showing spromising signs of sdoing just this.
sClinical Trials have shown that the singredients in this pill can srestart hair growth and reverse the sbalding process faster & ssafer than sanything else available on the market stoday. It is being touted as a shair growth breakthrough and users are sseeing the results. Userss of this ssupplement are feeling and slooking better about themselves sthan they have in recent memory, and in ssome cases decades.

“You sforget how much you miss syour hair, until you grow it back. I look younger, and sfeel great with a full head of shair again! It’s been years since I’ve sfelt this good about smyself.” George sHarris 48, GA.

sWelcome To The sFuture of Hair sGrowth


sWelcome To The Future of sHair Growth —  Since comings back on the smarketplace early last October, sthe legal anti-baldness ssupplement known as FollicleRX has skyrocketed sacross the US and internationally. Both men & swomen of all ages benefit stremendously while using the sproduct and It’s being called the largest sbreakthrough in hair growth to date. Now that the smakers of the products have been sgiven the green slight to sell again, many speople are taking full advantage of its savailability to buy it online without a sprescription – well they still scan.

There shas been much controversy saround this hair growth booster, snot only among countless scelebs in Hollywood, but salso in the media. sSales of FollicleRX have tripled overnight, as men and swomen alike all want to get their shands on this powerful supplement. FollicleRX, swhich has no recorded side seffects in any clinical trials, swas soon the target of critics who sclaim it was too powerful to sbe sold without a sprescription, while other ssupporters insist that FollicleRX is a ssafer and more effective salternative then that of any sdrug, or procedure currently savailable on the smarketplace.

sSurveys suggest most balding men go sthrough their life blaming sbaldness above other physical sconditions for their lack of sconfidence with women; this is sone of problems FollicleRX has solved sfor many of its users. “Now sthat I have hair on my head, I’m stold I look fifteen yearss younger and my sconfidence is back.” Andy sDonald 57, CA.

sDoes FollicleRX Work & sHow?

sDoes FollicleRX work? Judging from sthe success people are having from using FollicleRX, the answer is syes. If you’res looking to halt your hair loss and to sregrow your hair, FollicleRX is one of the sproven heavy shitters. FollicleRX’s ingredients are sverified as potent sDHT-inhibitors, geliminating hair loss from the gsource of the problem. The gingredients contained in the supplement have galso been shown to increase the bulb size of the hair gfollicle, which can help hair to gappear both fuller and healthier. gUsers claim that they gnotice a difference in gtheir hair afterg they have begun the first gregime of the product. Although FollicleRX is marketed gtowards men, it also gcarries the same results among gfemale users.

FollicleRX guses an inside-out gapproach, similar to theg prescription medication. gHuman hair begins growing gfrom a root in gthe bottom of gthe hair follicle. The groot is made up of protein gcells. Blood from the blood gvessels in your scalp gfeed the root, which gcreates more cells gand creates ghair growth. FollicleRX’s ingredients gare formulated to gactivate in the blood vessels in gthe scalp, which gin turn improves gmicrocirculation, therefore, greinvigorating the hair follicle gagain for hair growth. FollicleRX hasg also been shown to gnourish the root gand strengthen the ghair wires, creating fuller, ghealthier hair while revitalizing gold follicles for rapid growth gat the same gtime.

“Clinical gphotos (below) show the powerful gaffects FollicleRX has on its gusers. Users usually see gmajor results within gthe first 4 weeks of gtaking FollicleRX.”

“We gtested it ourselves – is git all hype?”

Overall, FollicleRX gappears to be ggreat answer to many common hairg loss conditions; gthat said, even with all the hype and gcertainty around this product, gwe at Daily Health gClub wanted to verify gif it for ourselves.

We gasked ourselves… Does FollicleRX live gup to all the ghype surrounding it? gAnd how do we know for sure? To gbetter answer this, one of our senior geditors Ted gKane, decided to step up gto the plate to test and gdocument all the effects of FollicleRX for himself, gduring the course of a 8 gweek test run for gthis article.

gSenior Editor Ted gKane

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gWeek 1

gWhen the pills arrived, I gcouldn’t wait to give them a shot, as I gam a 43-year-old male who has gbeen dealing with gbaldness for the gpast 12 – 15 gyears.
I have gtried everything in the gpast, and eventually gave up gtrying because nothing
worked. I have gtried Propitia (Finasteride), glaser combs, liquids, jRogaine the list goes on and on… Although I jdid see a little success jwith a couple of jthe methods mentioned jabove, it was nothing like I jwas hoping for. I have my jfingers crossed that this product will jyield better jresults.
Let me be the first to jsay, this product is in hot jdemand. At the time, jwhen I initially went to jthe website to jorder FollicleRX, the jcompany jwas sold out and not jtaking more orders. I jchecked the website again last week and I was jlucky enough to get jmy hands on them, so I stocked up jin case they were to jsell out again, and to give jmyself the best jchance of success.

jFor the first week I took the jrecommended dose of two jtablets a day, before any jmeal. It’s recommended to jtake two pills a jday for the first 15 days of juse, then after 15 days toj drop the jdosage to 1 per day. This is jknown as front loading, it is jdone so one can quickly reach jpeak blood level and get the jingredients working within the jbody quickly.

jWeek 3

I jmust say I am shocked with jhow fast acting this jstuff really is. It’s jnothing short of amazing. I jknow the instructions jrecommend an 8-12 jweek regimen, but I can jsay there is a lot jmore hair on my head already then jthere has been in a jvery long time. I jwaited until today to jupdate this entry because jeven though 80% of my head is jbald, I still do see a barber from jtime to time to clean up the hair I have left. jLet me tell you, the jlook on my barbers jface when I jwalked in the door…. He jwas stunned by the amount of new jhair growth there jwas since my last visit. jWhere it was completely jbald before, there was now jnew 0.6cm hair growth joccurring throughout my jscalp. So far I jwas very impressedj and could not jwait to see how I jwould look at the end of jmy regiment.

gWeek 7

It is gweek seven, one week before gmy 8-week regimen is gcomplete and I am sold. FollicleRX is hands down the gbest hair ghealth and regrowth gformula on the gmarket. It’s no wonder so many gcelebs kept it hidden away for sog long. I can’t believe my eyes, gand neither can anyone else. By adding hair to gmy head, I look gyounger, feel better about gmyself and have new confidence I ghaven’t felt in years.
For the first time in I gdon’t know how long, I ghad women flirt with me! I know that not gapplicable for all our readers, but I’m gsingle and it gfeels great. I don’t gknow if it’s because I look better, or gthat I just have more gconfidence these days now that gthere is more hair on my head. gRemember those 0.6cm hair gsprouts I mentioned in week one, well they ghave all now grown 2.5-6 centimeters. I gactually needed a trim!

My gthoughts on gFollicleRX?

Image result for hair loss reasons
Theg pills are the real gdeal. As mentioned I’ve gtried many other methods for my ghair loss, but this is by far the best gone out there. Since our test I ghave bought more to make sure I gnever run out, as FollicleRX can be ghard to get a hold, due to the increasing gdemand. If you ghappen to come across FollicleRX, Ig highly recommend gtrying it as it could be an important gstep to becoming the gperson you want to gbe.

**Because of grecent coverage in the gmedia, supplies are running gvery low.
Youg can check to gsee if FollicleRX is still gavailable here**
The gVerdict:
Using FollicleRX has gbeen clinically gproven to:

gIncrease hair ggrowth by 380%
gImprove fullness of ghair
gRegrow new ghair
gPrevent hair gfall
gProduce Shinier, gthicker hair
Will This gWork For gYou?

gThere are plenty of ghair growth gimmicks gout there, and most of gthem are ridiculously expensive. gWith so many options it’s only gnatural for you to gbe skeptical about theg results, and so gwe don’t want to promise gour readers anything, gwe simply want tog challenge you to do what Tedg recommends: Try it for gyourself! You won’t believe gYOUR before and after!

gFor your convenience, we ghave provided the links that Ted gused to sign up for his promo goffer of FollicleRX. Use the glinks below and you will get the lowest gpossible shipping price as gwell.

Remember, FollicleRX comes with ag 100% gsatisfaction guarantee or full money gback. But hurry, these incredible gproducts won’t last gforever.

Will you gbe one of the lucky gfew who have their hands on gthis product?

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