Why the dog leaned the tail?

We usually s huddle the dog’s tail and show signs of empowerment. That’s right. But the dog was not always domesticated. Lived in the forest – in the jungle Still, the tail knocked. What does it mean if the feather? Read More

Is it possible to prevent climate catastrophe?

Hard, but possible, if some conditions are met. The first is to reduce carbon emissions. Here’s the problem. Industrialized countries have been continuously increasing production for economic development. Recently, the growth of the emerging economies of China, India, Brazil, etc.

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Worried that the weight of human beings decreased?

We have often said that, thinking about thinking, the man dried up. It is our daily experience of the weight of the people who suffer from anxiety. But in reality it is not due to brain work. Read More

Instead of drinking tea and drinking coffee?

Tea-coffee or other drinks are served after a while on the plane. But not only do they meet the needs of body water. Caffeine or alcohol rather than exposes body water to higher rates. So drink more of such drinks and drink more water than pure water. Otherwise, there may be problems by damaging the water balance. Read More


A study in the United States found that 50 percent of those who died in the winter were over sixty and 75 percent were male. Most children in the age of sixty-five and under-age die have the highest death rates in winter. Read More

Why The People  deaths for High Winter   ?

Some people die due to the heat coming out of the body during the cold wave. Because, the average body temperature of the human body is 37 degrees centigrade. Read More