Writer by Srimandhamnath Majumder

I am a detective employee of the police. My only goal was in my life – my wife and my business. Before I was in the family, I had a quarrel with my grandfather because of lack of respect for my wife. My grandmother was earning me, so it was a brave act for me to leave her shelter.
But there was no error in my belief on myself. I certainly knew that like the beautiful wife, I have been able to subdue the fortunes of the fortunes. Mahim Chandra will not fall behind in this world.
Little did I enter the police department, there was no longer much delay in passing Detective.
Like the bright shining, there is jealousy and love of my wife also came out of jealousy and suspicion. It interrupted my work; Because the police station does not judge the location of the place in the work of the police, rather than the place of ablution and the time of the day is more than the practice of time – so that my wife’s natural doubt is more irrelevant. He said to scare me, “Where do you live wherever you are, when you meet me, you are not afraid of me?” I used to say to him, “Doubt is our business, that’s why in the house and Ani No ”
The wife said, “I am not in my business, it is my nature, I can do all if you give me reason to doubt. ”
I was strong in the Detective Line, I will make a name, I will give a name. There is no description or story about this and there is no one left to read it. But, only after reading, the discontent of mind and impatience took home.
Because, the culprits of our country are fearless and stupid, sinful and innocent, there is nothing in the absence of impatience. The cruelty of the murderer of our country can not be easily restrained in itself. The fraud spreads the net, and immediately after scolding himself, he knows nothing about the emancipation of crime. Detective in such a desolate country did not have any kind of happiness, no glory.

How many times have I ever thought of arresting Marwari gambler in the market, ‘he is guilty of crime, the actions of the mastermind of the next destruction; You should have been a stupid, foolish person like you. ‘Holding the murderer has given me a flattering comment,’ The excitement of the Government was for the noble creatures like you – you do not have liberal imagination, nor do you have a tough self-restraint, you have to be a murderer of yours! ‘
When I was imagining, on the other side of the crowded streets of London and Paris, the winter was full of enthusiasm, and my body was thrilled. I used to think in my mind that, ‘Through this hara-rajji and path-side paths, there has been an expansive beauty of joy, as well as a violent black-headed crime; It has been a great pleasure to have a lot of fun and trickery of European socialism. And, the freedom of our colony in Muktabatanai, there is nothing special about the kitchen, housekeeping, exam study, meeting room, marriage party, family brotherhood, and counseling – sometimes looking at a house does not seem to mean that at some point in the house, -At the corner of the devil’s face, you are sitting in your black black eggs. ‘

I used to observe the face and movements of the passengers on the way; I have followed them secretly in the way that I have followed them secretly, I have searched their chronological history, I have finally discovered it with absolute despair – they are inexhaustible, even if their relatives and friends do not even carry out any serious false accusations behind them. Seeing the one who is most dejected in the passers-by, who surely thought that he had just come out of a tragic evil, came to know that he was the second scholar of a scholarship school, and then returned home after completing his teaching work. If all these people were born in other countries, they could become famous, only due to lack of adequate livelihood and adequate ammunition; in our country they would only become old by taking a penance in old age; After many attempts and findings, this second scholar’s death was not as much to me as I did for a very small amount of mischief.
Finally one evening at a distance of our home in the evening, I saw a man under a gaspost, he was returning eunuchs to the same place. Seeing him, I could not doubt that he was behind a secret mischief. Being in the dark, I saw her look very good – young age, beautiful in sight. I said to myself, ‘This is the right thing to do evil; Those who have their mouthpiece to be the most venerable witnesses, they should avoid all kinds of crimes. They can be fruitless by doing good deeds, but they are also successful in doing evil by mischief. ‘I have seen that the character of this young man is its chief Bahaduri; So I took it for a long time in my mind and admired him, I said, ‘God can give you the rare advantage you have given to the work, but I say that the good will. ‘
I came in front of him from the darkness slipping on the surface, saying, “Is that good? “She immediately rattled in a tremendous mood and became completely faded. I said, “Measure, I’m wrong, suddenly you screwed other people. “I said in my mind, I have not done anything wrong, which is what I have pounded. But the shock became so inadequate for him, that I was a little disappointed. He should have more control over his body; But the absolute ideal of superstition is rare in the criminal category. Nature is niggard to make the thief a good thief.

I came in the back and found, he suddenly left the gas station and went away. I went behind; I saw that the young girl entered into the roundabout and fell on the grass in Pushkarinit and fell asleep; I thought, there is a place in Wayachinta, much better than the bottom of the gaspost – if people suspect anything, then it may be thought that the youngster fulfills the lack of night by drawing the face of the beloved in the dark sky. My heart was attracted to the boy more quickly.
I searched and discovered his house. Manmath is his name, he is a college student, he is passing through the exams and traveling around the summer, all the students of his residence have moved to his house. During the long vacation, all the students escaped leaving the house, I was determined to bring out the mischief to this man.
I also picked up a part of his house by decorating the student. On the first day when she saw me, how did she look at my face, and I did not understand her feelings better. As if she was surprised that she understood my intention, it was such a feeling. Understand, it is a proper hunting predator, and it can not be sprayed properly.
But when I tried to get involved with him, he did not hesitate to catch up. But I think he saw me in a good eye, he also wanted to know me. This kind of interest in human beings is an interesting curiosity, it is the sign of the masters. I was so happy to see so much trick at that very young age.
I thought, if you do not bring a woman in the middle, it will not be easy to reveal the heart of this extraordinary eccentric boy.
One day, I said to Mamgadkantha, “Brother, I love a woman, but she does not love me. ”
The first one looked at my face with astonishing smile, then smiled and said, “Such disasters are not rare. To make this kind of fun, the heroes of the comedians have been disturbed. ”
I said, “Ask for advice and help. “She agreed.

I made a lot of history by making it; She eagerly listened to all the words, but did not say much. I was convinced that the love of love, especially the love of the wrong, expressed the matter, the intimacy of the human being quickly grows; But in the present case there was no sign of him, the youngster went silently before, but all the words should be recited. My fate was not limited to the boy.
Meanwhile, I could not ascertain how much time went on by blocking the door secretly, and how his secret conceptions were going forward, but there was no doubt about it going forward. What he has been occupied with in a secret and recently it has become very mature, it can be understood as to the face of this young man. I have seen his secret in the secret key, and nothing has been found except in the letter of a very obscene poem, college lecture notes and a haphazard letter from the house. Only from the letter of the house it has been proved that the relatives have repeatedly urged to return home; However, there is also a definite reason for not going home; If it was justified, surely the words would have been leaked in the meantime, but in spite of the possibility of being completely opposite, the movement and history of this young man has been very unimaginable for me – which has completely left the great human society down from the bottom of the non-social human society. The boy is an integral part of the world wide variety C, this is not a school student; This world is a devastating killer; Modern-day teachers, while studying the lessons of the innocent Bengali students, the Bhairata of Narimundhari Kapalik was not too fearful to me; I fear it.
Finally, the woman has to be born. The helpless victim of the police helped me. I told Mammath that I was the unfortunate victim of this hormi, that for some time, I recollected the poem ‘Why Sudhanshu-Uday Ray’ again in Gaganghar’s side with the help of Manmatha near Golandighi; And Harimati also with some heart, some lalasekar said that he had surrendered his mind to Manmath. But there was no hope, Manmath began observing all along with the unfounded curiosity.
At that time one day, at the midday of his house, got a few pieces of his letter. By pairing, I got this incomplete sentence, “Today in your house secretly this evening 7” – I could not find anything and could do anything.
My heart became enchanting; When a clan bone of an extinct family came out of the soil, the imagination of the zodiacal creatures, as it was, was awakened in the greatness.

I knew that there is a presence of Hormimati in our house at 10pm today, what is the matter of the evening in the evening 7? The boy’s courage, as well as intense intelligence. If a secret crime is to be done, then on the day when any special event is good at the house, it is a good idea to know the vacation. First of all, the attention of everyone is attracted to the main thing, secondly on the day where there is a special gathering, there will be no intention of anybody secretly arranging any secret.
Suddenly, I suspected that with this new friendship and harmony with me, this great woman, Manmath has made it possible for her achievements; That’s why he does not catch you, you can not take it without you. We have kept him from his secret work; Everyone thinks that he has been suffering from us – he does not want to remove this illusion.
Think about arguments once. Any foreign student who is unaware of the relatives of the relatives during the holidays, who are alone in the vacant house, can not have any doubt about his special needs in a deserted place, whereas I have come to his house and broke his seclusion, and created a new misery by reciting a woman; But in spite of this, he does not get disturbed, does not leave home, does not stay away from our company – whereas he did not have the slightest addiction to me. It is certainly true that he has repeatedly noticed his unwaryness, he is sincere to both of us. Hate is growing rapidly.
The only significance of this is that, while maintaining the awareness of serenity and enjoying the benefits of seclusion, it is best to stay close to new people like me; And there is nothing easier than a woman to be concerned about in any matter. It was as if it was useless and suspicious in the past, it came to an end after our arrival. But by examining so far, it can be seen in a moment that my heart was full of enthusiasm, thinking that such a large maternal person could be born in Bangladesh – if anything had not been minded, I would have thought that I would have put him in the forearm.
When I met Manmatha that day, I told him, “Today you have decided to eat at the hotel during the evening 7. “He heard a little surprised, then he began to embrace and said,” Brother, sir, my position of Pakism is very sad. “I have never seen any desire for any reason in the hotel room, his inner intentions have certainly reached a very difficult stage today.
Before that evening, I did not have to stay in my house.But on that day I fell on my neck and did not do anything to rise up in the afternoon. Manmath began to feel uneasy, he expressed his complete consent with all my opinions and did not protest in any argument. Finally he looked up at the watch and stood up and stood up and said, “Do not go to Harimita today?” I said calmly, “Yes, he forgot that thing. You prepare the brother’s meal, and I will bring him here at ten and ten nights. “I went away and said this.
The joy of joy started to circulate in my whole blood. I did not have much of my opinion in the evening of the seventh week, I had not even had the slightest admiration, and I kept looking at the moment like a sweetheart like a sweetheart coming out of our house. When the darkness of the twilight was concentrated in the time of the burning of gas in the streets, a barbed palki entered our house. In my obscure palanie, a tears filled with tears in my body, imagining that a high-sounding tragedy of the Tragadi College, flown through the belly of the tricolor, was very easy to penetrate into the hinge.
I could not delay anymore. After a long time, gradually I went to the staircase and stepped up the stairs. I wanted to see and hear secretly, but it did not happen; Because the face of the ladder was sitting in front of the stairs, and at the other end of the house, an insignificant woman was sitting silently talking about women. When I saw that Manmath got to see me, then I quickly entered the house,
“Brother, I have come down to my house, so I came to take it. “Manmath was so impressed that it seemed as if he would fall on the ground. I became crazy with amusement and joy, and said, “Brother, did not you have a disease? “He could not answer. Then I turned to the naked and naked woman, and asked, “You are Mantha. “I have not received any reply, but I have seen that he is not a Makthar, and I am my wife. Everyone knows what happens after that.
This is my detractive first term.
After some time, I told Detective Mahimchandra, “Your wife’s relationship with Mannatha may not be uncompromising. ”
Mohim said, “It is possible not possible. This letter was found from my wife’s box. “Give me a letter in my hand; It was published at the bottom.

You have forgotten the misery of the misfortunes. When I used to go to Matilal in Kajibari during my childhood, I went to your house from there and played a lot with you. We have broken the playhouse and the relationship of that game. You do not know whether you can not say, once you break your brace and shy head of shame, you tried to deal with my marriage with you, but the rulers of both parties did not agree at all about our age.
After that, after four years of marriage, you have not found any other. Today, for five months, your husband has been transferred to the city by the police commissioner of Calcutta, after getting the news, I have searched and brought you home.
I do not have the misfortune to meet you and the intimate person knows, I do not even have the misfortune of getting into the grief in your home. During the evening, I stand as a sunrise in front of a gas post in front of your house; You should place a brightly lit kerosene lamp at just seven and a half in the morning and place it in front of the glass window of your doorstep. At that time, the illuminated image of your illuminated pillar was exposed to my eyes, and this is my only crime against you.
In the meantime, in the meantime, my relationship with my husband and my close relationship has also become close. As I saw his character, I could not understand that your life is not of happiness. I have no social right to you, but the widower who has made me sad for you, she has tried to put me on trial.
So, after doing my spanking measure on Friday evening, when I came back to my house for twenty minutes once in a secret way, I want to tell you some secret about your husband, if you do not believe and can bear the evidence, then I can I also want to give some tips; I hope to keep God in the heart, if you follow the advice you can be happy one day.
My purpose is not selfless, I will see you for a moment, I will listen to you and will make my home happy forever, I have this aspiration in my heart. If you do not believe me and want to deprive me of happiness also, then write to me, I will tell all the information in the same way. If I do not believe in writing letters then show this letter to your husband, after which I will tell him what I say.
Always good.

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