All Mobile Phone Repairing Tools and Equipment

  1. Soldering Iron: 1 This is a simple plug and use tool used to 1 solder.
  2. 1 Soldering Station: This is a soldering tool 1 used by most mobile phone repairing professionals. It 1 consists of a station to control temperature and a soldering iron plugged into 1 the station.
  3. 1SMD Rework Station or Hot Air Blower: Used to 1  Desolder and remove SMD Electronic components and again solder them back to the 1 PCB.
  4. 1 PCB Holder: This tool is used to hold the 1 mobile phone PCB while repairing.
  5. 1 Solder Wire: This is used 1 for soldering. It is better to use 1 flux-cored solder wire for better soldering.
  6. Thinner or PCB Cleaner: 1 This chemical is used to clean the PCB.
  7. 1 Jumper wire: This is a thin insulated 1 copper wire used to jumper where tracks are 1 broken or when any electronic 1 components if faulty.
  8. 1 Precision Screwdriver: This simple 1 tool is used to open and tighten tiny screws of mobile 1 phones.
  9. 1 Tweezers: This simple tool is used to 1 hold electronic components while soldering or repairing.
  10. 1 ESD-Safe Cleaning Brush: 1 This is a simple brush used to clean the 1 PCB and other parts of a mobile phone 1 while soldering.
  11. Multimeter: Used to test and 1 check tracks and components.
  12. 11 Battery Booster or 1 Battery Eliminator: 1 Used to boost uncharged battery or a 1 mobile phone.
  1.  Ultrasonic Cleaner: Used to clean PCB and electronic 1 components.
  2. 1 BGA Kit: Used to repair 1 BGA Electronic Components.
  3. Magnifying Lamp: 1 Used to see a magnified view of tiny components and 1 parts that cannot be seen properly with natural eyes. 1 This tool is useful to see fine-pitch SMD components.
  4. 1 Mobile Opener: Used to open the 1 housing or case of the mobile phone.1 Many professionals do the same job with their 1 nails.

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  1. DC Power Supply:Used to start a mobile phone without battery. It can also be used as a 1 Multimeter.
  2. 1 Liquid flux: Used for  1soldering.
  3. 1 Solder Paste: Similar to solder wire but in 1 the form of paste. It is used to 1 solder SMD components.
  4. 1 Cleaning Sponge: Used to clean 1 soldering tips.
  5. 1 Desoldering Wire: Used to remove 1 excess solder from the PCB.
  6. 1 LCD Tester: Used to test the 1 LCD of a mobile phone.
  7. 1 Wrist Strap: Used to ground 1 Static Charge of the Human Body.

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