you can asked Questions

1. What is the Online Free Lottery?

The online Free Lottery does what it says on the tin – it consists of  entirely free draw Lottery with chances to win amazing prizes every day! All you have to Flow the Rules.

For an in-depth explanation of the rules, visit the Rules page. Click Here
2. Who’s Paying for the Prizes? How Can Anyone Afford to Run a online Free Lottery?

Prizes are paid for through advertising and other features available on the website. All Free Lottery prizes are underwritten by a leading advertising  to ensure that any prize you win is guaranteed.
3. Who is Eligible to Play the Free Lottery?

Anyone over the age of 18 can  play online Free Lottery .
4. How Do I Qualify for the Draws?

If Every 500 dollars gain the site will be draw . Money will sand via western union or other source.
7. How Do the Extra Chance Draws Work?

Playing the online lottery  Draw automatically enters you into the Extra Chance Draw, with entries closing at 12:00 UTC the same day. Extra Chance is guaranteed to be won as online lottery Draw player is randomly selected as can play. The prize amount  500 dollars every draw.
8. What Are My Chances of Winning the online lottery?

All of the lottery Draws require you to match the  numbers to win.  the  probability of matching all of players name and country and share our site to get one person . That’s better odds than some paid lotteries!
9. Do the any   Chance to Roll Over?

The online lottery Draws do not roll over. don’t have any  Extra Chance to roll over.
10. What Happened to the Monthly Draw? What Changed at online Free-Lottery ?

The Monthly Draw will up to owner of this site.
11. I Think I’ve Won a Prize! What Do I Do Now?

Log in to compare the numbers you chose to the numbers drawn in order to confirm that you’ve won.  winners will receive a notification message when they win lottery. Once that’s finished, you will  get in touch with Free Lottery through the page where you share our website page in order to start the claims process.
12. How are Prizes Paid to Winners?

prizes are paid out by western union or other source which one good for you.
13. How Long Do I Have to Claim a Prize?

You have 3 days from the date of a draw to claim any lottery Draw prize you might be due. Don’t forget to check the results regularly so you don’t miss out on a nice payout!
14. What Happens if More Than One Person Wins the  Prize?

If more than one player matches all  main numbers drawn in either a lottery Draw, then the prize is  equally among the winning ticket holders.
15. Will I Be Taxed on Prizes I Win?

you will be notify your page where you share our website.

19. How Often Will I Be Contacted by online Free Lottery?

Mostly we will contact you via social media. if you want to contact please send a mail via contract page.


20.  Do You Need My Personal Information?

No you don’t need to show  personal information because this is only visitor Lottery. so you visit page and play lottery.

For an in-depth explanation of the rules, visit the Rules page. Click Here