Come To Read General Knowledge

I was never ready to leave the cigarette’s joy for a few extra days. I thought I would tell the doctor, I am a writer. Every cell of my body is accustomed to nicotine poison. You treat me, but I will not quit smoking. Why did you leave? Son Nine it learned to walk from the crawl. Could not fully understand the issue. Due to the two feet of one’s feet are dhum. Crying out of pain. I’m sitting one day. Watching the news on tv Suddenly the eyes went towards Nine it. He stood up from the crawling position. Walking in front of me. His little body is pulsating. A condition that will fall at any time. When I extended my right hand towards him, he jumped into the hand and ran on the side of the world. Then it seemed to me that I should be with this boy for a few more days. Take the decision to leave the cigarette right now. “