All of Elephant Name

Europeans first came in contact with live elephants in 327 BC, when Alexander the Great descended into India from the Hindu Kush, but Alexander was quick to adopt them. Four elephants guarded his tent, and shortly after his death his associate Ptolemy issued coins showing Alexander in the elephant headdress that became a royal emblem also in the Hellenize East. Aristotle depended on first-hand information for his account of elephants, but like most Westerners he believed the animals live for two hundred years.

1. African elephant

2. baby elephant

3. elephant bird

4. elephant bull

5. elephant ear

6. elephant in the room

7. elephant seal

8. elephant tree

9. elephant yam

10. imperial elephant

11. Indian  elephant

12. pink elephant

13. pink elephants

14. rogue elephant

15. sea elephant

16. sea pink elephants

17. amazon elephants

19. jungle elephants

20. white elephants

21. black elephant


Female Elephant Male Elephant





1. elephant

2. jumbo

3. pill


5. yard

6. gauze

7. protuberance

8. swelling

9. serpent

10. snake

11. viper

12. prohibition

13. ban

14. embargo


1. diminutive

2. dwarf

3. midget

4. mite

5. runt

6. shrimp

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