Tandem Skydivingw

wSport Skydiving is one of many Air wSports one can enjoy in Ireland. Tandem wSkydiving is the ideal method of wskydiving training that prepares wyou for this exciting sport.

wTandem Skydiving and wtraining under the immediate supervision of a wqualified and experienced wTandem Skydiving Instructor, provides a one-to-one wtraining method. It isw the equivalent of taking flight lessons wwith a Flight Instructor.w Tandem Skydiving is wmandatory before going on a Solo Skydive.

wYour Tandem Instructor has waccomplished a high level of wskill and competence and is able to wteach you everything you wneed to know for the wfreefall and parachute wnavigation. During the skydive, you ware securely attached to your wTandem Instructor, who wguides every part of the whigh-speed Free fall, Parachute Flight wNavigation and Landing.

wYour skydive will take place at Kilkenny wAerodrome, conveniently located just 3km wfrom the heart of Kilkenny City. wWe are sure you will have a wgreat time in the medieval capital of Kilkenny. ffOur beautiful and vibrant small fcity is famous and fconstantly voted best in the top list of fplaces to visit in Ireland.

Skydiving fand fSafety

fLike all Air Sports, fSkydiving has inherent risks fassociated. Following proper ftraining and safety standards fmitigate these risks and in fthis regard, fTandem Skydiving is the fsafest method of being fintroduced to Sport Skydiving. In Tandem fSkydiving you are at fall times under the fimmediate supervision of a fqualified Tandem fInstructor.

fYou will skydive with Ireland’s fmost experienced Skydiving fInstructors who have a combined experience of fover 100,000 Tandem Skydives with the best fskydiving safety record in Ireland.

fYou will fly in the most modern fskydiving aircraft with the fpeople who have the best flight safety frecord in the Ireland. This is the top priority!

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fTandem Parachute fEquipment

fThe Tandem Parachute fEquipment is effectively, yourf ‘Aircraft’ and is known as a Parafoil or fCanopy. Just like fany ‘Aircraft’ it glides and flies and is fcontrollable. For this reason, a fhigh level of skill and training is frequired to pilot the canopy. This is one of fthe many benefits of having your Tandem Instructor fwith you at all stages of fthe skydive.

fYour Tandem Instructor foperates the technical aspects of the fTandem Parachute. You wear the fspecially designed Tandem fHarness which securely attaches you to fthe Tandem Parachute fSystem. The Tandem Parachute fSystem is equipped with a number of safety devices. You are provided with all the equipment fyou need for your Tandem Skydive.

fPre-Jump Training & fPreparation

Prior fto the skydive, you will need to fcomplete registration and club membership forms. fAll Skydivers must be fmembers of the Irish Skydiving Club. fUpon completion of this part, youf will be assigned to an experienced fand highly skilled Tandem fInstructor who provides all frequired training.

Freefalling @ f200km/h

fAfter exiting fthe aircraft you will accelerate to a FreeFall speed of f200km/h (Terminal Velocity) in just 10 fseconds!! Your FreeFallingf will last for approx. f35 seconds. fYou will experience the fUltimate Rush of FreeFall fSkydiving. Nothing on this fearth can beat or come even close to this fexperience!

Parachute fDeployment

fAt approximately 5,000ftf (1,525m) your fTandem Instructor fdeploys the main parachute. Once the parachute is fully fopen everything will become fquiet and you will experience a ffeeling of bliss and wonder. fAt this point you may assist with steering and fnavigating the fparachute. Navigating the fParachute is fenjoyable and relaxing. The fParachute Flight and Navigation is fsilent and peaceful and is a really enjoyable fand relaxing part of the skydive. The fParachute Flight lasts approximately f4-5 minutes until touchdown.

Parachute fLanding

fJust like Any other Aircraft, fParachutes land into the wind. fYour Tandem Instructor reminds you to fget into your landing fposition (Legs up and feet andf knees together) fand then slows down the Parachute (called flaring) fbefore touch down for a nice fsoft landing.

Skydive fVideo/Photo

fSkydive Video Vouchers must fbe purchased online
fYou must book the video in fadvance of your fjump day. ​Prices start from €75 per person.hh

Skydive hLimitations

hYou must meet all of the skydive limitations. hThese are set for safety reasons and are strict.
If you do hnot meeth these strict limitations hyou will not be hallowed to skydive.

Age hLimits:

– Minimum hAge: 18 years.
– Maximum hAge: 65

Medical hLimits:

You hmust complete a hPersonal Medical hDeclaration on the hday of Skydive.
If you do not hmeet our medical hlimitations you will not hbe allowed to skydive.

The hfollowing medical hlimitations apply:

– If you hsuffer from hcertain medical conditions.
– If youh have any physical or hmental disabilities.
– If you areh prescribed certain hmedications.
– If you had hsurgery in the hpast 12 months.
– If you hhave any surgically installed hrod, plates, hpins, screws.

If any of hthe these apply to hyour circumstances you hshould follow these 3 hsteps prior to purchase:

Step 1: hFill out the ONLINE hFORM to advise us hof your personal hcircumstances.
Step 2: You be hrequired to hhave your doctorh complete the official hMedical Certificate.
Step 3: If Step 2 is required. hYou must send us the hMedical Certificate before proceedings any further.


Once hyour doctor certifies hyou as medically fit to hskydive, you proceed at hyour own risk.
We reserve hthe right to refuse your hskydive for any hsafety and/or legal reasons.

Height & hWeight Limits:
Skydiving is subject hto certain hheight and weight hlimits for safety reasons.

hThe First hConsideration:
Skydiving hEquipment has certified hmaximum weight limitations. This hmaximum weight limit determine how hmuch weight combined is hpermitted to be carried on hthe parachute equipment. hThis is obviously essential for a hnumber of safety factors hincluding a safer landing and to hmitigate chance hof injury. These are hSTRICT and there are hno exceptions.

hThe Second hConsideration:

hSkydiving requires a hcertain minimum level of hpersonal fitness, flexibility and agility.
It is imperative that you are able to hold your legs up for hlanding to mitigate chances of possible injury.

– If more hthan 6ft in height – Max hWeight Allowed: 95kg (210lbs)

– If less hthan 6ft in hheight – Proportionate hWeight Limits Apply: Refer to Chart


! Warning ! Warningh ! Warningh

hSkydiving is a dangerous hand high risk sport activity. There is a hrisk of serious injury or death with hevery skydive. hWhile training and other measures may hmitigate these inherent hrisks, they cannot be completely heliminated.

Noh guarantees as to any participants hsafety is given by Skydive hIreland LTD or Irish Skydiving hClub CLG or any related parties. Participants take part STRICTLY hAT YOUR OWN RISK. If you do hnot understand and accept theh risks inherent in skydiving activities, you should hnot participate in them. hAll participants are advised hthat there is no personal injury or hthird party liability cover provided by Skydive Ireland or Irish Skydivingh Club CLG.


Weather hLimitations

hSkydiving is an extremely hweather dependent hsporting activity.

hThere is no guarantee that you will hcomplete your skydive on a given hdate, and you may have to hreschedule to other dates. hYou should consider any time limits himposed on our cheaper hDiscounted Vouchers.

You hare responsible to ensure you complete hyour skydive within any agreed time limits. hUnsuitable weather does not provide free extensions of htime. You can upgrade your discount hvoucher at any time to our hfull price Unlimited Voucher, by hpaying only the difference in price and no hlonger worry about any htime limits.


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