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How do I post on the forum?

  • Log in to your 10 Club Membership account and navigate to the Forum. you will ought to log in once more from this page.
  • To start a brand new discussion/thread, click on the “New Discussion” button at the highest right of the page. you’ll navigate to the acceptable forum for your post or designate the forum from the “New Discussion” page.
  • To reply to a comment in Associate in Nursing already existing discussion/thread, kind within the box below “Leave a Comment”. you’ll quote another Member by choosing the “quote” icon in their post.

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How do I post from my mobile device?

  • To start a brand new discussion/thread, click on the post icon (chat bubble) within the prime navigation bar.
  • How do I send a personal message to a different Member?
    1. Click on the Member’s username to look at their profile.
    2. Click on the “Message” choice at the higher right to vary to the non-public Message text box.
    3. kind your non-public Message within the “Message” text box and send it. check that you’re not writing within the “Activity” text box, as a result of this can be created public.

Where square measure non-public messages located?

  • Click on “Inbox” within the prime navigation bar. to start out a brand new non-public Message, choose ‘New Message’ in your Inbox.
  • I accidentally announce a personal message to the general public activity wall, however do I delete it?
    You can delete comments you have got announce to a different Member’s activity wall by clicking the ‘x’ within the higher right corner of the post.

How do I post to my public activity wall for everybody to see?

  • Log in to the forum and click on on your username to enter your profile page, then kind your message within the text box below “Activity”. Messages announce to your Activity Wall square measure created public.

How do I post a picture to the forum?

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  • You can link to photographs you have got uploaded to image hosting sites (e.g. Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook accounts, etc.) by clicking on the image icon within the comment box and getting into the uniform resource locator of the image.

How do I delete a thread I posted?

  • You can flag the thread by victimisation the “Flag” choice and request that a moderator (Kat or Sea) shut it or take away it. you’ll reach the forum admins by causing a personal message to either of them.

How do i do know that threads I’ve announce in?

  • From the navigation sidebar on the left, choose “Participated” to list your comments/posts. To list solely the discussions/threads you started, choose “My Discussions.” If you have got the sidebar folded, you’ll ought to click on the vertical apparatus to tug it back open.

How do I report a post that violates the rules?

  • Click on the “Flag” icon to report the post to a forum moderator. Please sort the rationale for tired the comment/post within the dialogue box.

How do i alter my signature?

  • Log in to the Forum and head to Account choices (the gear icon below your username) then choose Preferences, and click on on Signature Settings.

How do I marker a discussion/thread?

  • Click on the star next to the discussion/thread. If you’re within the thread already, you’ll click on the star to the correct of the topic line of the primary post. To manage bookmarks, choose the star icon below your username or click on “My Bookmarks” from the aspect navigation bar.

How does one take away a discussion that has been bookmarked?

  • Select the star icon below your username then click the star to the correct of the topic line of the thread. If you’re within the thread, you’ll click on the star to the correct of the topic line of the primary post.
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