Righter Joher Raihan

Last evening’s girl

Understand the color of the sky and change it again and again. Sometimes blue Sometimes yellow Sometimes it’s gorgeous red. Occasionally when the white-black clouds are spreading and the whole of the golden sun is bent and bent over the clouds, it seems that its color is not one, but many.
Now there is no color in the sky.
There is rain
Continuous shower
That morning has started Still there is no sign of stop. One knee water has accumulated in the street. Kadde was repeatedly beaten with a drowning stone and peeping while walking very carefully. If he was a little sloppy in a narrow groove he would. The cloth was wet and wet. The hair of the head is dropping water droplets. When he came to his house trembling in cold winter, the wind started blowing.
I think the storm will rise today.
Wind storm
She pushed the door through the door and saw Kaceide sitting on the small pile, Nahar, the mother Taswih stood beside the hand and talked about what to do with her.

In the voice of speech, the mother said, “Look, what has happened in the wet, how are you?” What was needed This rain out of the rain?
Before Kased replied, the mother again said, you will die in cold one day. Let me tell you, you will die in the rain a day.
Why are you thinking mother is mother I have become wet, and my gaasa. Look, nothing will happen.
Will not be. The day you are ill. You will find that day. Suddenly, the mother asked me to recite quietly, what did the umbrella hear? So mother, the umbrella! Kased hesitantly replied, that he took a gentleman from the office that day, he was not brought back from him.
I thought, looking at a glance at Nahar and mother said with disgust, how would you tell me how to go? This is it, tomorrow you will just follow the man. I did not understand that there was a kingdom. Tug of war
Kased put his clothes on the ropes and put wet clothes in his house. A ganji was dragged from the rack. Then came next to the oven and said, ‘Who am I?’ Said the mother, the umbrella gentleman asked for some time. So did I did not give it for eternity, I will come again tomorrow.
Mother countered this retirement and read it in mind. He Stop, I know that I know it. Thirty days you have returned with thornyness? This is your father’s blanket in the winter, which gave to a friend, and what happened?
What will be the mother One day he will return to himself.
Yes, he’s got to go through. Anyone got the same thing and lost? You just suspect the man is the mother. And big guy Kased spread out over his hands. She wants to get a little warmer. Mother said, ‘You are good to the pure people in the world.’ To this day I have not heard a man say bad. That day the mudhi is coming – it ‘went abusive, did you tell me one thing?
Mother looked in her eyes and looked at the boy.
Kasade silently started to fire.

Nahar did not say a word yet. Suddenly the mother-son was watching the quarrel Suddenly he raised his face from the oven and said, ‘Mom, during your prayers, Mom has become Mother said, so! She said that soon she went away. Chicks on the oven started to boil at that time. Nahar saw the amount of water lifted by the lid.
Kasade is still silent.
What is silently thinking he is
Nahar once said, Jahanara came and sat for a long time.
When did he come? The throat of the throat was shaken and he was scared. Nahar said in a gentle voice, morning in the morning.
Have you said something? Kaiser’s anguish.
Nahar said, no, he left a letter.
Where is the letter?
Have you put on your table. You do not mind doing your work again and you do not mind doing the job, Nahar. When he looked at Kasia, he could see that the whole face became red.
Kasde stood up in the test after removing his hand from the oven. He quickly came to his room and looked at the table. The letter pressed under a book. Keep it with At the moment a lot of questions gathered in the crowd. Jahanara wrote in the letter? Why did he come and sit for so long? Yesterday afternoon Nawabpur met with him. He said a lot of times standing in the street. Why did not he come home again? Jahanara comes home? If you do not have fun, sit with your mother. Sit down and tell the story. Talk. Kadde was interested in taking out a piece of paper from inside the envelope.
Jahanara wrote:I’m not going to get you a long time and you’re finally leaving. There was a special need.
Once upon a time will come home. You need me big
The letter repeatedly read Kasad. Especially the last line. There is a little intimacy in there. Touching sincerity. She put the paper in the book again and again. Then stood quietly beside the window.
It’s raining down from here.

There is no man in the narrow streets.
Everyone is planning to sleep in the house and now sleeping. Or, sitting in bed, doing stories, fairy tales
Once the sky was clear, he could go there to the Jahannah. Need to know the need. From him Otherwise, the night will be a big anxiety.
Why is Jahanara written?
Kased came out of the window and sat on the bed.
He’s got a color hue in his mind now. Abrar’s dream is spreading in the eyes of two eyes. slowly.
One day, he will marry Zahaira. Cassade
He has no greed for money. He does not even dream of a lot of money and many slaves.
There will be a small house, not in the city, in the suburbs, where there are red coconut streets and blue green designs. Sometimes they will come out to roam the gravel in both directions.
Morning or evening There will be no crowd in the streets. They will talk about unharmed ways, they will talk.
Today’s afternoon is beautiful, is not it?
It was the same yesterday.
If it is forever?
Then you need big bumps. Jahanara will laugh loudly. Maybe I do not want to be happy, sometimes even sorrow is needed; Otherwise, how can I understand the value of happiness?
They will talk.

Many more
Ever ears, ear in mind, sometimes silently
Then, after coming down the night, they will return home.
Put two cups of tea on the verandah in front of the curved verandah. Hot insulating heat is repeatedly touching the body.
Looking at the darkness outside, they will slowly squeeze in the cup of tea. What do you think
Do you know what I think?
If you could put a star on your forehead.

Kasad did not target when Nahar came alongside the bed.
He got back to the sound of his thighs, and suddenly he got back.
Nahar said, get up and spread the sheets well.
Re. Come out and sit in front of the table, Kased.
Nahara is spreading the shuffle and spreading it well. The little girl with dirty skin and a sweet face has little talk. A word beyond the requirement will not be left in the mouth. Her Well Nahar, how long was it sitting here?
Who? Nahar ignored the eye.
Kased said in a voice, “I’m talking about Gehanar.”
Nahar said in vague throat, long!
Long time! Cassade was silent?
The sound of reading the Qur’an Sharif from mother’s house is heard. He is dragging and ticking. Every day. In the morning, noon and noon Once a month the Quran Sharif wants to be annihilated, he does not drink peace. His sleep does not sleep well at night.

Occasionally Kaced says, Mother, you will hear with so much virtue?
My mother smiled and said, “I am not alone for my own sake.” Suddenly, the mother’s face came to the bath and said. Maybe he remembers the husband of the deceased husband at that moment. My father was a reverse pole people. He never used to pay any attention to religion. One day prayers or a fasting has never been kept.
When the mother used to say something to me, I would not have the courage to spend time doing these bad things.
Mother was wounded. But I did not say anything boldly.
Dad died, how many days today Even today, praying for his father to wake up at night. Cried. To God. He said, forgive him God, forgive him for all his crimes.
Looking around, he saw that Nahar had already moved away by spreading the bed beautifully. The kitchen is feeling like he is now eating food.

Opening the book, Jahanara’s letter again kasade kasade out.
The handwriting is quite clean and shiny.
Jahanara, I love you Jahanara!
Jahanara silent
She is deeply worried by putting her down on the blind ground,
Wonderful surprise in front of all.
The whole body trembles trembling with his wife. Suspicion and possibilities, his mind!
Cassad scared again, again asked, do you love Jahanara?
A piece of smile was awakened in the corner of the tongue of the liars.
Slowly he smiled and his cheek spread in the eye, Head of shame came down. He removed the face and whispered, he said, do not you understand anything?
Kasad silent
He lost his speech in the joy of the moment. For a long time, he would be nodding on the night with whom he could not live without imagination.
Jahanara! She called sweetly.
Tell me The girl looks suspicious to lift her eyes.
Kased said, you surprised me today.
I did not think you could love me.
Why do you think so?
I do not know. Just know that the question repeatedly tormented me. What else could have said he was going to say. He put his hands in front of Jahanara and kept his arm in the hairstyle hairstyle. Then gradually cutting the limbs, he said in a gentle voice, “Stay!” Keep these things now, say something else.
Kaceide kept his eye with his eyes, what would I say?
Are you angry with the racket? The voice of the mother came in the ears of an arrow and came to her ear. Kassade got upset
The mother asked her with a hand on her head and asked, What are you thinking nowadays Aman?
Kased hesitantly said, “Nothing is mother, let’s get rice now, got big hungry.”
The mother said, “Why did not you get so hungry?” Get up, wash your face. He went out to say.
Nahar is now cooking food in the kitchen.The next morning, after returning from office, Kased went to the house of Jahanara.
The nesting them in the Purana Paltan. The first floor of the house is the new moonlight.
Garden in front They ate tea in the afternoon, talk stories.
Qaded thought on the way, Jahanara might have been anxious for her waiting. The house is coming out of the verandah repeatedly. She Looking at what the man is coming from. He will not come Today? The narrow collar on the thin forehead went away to her bedroom. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing his face, he is Looks like big bath today Nothing feels good. I do not want to sit in a job It’s late afternoon, Katade is not coming yet. Why? It was great to think. They are The heart was filled with happiness. Does Jahanara really love him?
Coming to the house, Kassade saw the crowd of many people in the front garden. Son-in-law He was surprised to see. Clean clothes for everyone. Laughing Talking about Occasionally eating chanachur and darmuti. Jahanara standing in the middle of a number of girls in the middle of a piricha She is dressing beautifully today. Painted blue sari. Hairstyles barrier Cover around her white flower necklace around. Kumkum Tip on the forehead. Seeing Kasade, the crowd pushed forward and came forward. Jahanara.
If you came then?

He smiled one by one and said that he
Smile makes him look more beautiful.
Thin-fine toothsmiths are sparkling like pearls.
Kasad said, what was the reason for not coming? Why is the crowd so crowded at home?
Jahanara cut the tongue and said, Oma, you do not know, today is my birthday.
Know what to say. Kaseed stopped to say something.
Jahanara said, I forgot to tell you so. Did not think anything?
No, what’s there to remember? Kasade was lazy itself. Jahanara said, let’s face something, drink tea, or drink the drink? Whether or not the words reached the ears, did not understand. At the moment she felt embarrassed.
Looking around, he saw that he stood between the eyes of a lot of peach.
Jahanara said again, why stand, let’s come.
Kased hesitantly agreed, why did not you call me? Jahanara said the frog, and yes, he can be talked later. Eat something before. Come from the office, looks like the look, did not eat anything on the path, is not it?
Casey’s face became red in shame, and if she tried to say something, she did not have the motto. The two girls stood beside the Gaharna and went to see him with a meaningful look.
Jahanara smiled and said, “Come on.” Introduce them. Your Mili Chowdhury. I have a long time girlfriend, in Eden. And its name is Shiuli, my cousin.
And he is Kaseed Ahmed. You might have heard the name, you write poetry.
Mili and Shiuli hands up and said adab. Modest smiles both of them. Mili asked, what kind of poem do you write?
Kased said, do not write, I would write once.
Meanwhile the Jahanara has moved away from there. He is talking to a few boys and girls far away.
Shiuli correct, what book did you get out of?
Kasde said briefly, no.
Miley said, let’s sit down.
In the corner of the garden, take three rattan chairs and sit round. They are
Kasad silent
Miley looked at the sky and looked at what she looked like.
Shiuli laughs.
Doohara build Dirty color. The nose on the long face is small but does not seem to be inconvenient. A cut spots on the bottom of the cheek. Bharat Surma pulled. He smiles on the face of Kasden, who is laughing at the face of the crowd. Kasade removed the face in discomfort.
She saw the girl again and again.
Still looking at the girl.
Suddenly Mili said, where are you staying, Kasade?
Kasad said in a gentle voice, in the Kaltabazar.
Who’s in the house. Your?
The mother is there and she has a long way.
Shiuli is smiling, smile
Jahanara did not come yet. He is talking to a group of children. Do not let them talk about sometime.
Kadde was very upset.

What are you saying You? Jahanara looked at the eyes of surprise.
Slowly said, I never forgot about love, I never thought I would.
Jahanara any day? He cried out loudly.
But why can you say why? Suddenly he heard his voice firmly. Qased leaned forward and said, What is so fearful to drag him so close to whom he has been so close?
fear? I did not talk about fear.
Why do not you love me?
Do not like it.
Jahanara laughing loudly loudly.

Not Jahanara, Shayli. Shiuli is still laughing, who are you talking to whom you were talking to? Shiuli improved
Kasade said, “Where are you?” How do you understand what I’m talking about
I understand all He said quietly. She moved away from another table.
Mili is wearing socks from her bag and her arms out of her neck. Kasheed keeke teeke to read a gentle voice said, for the girl.
Do you understand your daughter? Qadeed sitting on a question like a fool.
Milli’s face was red in shame, yes bad mischievous. Just walk on barefoot and walks.
Molly squeezed the socks again.
Kasad silent
It is a great disgust for me to sit alone.
Kaced got up from the chair.
Jahanara came forward in front of him in front of him.
Same, are you going?
Sit down and tell me what to do. Seeing Jahanara being silent, Kasde said again, why did not you say that?
And yes, Jahanara Mudu laughed, I decided to learn it. Can a master see?
Like a fool, he looked at his face for a while.
This is the real need of Zahani? For this, going home and sitting for a long time.
Kasad was frustrated.
Jahanara said, remained silent.
Kased said, I was not thinking about why you are learning Saita suddenly?
Jahanara said, similarly
Kased said, not quite the master will decide you, but what?
Do not give up again after a while?
See, Jahanara said firmly to the whole body and said, I am the daughter of one word.
Kased smiled and said, “I’m very happy to hear.” Now if you do. see you again.
Jahanara said, will go? Well, again he went towards the children’s coat.
Kassade stood quietly for a while. Looking around, he saw the boys coming in the birthday party, the girls, the old lady. Then when he goes out, such a call from Shiuli. Going to understand?
Kassade turned around and said,
Yes Cut the lips in the evening and said, before leaving, we should have taken good leave. is not it?
Kasade was shy. He said hesitantly, it was a big mistake, and all of you were talking. Whether so Well let’s go now.
Stand up. Astonishingly, Kasde said that after checking the test, I would also return home. Come on. You can go with one. The two-faced sari giratee guliye nilo shiuli If you see the khopata is OK, then he looks at Kasde and laughs sweet. Along the way they walked quietly as well. Kasale does not know where to go. Where did he not even ask them home? Just know, Jahnara Cajin Shiuli.
Sheyoli walks along with him this afternoon.
There are many more ways to come straight away, how can you go?
Why, where are you going Shayuli Hulkit.
Kased said swirling, I will go home now.
Do not go quite Shiuli said, smiling on two eyes, I have to return home. Once again, he added again, you are very close to you.
Kaded was surprised, so what? Where did you say?
Where is the identity, where is the opportunity to say? She looked up in the face and looked at him.
Kasad went silent while saying something.
They came closer to the stadium.
The night is coming slowly.
Lightning lamps in July.
The crowd of buyers in the shops around are increasing.
People are sitting on the rounds of the playground, sitting in the room. Story of the game Story of the movie And sometimes they are buying glasses and they are eating.
Suddenly smile said, why do we say that we are walking like this?
You can do it with a rickshaw.
After a little while they rode on a rickshaw.
This is the first experience of rickshaw pulling with a strange girl. So, cursing Kasab repeatedly The gentle sweat was born on the forehead; He was trying to get away from him again and again. Seasonal smile hit her lips, you’re afraid to understand?
Kasade said, “Where is that?”
Then why aman?
No, so Qaded tried to be easy with him by cutting shame.
Are your dad alive?
Are there.
Are there.

What daddy do
Shiuli laughed loudly Why do you want to know all that?
I am thinking of sending a marriage to you?
Shiuli looked at his face.
He was shocked to hear that Kased was shocked.
Suddenly he became very serious.
Shayuli said quietly, angry? Please. Such people are angry with me. You do not know if you like them or not. Suddenly, Shiuli said again, I know, I have mixed with many people. They are your daughters. Some are small. Someone bigger They would be friends with them as well. I am You might say that friendship in a man’s marriage can not continue in this country. I’ll say, that’s wrong. That is nothing but reform of your mind. This is the one that we are riding on a rickshaw and returning home. People can not think how much. But I know, there is no weakness in our minds.
Cassade escaped.
She is listening to quiet silent words like a quiet child. Mudu is sweating sweat by his throat.
Crossing the big road, rickshaw enters the lane.
Shiuli said, you know? None of them could pay for my friendship. After some time they would have changed their use. Look what I look like in my face. They are I could not understand correctly. Then- Shiuli laughed again to say Then what would I fear. That would have been They offered me my request. See what the matter is. Qaseda looked at the face of Shiuli. What is the reaction of his face, so maybe he was watching.
Kasad silent
Suddenly he asked, how old are you?
Do not ask the age of girls. They feel embarrassed. But there was no change in the face of Shuili. As if with the question he has been known for a long time. Many times he has to answer it. So testually, Shuyuli said, very simplely said, why do you want to know the age, thinking that I have grown to a young age?
Kasad did not say, just the opposite. What happens if you are old You are still still a child.
Sheyuli waited for a few minutes to look at the silky moments. I did not hear such answers before that.
When he was silent, Kasade asked, that he was silent? What’s the matter, I’m not angry?
Angry Expressing surprise, Shiuli replied, “Who am you angry with me?”
Kased realized that he would not be able to talk to the girl. Still Shuiyi got good Her
Pretty girl
Big simple girl shiuli
It’s been a bit easier to identify for a while. The words that can not be said to everyone, he also said that.
If Jahanara would be like Shiuli? Kadeed thought silently
Shiuli said, if all my friends were like you then they would have been better, so did Kaseed Saheb?
Kasde said, I have never seen your friends, so you can not comment on them. However, I do not understand why you are considered to be ideal friends. That’s what you should be.
Surely it is. Shiuli responded with great force. Nowadays people are not wrong to recognize me. As you look at the eyes of men, we can read the language of our mind. I am I can understand, how is the man?
Sha’uli stopped.
Kased smiled and said, “I have seen many experiences in my younger years.
The experience is less than everyone. Shayli replied in the negative throat. But someone learns from experience, nobody takes it.
Which team are you?
Shiuli said, the first one.
Qadeed said, then you should not be friends with a new man.
Then make friends.
Have you verified me?
Of course.
When did
Your unknown Smile cheeky I have come home Come on here. Me
The rickshaw was stopped in front of a storied house in Ash-Shiuli. He looked back at the verandah of the house and looked back. Said, see you again. Take time to visit our house. Black or black
Kassade said briefly, I will come.
She looked out of the rickshaw and saw her nest well. Seeing them in a porch verandah silently watching them.
Once came home and thought of Jahanara and Shuuli once Qadeed. What surprisingly exceptional two girls
He knows Jaharna for many days today.
How long has he been in his house?
He has come here.
They talked about literature, argued about Iqbal’s philosophy. About the poetry of Robi Thakur.
Occasionally around private discussions, however, never went deeper. Jahanara so avoided that it is avoided.
Hurricane lighted up a little bit and dragged a note from the table and sat on the table. I will write poetry. It has not been written for a long time.
Mother is talking to the small Khaloor in the next room.
Kadde heard their words clearly from here.
The mother said, I am worried about both of them. Think of yourself I’m old. One day after tomorrow, one must go to the grave.
Khalu said, ‘It is a thought of all the old age’, some of the children are Hilo Hake. They earn their livelihood by earning their own feet. She was going to say more.
Mother said in haste in the middle of the speech, do not let a boy see for Nahar. Age is not less than that.
Khalu said, ‘Nowadays the boy has got big Jokerari Baru’. The matriculated boy, he wants a matriculate side girl, do not understand?
Mom kept quiet for a while. Then she said in vague throat, the girl is not my matriculation side. It is true, but who can accept it in the house? Mom said quietly, Mom said again, what has happened some time nowadays, people in our house can see how the girl can cook.
‘He has become old-fashioned.’ Now people can not even think of the unaware wife.
Melting stopped.
They were not heard anymore.
Maybe the mother is still thinking about Nahar.

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