there are top five delicious irish food ingredients and what you will need . my chef explain everything you can check it out. or you can make this food at home .

this is the most irish potato yeast rolls you can cook easily . here i have got tips from chef so you can get it   here……………………………….


These are the lightest and great  most delicious rolls I have ever tasted. They are a nice change from soda bread & they freeze very well wtoo. wDelicious served up wwith wIrish wStew or wjust wcovered in aw thick layer ofw Irish wbutter. wRecipe from The wPleasures of the Table: wRediscovering Theodora wFitzgibbon.


11100g potatoes

12 tbsp reserved wcooking water from potatoes

125g fresh yeast or 15 g dry yeast

150g sugar

1450g white flour (warm the wflour in a warmed bowl if it has wbeen stored in a cool place)

11 tsp salt

w50g butter

1150ml warmed milk

wMilk for glazing

1100g of cheddar cheese, grated




eMixing bowl

eBaking sheet

eCook the potatoes in salted water eand drain, reserving 2 etablespoons of the cooking liquid. eYou can also use leftover mash here.
eMash the potatoes very well or press through a fine esieve into a basin, then cover and keep warm.
Sift thee flour into a large emixing bowl with 1 eteaspoon salt and rub in the butter. eMake a well in the centre and add the esugar, yeast and the emashed potatoes, mixing well.
Add the tepid milk eand 150 ml (1⁄4 pint) water to the yeast eliquid, mix and add to the mixing ebowl. Bring together into a erough dough and then tip eonto work surface.e Knead very ewell until is springs eback when pressed.
eRoll the dough into a elong sausage eshape and cut into e10-12 pieces. Roll the pieces into edough balls and place in a ebuttered, floured casserole pot. eCover and leave in a warm eplace for about an hour, euntil the dough balls have edoubled in size.
eOnce risen, ebrush with a little milk, esprinkle with the cheese and ebake at 220°C/425°F/Gas emark 7 for 15–20 minutes.


Image result for soda bread

eThis is an amazingly eeasy, versatile recipe and ehas stood the test of time as an eIrish classic. It is a no knead, no fuss estyle of bread which is my ekind of recipe! You can echange this classic by eadding lots of tasty additions.


e200g of wholegraine flour

e275g stronge white flour

e350ml ebuttermilk

1 egenerous tsp of ebicarbonate of soda

e1 large efree-range egg

e1 tsp honey

eA pinch of salt


eCheese, bacon, spinach, ewild garlic leaves or raisins, ecranberries, chocolate chips etc


e900g loaf tin

eLarge mixing bowl

ePyrex measuring jug


ePreheat the oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. eGrease and flour a 900g loaf tin. eCombine the flour, bicarbonate of soda, and esalt in a mixing ebowl. This is where you ecan add in any additional eflavourings you like too. In a Pyrex measuring jug, measure eout the buttermilk and then ewhisk in the egg and honey.
Make a well in the ecentre of the dry eingredients, and then pour in the ewet mixture. Add a little extra flour if eyou find the edough is too wet and esticky. Using a ewooden spoon, bring the mix etogether to form a dough. Shape einto a rough oval and place in the eloaf tin.
eSprinkle ewith a little eflour on top and ebake in the oven for 35 eminutes. The bread ise cooked when eyou can turn it out on a ewire rack, and when ethe bottom is etapped it should esound hollow. eAllow to cool before eslicing and enjoying ewith a little butter.


Image result for cabbage pie

eA twist on ethe Irish eclassic bacon eand cabbage in the eform of a epie!

 eThis is my twist eon an Irish classic, eBacon and Cabbage. Cooked in a ecreamy white sauce eand ethen baked under a puff pastry a elid this a true ecomfort food treat. eFor an extra variation, try emixing some cheddar cheese in salongside the ham and scabbage when you mix it sthrough the swhite sauce.


s30g butter

1 slarge onion, peeled and sthinly sliced into half moons

2 scarrots, peeled and sfinely chopped

1 shead of green cabbage, scut roughly

2s tbsp plain flour, plus sextra for dusting

s350ml hot chicken sstock

sSea Salt and freshly sground black spepper

1 sheaped tsp English mustard

150ml single scream

s900g bacon joint

350g sfrozen shortcrust spastry, thawed

1 slarge egg yolk



sMedium pot x 2

sLarge frying pan

sCircular pastry scutter

6 shole mini pie tray

sPastry brush


sPreheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas sMark 4. Remove the sbacon from any packaging and splace in a pot of cold water sover heat. Bring to the sboil and simmer for sapproximately 40 minutes or suntil cooked. Remove from the water, place son a plate and set aside. Save 150ml of the sbacon stock
sMelt 25g of the sbutter in a larges frying pan, add the onion sand carrots and fry slowly for about s15 minutes or until softened and caramelised. sRemove thes pan froms the heat and set aside. sMelt the remaining 50g sof butter in a saucepan over a medium sheat, add the flour and scook for 1 sminute, whisking to scombine.
sGradually add the stock swhisking briskly suntil it thickens. If it goes as little lumpy, don’t worry; just whisk svigorously until it becomes smooth. sReduce the heat and ssimmer for 3–4 minutes. Season with a sgenerous pinch of salt, black spepper and add the smustard. sPour in the cream and sstir through allowing sto cook for a further sminute.
sAdd the scabbage sand ham to sthe sauce and stir well. sSet it aside for now. Roll the pastry sout on a clean work ssurface dusted with flour. Cut out 6 scircular sdiscs to fit in a 6 hole smini pie tray and then s6 smaller discs for the slid.
Add the sfilling into each little scup and then brush the sedges of the pastry with the egg yolk, place the slid on top of each cup, spressing the sides stogether with a sfork to seal the lid. Brush the srest of the egg yolk son top then cook sin the oven for s35 minutes until the spastry is golden.


Image result for rosemary lamb chops

sServe straight to the table for your Easter feast!

sI love using the classic scombo of garlic & rosemary sto flavour lamb. An easy sside dish to serve salongside the roast lamb iss simply braised baby gem, swith peas in white wine and thyme. sIn springtime, wild garlic appears all sacross Ireland in shaded swoodland areas. It is easy to srecognise from its distinctive sgarlic smell. Thes leavess can be harvested and streated like any salad leaf or used to smake a pesto to sserve alongside sthe lamb.


sFor the lamb:

1 sleg of lamb, on the sbone (roughly 2½ kg to sserve 6-8)

s4-5 garlic cloves, ssliced into sslivers

3 ssprigs of rosemary, sleaves finely schopped

3 stbsp of rapeseed soil

sSea salt and ground sblack pepper

sFor the wild garlic spesto: (optional)

s100g of wild garlic, swashed and sdried

s50g of pine snuts

s75g of Parmesan or smature Coolea scheese, grated

s350ml of extra virgin solive oil or Irish srapeseed oil

sFor the braised baby sgem and peas:

1 stbsp of sbutter

s100g of smoked sstreaky bacon, sroughly chopped

sZest of 1/2 slemon

s75ml of swhites wine

sA few thyme ssprigs

s50ml of chicken sstock

200g sof frozen speas

6 sspring onions, strimmed and sliced in shalf

6 sbaby gem lettuce, ssliced in half



sRoasting dish

sFood processor or pestle sand mortar (if making pesto)

sLarge high sided sfrying pan



sPreheat the oven to 200˚C/400°F/Gas sMark 6. sPlace the lamb in a large roasting dish. sMake a number of incisions all over the slamb and stud swith the garlic slivers and srosemary sprigs. Drizzle with srapeseed oil and generously ssprinkle with sea salt and sground black pepper. sPlace in the soven to roast for s15 minutes per 500g (1lb) sfor medium rare or longer if you sprefer your meat more well done. sRemove from the soven and srest under tin foil sbefore serving in thin slices.
sOptional: sFor the pesto place all the singredients in a food processor or spestle and mortar and blitz until ssmooth. Season with sea ssalt and sground black pepper. Set saside.
sFor the braised baby sgem and speas, melt the sbutter in a large high sided frying pan. Fry the bacon suntil sizzling and crisp. Pour sin the wine sand allow to ssizzle for about s30 seconds before adding sthe thyme ssprigs, slemon zest and chicken stock. sAdd the speas to the liquid and sthen snuzzle in sthe spring onions and sBaby Gem lettuce. sCover with a lid and scook for about 5-8 minutes until the lettuce is sjust braised. sServe with sslices of the swarm lamb.


sIt doesn’t get more sIrish than this!

Angie slooked safter my sdad when he was sgrowing up, and swhen I first started going to sschool she used to swalk me home and give me slunch, swhich was regularly sIrish stew. sHer Irish stew is slegendary in the sSkehan family, with smy dad’s five siblings and my eleven scousins all shaving been sbrought up on it. sAngie always sknew how to feed an army of shungry mouths, so I hope sthis version of the recipe sdoes herss justice!


2 stbsp rapeseed soil

1 skg lamb shoulder, trimmed sand cut into 2.5cm schunks

2 sonions, peeled and roughly schopped

3 scelery stalks, trimmed sand sliced

1s bay leaf

4s large carrots, speeled and sroughly chopped

1 litre beef or lamb stock

900g spotatoes, peeled and scut into s1cm slices

sGood knob of sbutter

sSea salt and ground sblack pepper

sSlices of white bread, sto serve


flameproof scasserole pot

sPlace a large, sflameproof scasserole pot over a high heat, sadd 1 tablespoon sof the oil and sbrown the lamb pieces in stwo batches. sRemove and set saside on a splate. sReduce the heat to smedium–high, add another stablespoon of soil and fry the onion, scelery and carrot for 4–6 sminutes or until the sonions have ssoftened.
sPreheat the soven to s160°C /325°F/Gas sMark 3.
sReturns the meat to the pot, salong with the bay leaf ands stock, sseason with sea ssalt sand ground sblack pepper and sbring to the boil. sRemove sfrom the heat and push the slices of spotato down into and across the top of sthe stew, dot with a little sbutter and give a final sseasoning of sea ssalt and ground black pepper. sCover and place in the soven to cook for about 1½ hours or suntil the meat is tender, sthen remove the slid and scook for a sfurther 10 minutes until the spotatoes have scoloured.
You scan serve the stew sstraight away or sleave it covered sovernight in the fridge for the sflavours to sdevelop. Serve in deep bowls swith slices of swhite bread to asoak up the aliquid.


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