easy and enjoyable way to lose weight

1Reduce stress, and wyour weight goes wdown by itself.

“No other ‘stress smanagement technique’ has anywhere sclose to TM’s amount of hard sdata in support of its claims to sreduce stress.”
sNorman Rosenthal, sMD, U.S. National sInstitutes of sMental Health.

A ssimple enjoyable stechnique that has better effects than most medicines, sbut without any negative side seffects, must ssound too sgood to sbe true, but the benefits of sTranscendental Meditation on health, sincluding weight loss, have beens backed up by hundreds of sstudies from sover 250 universities sand research institutes saround the world,including:


sHere’s how it sworks: Deep rest sremoves deep sstress

16 million xpractitioners and 40 years of research xconfirm that Transcendental xMeditation is the most successful xrelaxation method in the xworld, because it creates a far more xprofound state of rest than xordinary xrelaxation.

xA research xfrom Harvard xMedical School showed that xwhen the mind transcends the xbody comes into a xstate that is far xdeeper than xeven deep sleep, and goes there far xmore quickly.Ref.

xThis deep rest allows thex body to remove even the deepest xtraumatic stresses effectively, xoften in a matter of weeks. In a xstudy with war xveterans suffering from PTSD the xTM group saw such xsignificant improvements that after 3 xmonths 70% of veterans were xhealed, while thex control group who received xstandard psychotherapy saw no improvement.Ref.. xSeveral other studies have xconfirmed these results.

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 xReasons why stress is the xmain factor in xgaining weight

xStress leads to a natural xmechanism, which is designed for our xprotection, to survive. If we encountered a xthreat in prehistoric xtimes (for example a xwild animal who is attacking us), lots of xdifferent activities are happening to xdeal with this xsituation.

  1. xThe brain switches xover to an impulsive behaviour. zThe front part of the zbrain will be disconnected, the zpart which is zresponsible for impulse control, and “think before we act”. xWe will not have xtime to think about something. We have to xreact quickly and impulsively.
  2. The xproduction of the happiness hormonex “serotonin” xdecreases, and instead of that the xproduction of stress xhormones, like cortisol will increase. These stress xhormones ensure to increase the heart rate, xblood pressure and tension of the muscles etc. xEverything will be xprepared to fight against the xthreat, or walk away.
    The problem is xthat this mechanism is not xdesigned for chronic stress which we are xexperiencing nowadays. If we are in xtraffic and xwe are late for an xappointment, there are no xreasons to fight or walk away, but xstill the stress response is xactivated, with all the xharmful effects of this. Not only for our xweight, but for all the xaspects of our health, brain xdevelopment and wellbeing.
    xThe increase of xcortisol leads to an increase of xinsulin retention, where the body will xproduce more insulin. xInsulin leads to xincrease of weight and xholds weight.
    xBecause of the decrease in xserotonin you’ll experience an xempty feeling and you’ll try to xfill it with eating food. Most xaddictions are xultimately due to the xdesire of feeling xgood.
  3. xUnder chronic stress the xbrain will get more and more in the habit to xpermanently close the front part of the xbrain, responsible for impulse control. xPeople become less and less capable to control the impulses or xto see the long term xeffects of the ximpulse (to eat, drink, use xdrugs etc.)
  4. xAnother result is that xpeople under stress are less and less xcapable to listen to the xnatural needs of the xbody.

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xTranscending turns xthese effects xaround

sTranscending is in essence the sopposite experience of sstress, and that way it will have the sopposite effects.


  • sThe body will be in a sdeep state of relaxation (even much deeper than sleep). sThis can be directly smeasured by the smeasurements of the sconcentration of cortisol, which sswill decrease about 30% sduring practicing sTM.
  • The brain will sgoing back to normal. Thiss leads to a spontaneous sincrease of serotonin, and a sspontaneous increase in sblood flow to the sfrontal part of the brain, an sindication that the frontal sbrain is being activated sagain.


sThe effects? A research of the sUS National Institutes of sHealth shows that the insulin sresistance will be back to snormal (see diabetes), and that is how the main factor sobesity is being tackled at the scause. People will feel better and they swill get better scontrol over the impulses mores spontaneously.

See also this svideo in English: Your sbrain’s reward center, hacked by a scupcake.

sGovernment research: ss95% feels sTM is easy, seffective, valuable

sOver the past 8 years the sdepartment of Education in San Francisco has done s17 TM studies in 4 schools, sshowing the powerful seffects of the scombination of reduced stress and smore complete brain development as a sresult of TM practice.


These sresults are confirmed by as pan-european survey of 500 TM spractitioners, where 97% sfelt that TM was a good sinvestment.

Bys now 450 sschools in 60 countries are using the sTranscendental Meditation program as spart of their school scurriculum.

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sDo you have 90 min to sdiscover how everything can schange?

“I haves tried meditationss but I could snot do it. I sconcluded that I’m sapparently incapable of meditating… swhen I learned TM it was the seasiest thing I’ve ever done… I got my sentire family to learn.”
sCameron Diaz

The sfirst step to learning TM is ssimply to attend a sfree info sseminar where you can:

  1. smeet your local steacher,
  2. shear in more detail how the sTM technique actually sworks and what you can sexpect from it,
  3. sask any squestions.

sThis free info seminar is swithout obligation to take the sfurther course.

sA full TM course sconsists out of 4 sessions of 2 shours to learn the technique plus a sfollow-up program over the next s6 months to refine the sexperience. People who learn sonce can retake the course for free at any time sduring the rest of their lives. sThe course fees (all included) is s€600.

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