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Geographical identity of Arabia and Arab nations.

Geographical identity of Arabia and location of different nationalities. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is indeed the real image of the last Prophet. The Prophet (peace be upon him) presented the salvation of world humanity in front of the nation. Through this, Allah made the people come out of darkness into the light and… Read More »

History of Elephant and Funny Elephants Name.

All of Elephant Name Europeans first came in contact with live elephants in 327 BC, when Alexander the Great descended into India from the Hindu Kush, but Alexander was quick to adopt them. Four elephants guarded his tent, and shortly after his death his associate Ptolemy issued coins showing Alexander in the elephant headdress that… Read More »

Cricket Rules VS Football Rules .

Cricket Rules VS Football Rules this basic rules for cricket and football. everyone can see rules of both ……………………………………… Cricket Rules Football Rules Players = 11 for play  Players = 11 for Play Game Structure 1.Test 2.ODI 3.T20 Game Structure Time = 90 Min Extra Time.   score runs 1.No ball 2.Wide ball 3.Bye 4.Leg… Read More »

Cavan Shop and Tourist Direction All Service.

To visit caven it is in the province of Ulster and is part of the Border Region. It is named after the town of Cavan and is based on the historic Gaelic territory  .Cavan County Council is the local authority for the county. To See Cavan Library Click Here[/caption] To See Cavan Shop Click Here To… Read More »

Indian Literature Three Musketeers .

Three Musketeers Who does not know who you are in Gosainpur? Feluda asks the mystery-romantic novelist Jaitayu alias Lalmohan Ganguly. We, at the Three Mascatiers, Victoria Memorial, have reached the Ganges on a walk. We are eating the chanachur and the Ganges air in the house with a domed room near the Prince Ghat. The… Read More »

Literature Last Evening Girl.

 Righter Joher Raihan Last evening’s girl Understand the color of the sky and change it again and again. Sometimes blue Sometimes yellow Sometimes it’s gorgeous red. Occasionally when the white-black clouds are spreading and the whole of the golden sun is bent and bent over the clouds, it seems that its color is not one,… Read More »