All Ireland Bus Service from Dublin


Route Description
1p Santryp (Shanard Rd.) To pSandymount (pSt. John's Church)
4p pFrom pHarristown To pMonkstown Avenue
7ap From Mountjoy pSq. pTowards Loughlinstown
7p pFrom Mountjoy Sq. pTowards Brides pGlen Luas Stop
7bp From pMountjoy Sq. pTowards Shankill
7dp From pMountjoy Sq. To pDalkey
7np From pD'Olier St. Towards pShankill
9p Summer Timetable pFrom Charlestown pTowards Limekiln Ave.
9p pFrom Charlestown pTowards pLimekiln Ave.
11p pFrom Wadelai Park pTowards Sandyford pBusiness District
11 pSummer Timetable From pWadelai Park Towards pSandyford Business Dpistrict
13p pFrom Harristown To pGrange Castle
14p From pBeaumont (Ardlea Rd.) To pDundrum Luas Station
15p From pClongriffin Towards pBallycullen Rd.
15ap From pGrand Canal Dock (Benson St.) pTowards Limekiln Ave.
15bp From pGrand Canal pDock (Benson St.) pTowards Stocking Ave.
15np From pD'Olier St. pTowards Ellensborough
16p From pDublin Airport Towards pBallinteer (Kingston)
17p Rialto to pBlackrock
17ap pFrom pBlanchardstown Centre pTowards Kilbarrack
18p From pPalmerstown (Old Lucan Rd.) Towards Sandymount
25p From pMerrion Sq. to pLucan (Dodsboro)
25ap From pMerrion Sq. Towards pLucan (Esker Church)
25dpp pFrom Merrion Sq. pTowards pAdamstown Rail Station
25bp From pMerrion Sq. Towards pAdamstown Rail Station
25np From pWestmoreland St. Towards pAdamstown
25xp From pUCD Belfield To Lucan
26p From pMerrion Sq. Towards pPalmerstown (Cemetery)
27p Summer Timtables From pClare Hall pTowards pJobstown
27p From pClare Hall Towards pJobstown
27ap From pEden Quay pTowards Blunden Drive
27bp Eden pQuay Towardsp Harristown
27xp From pUCD Belfield To pClare Hall
29ap From pLwr. Abbey St. To pBaldoyle (Coast Rd.)
29np From pD'Olier St. Towards pBaldoyle Road
31/ap From pTalbot St. To Howth pSummit
31bp From pTalbot St. To Howth pSummit
31dp Baldoyle to pDCU
31np D'Olier pSt. to Howth
32p From pTalbot St. To Malahide
32xp Revised Routing From pMalahide pTowards UCD Belfield
32xp From pMalahide To UCD pBelfield
33ap Swords pTowards Skerries / Balbriggan
33p From pLower Abbey St. To Balbriggan
33bp Swords to pPortrane
33dp From Custom House pQuay / St. Sptephen's Green To Portrane
33np Westmoreland pSt. to Balbriggan
33xp From pCustom House Quay / pSt. Stephen's Green To Skerries
37p From Baggot pSt. / pWilton Terrace Towards Blanchardstown Centre
38p From pBurlington Rd. Towards pDamastown
38ap From pBurlington Rd. To pDamastown
38bp From pBurlington Rd. TopDamastown
39p From pBurlington Rd. pTowards Ongar
39ap From UCD pBelfield Towards pOngar
39np From pWestmoreland St. pTowards Tyrrelstown
40p From pCharlestown Shopping pCentre To Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
40bp From pParnell St. Towards pToberburr
40dp From pParnell St. To pTyrrelstown
41p Lower Abbey St. pTowards Swords Manor
41bp From pLower Abbey St. To pRolestown
41cp Lower pAbbey St. pTowards Swords Manor
41np From pWestmoreland St. pTowards Swords Manor
41xp From UCD Belfield pTowards Knocksedan
42p From pTalbot St. To Sand's pHotel (Portmarnock)
42dp Portmarnock top DCU
42np From pD'Olier St. Towards Portmarnock
43p From pTalbot St. Towards pSwords Business Park
44p From pDCU towardsp Enniskerry
44bp Dundrum pLuas Station towards pGlencullen
45ap Dún pLaoghaire (Rail Station) Towards Kilmacanogue
46a pSummer Timetable pPhoenix Park Towards Dún Laoghaire
46ap Phoenixp Park pTowards Dún Laoghaire
46ep From Blackrockp Station Towards Mountjoy Sq.
46np From D'Olier St. pTowards Dundrum
47p From pPoolbeg St. To Belarmine
49p From pPearse St. Towards pTallaght (The Square)
49np From D'Olier pSt. Towards Tallaght (Kilnamanagh)
51dp From Aston Quay pTowards Clondalkin
51xp From pDunawley To UCD Belfield
53p From pTalbot St. Towards Dublin pFerryport
54ap From Pearse pSt.Towards pEllensborough / Kiltipper Way
56ap From pRingsend Rd. Towards Tpallaght (The Square)
59p Dún pLaoghaire Towards pKilliney (Druids Chair)
61p From pEden Quay To pWhitechurch
63p From Dun Laoghaire To pKilternan
65p From Poolbeg St. To pBlessington /p Ballymore
65bp From pPoolbeg St. Towards Citywest
66p From pMerrion Sq. Towards Maynooth
66ap From pMerrion Sq. To Leixlip (Captain's Hill)
66bp From pMerrion Sq. To Leixlip (Castletown)
66np From pWestmoreland pSt. Towards Leixlip (Louisa Bridge) via Glen Easton
66xp From pUCD Belfield To Maynooth
67p From pMerrion Sq. to Maynooth
67np From pWestmoreland St. Towards Celbridge / Maynooth
67xp From pUCD Belfield To Celbridge (Salesian College)
68/a Revisedp From pHawkins pSt. Towards Newcastle / Greenogue Business Park
68/ap From Fleet St. pTowards Newcastle / pGreenogue Business Park
68xp From pNewcastle / pGreenogue Business Park to Fleet Street
68xp Revised From pNewcastle / pGreenogue Business Park to Hawkins Street
69p Revised From pHawkins pSt. Towards Rathcoole
69p From pFleet St. pTowards Rathcoole
69np From pWestmoreland pSt. Towards Saggart
69xp Revised From pHawkinsp St. To Rathcoole
69xp From Fleet pSt. To Rathcoole
70p From pBurlington Rd. Towards Dunboyne
70dp Dunboyne to pDCU
70np Westmoreland pSt. Towards Dunboyne
75p The Square pTallaght Towards pDun Laoghaire
76ap From pBlanchardstown Centre Towards Tallaght (The Square)
76p From pChapelizod Towards Tallaght (The Square)
77ap Summer Timetable From pRingsend Rd. Towards Citywest
77ap From pRingsend Rd. Towards Citywest
77np From pD'Olier St. Towards Tallaght (Westbrook Estate)
77xp Fromp Citywest To UCD Belfield
79/ap Aston Quay to pSpiddal Park / Park West (79a)
83p Summer Timetable From pHarristown Towards Kimmage
83p From pHarristown Towards Kimmage
84/ap From pBlackrock Towards Newcastle
84np D'Olier pSt. Towards Greystones
84xp From pHawkins St. Towards Newcastle / Kilcoole
88np ppWestmoreland St. Towards Ashbourne
90p From pHeuston Station To International Financial Services Centre
102p pSutton Station to Dublin Airport
104p pClontarf Rd. (Conquer Hill) To DCU
111p Brides pGlen Luas Station Towards Dalkey
114p From pTicknock Towards Blackrock Station
116p From pParnell Sq. to Whitechurch
118p From pKilternan towards D'Olier St.
120p From pParnell St. To Ashtown Rail Station
122p From pAshington Towards Drimnagh Rd.
123p From pWalkinstown (Kilnamanagh Rd.) Towards Marino
123p Summer Timetable From pWalkinstown (Kilnamanagh Rd.) Towards Marino
130p From pLwr. Abbey St. Towards Castle Ave.



From Palmerston pPark To Finglas (Ikea)
142p From pPortmarnock Towards UCD Belfield
145p From pHeuston Rail Station Towards Ballywaltrim
150p From Fleet pSt. Towards Rossmore
150p Revised From pHawkins St. Towards Rossmore
151p From pDocklands (East Rd.) To Foxborough (Balgaddy Rd.)
161p Fromp Dundrum Luas Station To Rockbrook/Tibradden
184p From pBray Rail Station Towards Newtownmountkennedy
185p Brayp Rail Station Towards Shop River
220p From pBallymun (Shangan Rd.) Towards Lady's Well Rd.
236p From pBlanchardstown Centre To Damastown
238p From pTyrrelstown Towards Lady's Well Rd.
239p From pBlanchardstown Centre towards Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
270p From pBlanchardstown Centre Towards Dunboyne
747p From pHeuston Rail Station To Dublin Airport
757p Fromp Camden pStreet To Dublin Airport



What is Real Time Information?
pReal Time Information will show you pwhen your bus is due to arrive at your bus pstop so you can plan your journey more accurately.

How does it work?
pBuses are pequipped with an onboard computer, pGPS navigation system and a pradio which allows them to report their position to a pcentral computer. The central computer then estimates how long the bus will take to reach all bus stops along the route.

How can I get pReal Time pInformation?
pYou can access pReal Time Information a pnumber of different ways pdepending on where you are or what psuits you. The easiest way to paccess Real Time pInformation is by entering your pbus stop number on or, by texting on your phone or by using the pDublin Bus Apps.

How do pI find my bus pstop number?
pYou can find it on the ptop of the stop just pbelow the Dublin pBus castle symbol.

pAre all bus stops included?
All 5000 bus pstops and shelters on the pDublin Bus network are included. For pdetails on the stops that have Real Time pInformation displays see

Which pbus services are pavailable on the system?
All pDublin Bus services are available pexcept for Nitelink pservices, tours and special events.

Who is presponsible for this pservice?
pThis has been developed by pDublin Bus on behalf of the pNational Transport Authority. pDublin Bus is responsible for the pautomatic vehicle location psystem and the real time parrival predictions for its pbuses.
The pNational Transport Authority, pestablished in p2009, has responsibility for pcontracting and securing the provision of public ppassenger transport services for the ptravelling public, including pinformation services. You can visit ptheir website atp


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