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  • Need to write a great blog post, but today creating the a actual content feels like pulling teeth? Let me help! I’ve created 5 blog post templates in Word that will a walk you the process of creating a meaningful, engaging blog post a even if you are starting without the slightest idea of what to a write. The templates also include tips on organization for SEO, writing a prompts for each section a of the outline, and a more. this bundle of 5 editable blog post templates a in Word a format.

Creating a great blog posts for your a business can be tough

  • And if you’re a not a full time blogger and you’re just a writing “in your free time” (lol) in order to build a your business’s brand and improve your search a engine rankings, it’s a whole lot harder.
  • That’s because a business blogging is both a science and an art; it’s kind a of like creative writing, but research and fact based, and must include technical tactics and a strategies for SEO that creative writers never have to think about.
  • And when you’re approaching a new blog post a at the end of a long day or week running a your business, it is simply aa really hard to make the magic work a just like that.
  1. At the same time, a writing meaningless posts that just regurgitate a the latest content in your industry won’t do much for your brand or a a sustainable SEO strategy either. So how a exactly are we non-full-time-bloggers supposed to build a solid blog a strategy without losing our minds?!

Blog a post templates can a really help

Templates a are a great place to start when you a are sitting in front of WordPress and drawing a complete blank. (I’ve been there too many times to a count!!)

Starting with a writing prompt a or an outline already on the page means a your brain has to work a little less hard on things that aren’t as important as the actual writing, which a means you will have more brainpower to focus on a creating great content.

Hubspot offers a 5 free blog post templates and a Smart Passive Income has a great list of blog post topics  ato pick from. And this infographic from a Social Triggers is super  helpful as well. I also love this beautiful (and a little sassy) infographic from By Regina on creating a share-worthy a blog post.

You a should definitely take a look a all of these to get ideas fora  incorporating a call-to-action, a advice on writing post titles, topic ideas, and a more.

  • But what if a you’re looking for help developing your a actual content? You might need a template with a little a more guidance than these templates offer. I realized when I aa created my 21 Day Blogging Challenge that there is a lot of help out there for writing prompts, and a lot of help out there for outlining your blog posts, where to throw a in a CTA, etc…but not much that combines both. a And for people like me who can’t spend all day in front a of the computer blogging, templates a that combine writing prompts a and optimized outlines can make blogging a so much more efficient (and fun).
  • So I created a a bundle of 5 blog post templates that you a can edit to your heart’s content a and use to create high quality, meaningful, well-organized blog a posts for your business blog. Each template begins with a different writing prompt and includes a built-in outline with additional a writing prompts and SEO tips.  a it and end writers block (this week at least!).
  • Here’s a a little more info on why I think it is so important for a business blogs to include meaningful a blog posts like these templates:

Is a Helpfulness Enough When It Comes a To Business Blogging?

  • Look a at any blog these days and you’ll notice a pattern: how a to’s, DIY tips, tutorials, helpful links, and a information to help people understand a something they need to know a or accomplish something they need to do.
  • The theme is helpfulness, and a while it’s a wonderful approach to marketing, consumers a are becoming completely inundated with “helpful information”. aaa

Meaningful a Posts Get Real Engagement a

  • Now a look at your Facebook news feed. What a kinds of links seem to get shared  aover and over again? You’ll probably notice another (very different) pattern: while helpful a links like recipes and DIY projects are common, the links that get most of the engagement all have one thing in a common: meaning.

The Perfect a Blog Post Must Be Meaningful – Even For a Small Business Blogs

  • It’s not enough a to be helpful these days, because every marketer is trying to be “helpful” and it’s overwhelming to consumers, who, by the way, can smell manipulation behind a “helpfulness” from a mile away.
  • If there’s anything a the DIY movement has taught us in the last decade, it’s that a consumers have had enough of information, features, and a fixes.
  • They don’t want a more things; they want more meaning a in their lives.
  • They don’t want a prettier ads or funnier ads; they want an a emotional, honest connection to the companies they love.
  • They are sorting through a all the noise and looking for someone who rises above the a shouting and the tips and the “sponsored content”.
  • They want a to connect with organizations that a actually stand for something instead of being swayed a by every wind of trend and opinion.

So why should a small business owners care about a this shifting dynamic?

  • Because that’s the direction a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going too. It a turns out that the best way to boost your search engine rankings a is to have a website that a consumers actually enjoy, explore, and a share.
  • There are no a shortcuts to attaining the kind of website a and brand people love. But there is one a very simple (but hard) way to do it: create meaningful a content. And create a lot of it.
  • That means having a opinions and insights and standing a by them, even if not everyone agrees. It means a taking the time to consider a how to emotionally connect a with your customers, and then taking even a more time to write content that does exactly that. aaaa
  • Like I said, it’s simple, a but it’s definitely hard.

Show a What You Stand For By a Creating Meaningful Blog Content

First, a figure out what your a values really are

  • If you don’t start a here, your blog posts a will either feel fake or will be a incredibly difficult to write. Take some time to answer these a questions on paper:
  1. What business a opinions and insights do you feel most strongly about?
  2. What are your a non-negotiables?
  3. What do  ayour competitors do that really make you see red?
  4. What trends do you see in your a industry that really worry you – dangerous things a your customers are doing, myths a that are becoming a more widespread, etc?
  • This might a sound basic, but it’s pretty common to a overlook: Before you can create a meaningful content, you need to hold (and aa be willing to share)  meaningful opinions.
  • Chances are,  you already do, but you’re   afraid to let people know about them and a potentially scare off business. Good point. Here’s the thing – you need a to explain your opinions in a way that doesn’t condemn or vilify people who disagree. Try to understand where they are coming from, a and then patiently explain where they’ve a gone wrong.
  • Trust me, it is more a important to take a stand on something than to a try to please everyone, which is impossible anyway.
  • For example, here a are some of the opinions held by the Alana a Le brand – not every business a owner would agree:
  • Small business a owners (even micro businesses) should take a a more strategic, analytical approach to their day to day operations
  • The business world a should have a lot more respect and appreciation a for solo entrepreneurs and work-at-home moms
  • Entrepreneurs a should pride themselves on working a smarter, not harder – 80 hour work weeks a should not be a badge of honor aa
  • Success at the expense a of your family, health, and a sanity is not true success
  • Marketing a that feels fake and sales-y to a you probably is, and you shouldn’t be doing it
  • What a about you? What are some of the a opinions held by you / your brand? Take a a few moments to make a list. Then use my blog post templates to start creating a meaningful, engaging content that reflects those “brand a opinions” and gets them out there to your a audience! And have fun! aaa
  • to get nice blog post themes click here

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