how to make iframe for your website

how to make iframe for your website

Iframe is an HTML coding technique  that you can use to display a website within a web page. There are many ways this can  help you. when you are building a website. Iframes are particularly helpful for you. when want to  use a third party website and you want your website visitors to stay your web site without leaving your website. you can iframe code. here are the step how to iframe other web site.

Step one.

  •  Copy the following HTML code to your clipboard:and then

<iframe src=”” width=”700″ height=”500″>

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Step two.

  •  Replace the between the parenthesis with the link.   you want to be displayed on your webpage within in the iframe. For example, if the URL is, this will be your code:

<iframe src="" width="700" height="500">

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Step three:

  •  Make sure When logged into your Web Starts choose to edit the a page you would like to add the iframe to then click on the Insert HTML tool, paste the code a in the space provided and click “Ok”.

Step four:

  • now when you go visual mode You should now see your iframe on your web page in the editor

if you can’t make or you are lazy . you can  generate from here

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Adding iframe does not show it when run live…and couple of other stuffs explained in the help section dont actually work.
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